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Happy Birthday Kerry

November 14, 2015

We celebrate another birthday for Kerry today!  This is the 36th birthday that she’s had since I’ve known her. We met in the second grade and the adventures pretty much started right away.  She was there for me then when I stapled my finger to my papers in Ms. Whittington’s class. She didn’t even call me a moron that I obviously was. She just helped me get the staple out of my finger.  We spent countless summers in her basement playing with Barbies, grocery store, and extended games of Monopoly that lasted the duration of the summer.

Kerry in elementary school

We spent a healthy amount of time at Six Flags and the neighborhood pool.

Kerry and Crystal at Six Flags

We had countless sleepovers. At her house we would stick scissors into the cable box late at night trying unscramble the nudey channels. That’s what kids of the eighties did. No?  That was just us. Ok. Moving on.

According to my journal entry from 1982 Kerry fell off her bike often and cried a lot. My 1982 self failed to mention that when she fell I ran over her nose and across her entire face with my bike. Complete with tire marks. I do think the Girl Scout cookies were spared so that’s a win.

diary entry

Kerry thinks I’m the crafty one but she cross stitched this back in 1988 and gave it to me when I moved. She was crafty before the rest of us knew what crafty was. This picture hangs in my daughter’s room now.

cross stitch picture

We moved to different cities in early high school but never lost contact. I would visit her she would visit me. We went skydiving on one of her visits. Because why not!? She is always game for whatever adventure we dream up together.

skydiving kerry


Our families are close now and we travel together often. We have girls trips yearly and I hope those things continue forever.

La Choza in Cozumel

We have big plans. Big big plans. Road trips in the VW bus. Walking the entire Appalachian trail. Living on a cruise ship for a ridiculous amount of time…or at least as long as we can convince our husbands to tolerate it. This blog is our new adventure. We’ve been talking about it for years and we are finally doing it. Because… Why not?  We discuss our dreams, plans, and schemes at approx 6:15 am on our daily commute to work. It never gets old.

Here’s to Kerry!  She is fabulous, indeed.





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