Homemade Cheese Crackers

November 9, 2015
cheese cracker ingredients

My daughter has been asking to make homemade cheese crackers for months now. Honestly, I kept putting it off because it sounded like an undertaking. This past rainy weekend seemed like a perfect time to finally give them a try. Yeah…we should have done it months ago, it was not a huge ordeal at all. Actually, it was quite easy. I should have known because the other recipes we have made from the cookbook, ‘The Homemade Pantry’ by Alana Chernila have been relatively easy!

The Homemade Pantry

My daughter loves this cookbook and has read it cover to cover. She has made lists of all the things she wants to make and we are working our way thru the list. So far I’ve been most impressed with making butter, vanilla extract and mozzarella cheese because mainly…who makes their own cheese and butter? We do now! Not all the time…but darn it if I want to make butter and mozzarella I know I can! This cookbook is filled with recipes for the basics that you would normally purchase but you can make just as easily.

The cheese cracker recipe has six ingredients; it’s just that easy. The dough is very easy to make.

cheese cracker dough

You will need to refrigerate it for a few hours to make it easier to roll out and cut into squares (or any shape that you want really).  Our dough needed to be rolled out flatter to make the crackers more uniform.  The bake time is 30 minutes. With minimal effort and ingredients you can make a snack for your weekday lunches or an afternoon snack for the kids!

cheese crackers

I would highly recommend this cookbook if you want to try your hand at making some pantry basics. We will be making brown sugar next. I’ll let you know how that goes!

If you have tried any of the recipes from this cookbook or her new one…let me know!


Homemade Cheese Crackers



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