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Elf on the Shelf

November 25, 2015
injuries - Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf…such a crazy concept that I wouldn’t have ever thought I would love! But I do. I admit it. I was never a big fan of the holidays but to be honest the Elf has made it fun.

redecorate the tree

Peter redecorated the tree for us.

The Elf showed up about four years ago when I kept seeing his shenanigans on Pinterest. I wanted in on it. Our elf, that the kid’s named Peter, has never been the elf that keeps an eye on the kids to make sure they are behaving before Christmas. We have to keep an eye on him, he is trouble and I always play it up that I’ll be so excited when he goes home because it’s so much extra work cleaning up after him.   I try to move the elf around two or three times a day. Sometimes it’s a big shenanigan other times he just tucks himself into bed. Sometimes he wraps the kids in toilet paper in their sleep. Whatever I have time to do is what happens!

gingerbread house

Our Elf usually shows up on Thanksgiving Day. We are always traveling on Thanksgiving so he has made his first appearance in the car most years. Sometimes he is already in the car with his Google map printed out. Another year, after my daughter woke up he was buckled into the seatbelt next to her.   Last year he was sitting in the dashboard of the VW bus at the car show with his reindeer sidekick. Peter has also acquired a seagull friend, a kitten and a lady friend. They all have names and stories that go along with them…none of which I can remember.

VW bus

Peter made his appearance at the car show

To make the Elf season easier I stash all the props I may need in a storage bin in the basement. That way, it’s together and I can just pull out whatever I need when I need it. I tried a calendar one year and that lasted for all of two days. A lot of my ideas have come from insanely creative people on Pinterest but a lot of times I can come up with stuff that applies to our travels or stuff going on around us. For example a few years ago we were on a cruise the first week of December. Ahead of time I packed a small Christmas tree, a shark, some Pez dispensers and I made the Elf his own cruise card.


We put this on the door of the cruise cabin

cruise card

Peter has his own cruise card


Elf decorated the car.

If you’re in a hurry and need to think of something quick throw the elf outside and write a note. Put him in the Christmas tree with some toilet paper. The ideas are endless. I hope you love having the Elf in your home as much as we do. It’s fun. After Christmas I assemble the pictures of all of his shenanigans and make a Snapfish photo book.

Peter is locked out.

Peter is locked out.

You can follow our Pinterest board here. I would love to follow your boards also and please give me some great ideas that I can use.

jealous elf

Peter is jealous

Oh no they didn't!

Oh no they didn’t!



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