NYC “four blocks” quilt

November 18, 2015
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dA few years ago we went on a girls trip to NYC. There were eight of us and we were there for three days. We saw so much of NYC, from the Brooklyn Bridge to bike riding in Central Park and we walked to everything in between. Lovingly it became referred to as “four blocks”. Everything seemed to be just a few blocks away…yet in reality it was way further. If only we had our Fitbits then! On our last full day there we decided to go to the Highline, Macy’s, Chelsea, China town and everywhere in between. We strategically worked in the opportunity to visit some quilt / fabric stores along the route. We hit up The City Quilter, Mood Fabrics, Purl Soho and numerous others in the garment district. We picked out a warm cool quilt pattern ahead of time and wanted to pick out fabrics in NYC to make our quilts.  Cassey and I had made quilts previously but we were trying to suck the other girls into world of beautiful fabrics. It was fun going into each store and finding fabrics to fit our unique styles. Even though we were using the same pattern the three quilts that have been completed all turned out so different. It was a fun project and we will remember that trip every time we use our quilts!

This is Cassey's quilt

This is Cassey’s quilt

This is the back of Cassey's quilt

This is the back of Cassey’s quilt

Kerry and I now scope out fabric shops and knitting shops in all of our vacation destinations! It’s a bummer when we’re at a cruise stop for one day and it’s the day the shops are closed. I’m sure our girl friends were glad we were in Key West on an early Sunday morning when the quilt shops were closed. Otherwise…we might have had to walk another four blocks.

Back of Crystal's quilt

Back of Crystal’s quilt


Kerry's quilt

Kerry’s quilt

Kerry used some of her NYC fabric on the back of her quilt

Kerry used some of her NYC fabric on the back of her quilt

I have another “vacation quilt” from a road trip that I went on with my kids and my mom. We drove from Georgia to Maine and stopped at so many quilt shops along the way. In each quilt shop we each picked out a fabric that we wanted and my mom got fun job of trying to make them all coordinate into a quilt. It turned out beautiful and it’s fun to see how it all came together.

If you have an upcoming trip and quilting is your thing you should give it a try! Just be sure to have lots of spare room in your luggage for fabric. We learned that the hard way! I would love to see your projects if you have a “vacation quilt” of your own.

Check out this wristlets that Cassey made for each of us!  They were so useful in NYC!



Four Blocks Quilt



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