Grand Cayman

December 4, 2015
Grand Cayman

George Town is a glitzy hub for duty-free shopping on Grand Cayman and signature Caribbean experiences.  Think boating, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, or swimming with stingrays on a shallow sandbar.

Your ship will drop anchor off of Georgetown, which is on the west side of Grand Cayman


Shopping – The Cayman Islands is a duty-free destination, prices can be as much as 30% less expensive in the Caymans.  Now you must know your home pricing to know if you are getting a good deal.  The ships will give you a map of shops they recommend.  This to me means – shops that pay to be put on that list…but it also means that the ship will back any purchase you make at the stores on their list.  So it is worth following the map.  I have strayed some – but stay with their recommendations.

Seven Mile Beach


  • Seven Mile Beach Named one of the “Ultimate Beaches”. Located on the western shore of Grand Cayman, the Seven Mile Beach is the most well-known beach on the islands. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Seven Mile Beach is features clear waters and coral sands. The beach is public property, and therefore possible to walk the full length past several resorts, hotels and villas, regardless of where you’re staying. There are restaurants open to the public at most of the resorts and several public beach bars. Fun fact the beach is closer to 6.5 miles in length!
Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

  • Cemetery Beach – While primarily revered for its superb snorkeling, Cemetery Beach is charming in its own right, removed somewhat from the profusion of Seven Mile Beach. Look for the fire station located near the West Bay end of Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman.  You will see a trail between the houses and grave yard shaded with a canopy of trees above the scenic trail leading to the beach.*
  • Governors Beach – Serene and beautiful, Governor’s Beach is a relaxing spot within Seven Mile BeachGrand Cayman. Located beside and infront of the Governor’s home is one of the most frequented portions of Seven Mile Beach.  Governor’s Beach has plenty of room for everyone along with crystal blue water great for snorkelling, lazing around on floats with a cold drink or a romantic stroll along all 7 Miles of beach. Lined with sea grape trees visitors can enjoy the shade while snacking on the sea grapes (in season around June and July) or grab a mango to dip in the sea while enjoying the sun and salt water.*

  • Rum Point – On the picturesque North Side of Grand Cayman, Rum Point has something for everyone’s Caribbean beach vacation. While younger children have the advantage of playing in the clear and shallow waters, adults have access to the top Caribbean watersport operators and beach bars providing some of the best food and drinks on the island.Rum Point Beach offers changing rooms, showers, huts, hammocks, volleyball nets and more. Not to mention the shallow and clear waters of Rum Point Beach make it the ideal beach for swimming in the Caribbean and offers the finest of snorkeling, ensuring that Rum Point is not only a fun and beautiful, but a convenient beach. Rum Point beach is under 50 minutes from most hotels on the trips, the cruise terminal, and a mere 15 minutes from the East End of the island.*
  • Smith’s Cove – Smith Cove provides a shady retreat as a prelude to excellent swimming, diving and snorkeling when conditions on Cayman 7 Mile Beach are not conducive to water sports.*
  • West Bay Public Beach – Located at the North end of Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman’s West Bay Public Beach is a great location for people watching and soaking up the rays. Complete with changing and bathroom facilities this beach is also close to restaurants and great BBQ cooked right on the beach.There is also a boat launch ramp located next to the beach making it an easily accessible way to tie the boat to the pier.*
  • Cayman Kai – the privacy of Cayman Kai has long been sought after by vacationers travelling to the Caribbean from around the world. Known for its crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches, Cayman Kai’s seclusion on the northern tip of Grand Cayman is all one can ask for in care-free island life. Cayman accommodations on Cayman Kai offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, making it among the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Cayman Kai is a great beach for swimming and also plays host to several other water sports in which you and your family can partake in. Visitors also enjoy the beauty of its lagoon, palm trees, and exotic conch.*

Cayman Motor Museum – 2 people in our group went to the museum and honestly don’t recommend it.  Granted they are CAR ENTHUSIASTS, so they may be tough critics.  But they didn’t feel it was worth the entrance fee.

Stingray City – At Stingray City Sandbar you will enjoy a snorkeling site with visibility, numerous friendly stingrays and tropical fish, all with easy access from our one-of-a-kind stern platform staircase which descends down into the water. You don’t have to have any snorkeling experience to take this shore excursion, as the water is shallow. Snorkeling equipment is provided along with snorkeling life vests. There are numerous options to this type of excursion – you can book with the ship, or venture and book it on your own.  The benefit of booking with the ship – is no matter what the ships will wait for you – for example if a bus breaks down, there is an accident and your bus is delayed etc…the ship waits for you.  If you have any of those issues, and you didn’t book through the ship – then you are SOL.  You typically save money booking on your own – and will have a smaller group on your tour – so it is a toss up.  If I am going to book an excursion on my own – I make sure to allow plenty of extra time to return to the ship (like 2 extra hours) (yes I am crazy).

4×4 Rental – Board your own 4×4 Jeep Wrangler and set off on a scenic caravan-style drive along the roads of George Town. (this fact has always kept us from booking – hubby says: I can’t go where I want and as fast as I want…) Visit the beautiful Morgan’s Harbor, see unique blue iguanas at Barker’s National Park, and soak in the sights while driving through the West Bay District. You’ll also view incredible limestone rock formations in the famous town of Hell and sample delicious sweets at the Tortuga Rum Cake Outlet. And for the perfect close to your day, you’ll take a short drive to Tiki Beach Resort, nestled on Seven Mile Beach.*

Scuba – They have excursions for beginners and advanced.*

Dolphins – Again many different levels and types of excursions – some you experience, some you push, some they push you, some you train, some train you – you get the idea.*

That is just a sampling there are TONS of things to do in Grand Cayman.


On our most recent trip to Grand Cayman we shopped and went to the beach. It was a nice day, and Grand Cayman beaches are great. Some of our group wanted to go to an auto museum (not recommended) which was near the turtle farm and a rum factory. We ended up eating right there at Macabaca Oceanside Tiki bar and grill – it was great. Save room for dessert!


Macabaca Oceanside Tiki Bar and Grill – see note above.

Cayman Restaurant

*We have never participated in this activity or been to this specific beach


A Guide to Grand Cayman

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