December 7, 2015
baths at Virgin Gorda

We had never been to Tortola. We really didn’t spend much time at all on Tortola as we had booked a ship’s excursion to the baths on Virgin Gorda. It took about 45-50 minutes to boat over to The Baths and then we had to swim to the beach from the boat, so it was pretty strenuous, but that was written in the excursion description, so shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. I am a good swimmer and it was fine…but for someone who wasn’t comfortable it might be too much. Once on the beach, we thought we went the right way and were actually following someone from the crew and ended up we weren’t going the right way to the baths. We were a bit annoyed. The other comment I will make – is it seemed odd that we were going to have to go through the baths barefoot and carrying our snorkeling gear….My husband was able to carry both of our snorkeling gear – but it was cumbersome. There were times that I had wished that I would have had shoes on…but we dealt with it and went on. We entered the baths which was very cool—–a narrow, windy, cramped (at times) path through huge boulders right along the ocean. It was something I’d never experienced before, so quite worth it. Once you got out of the Baths, you came to another beach and we were able to snorkel through the boulders, etc. back to the ship (again, quite far away and pretty strenuous, but good snorkeling). I did see a few jellyfish in the water I believe one stung me. But it was odd. I had pain in the water. Stayed in the water for at least an hour after the “stinging sensation”. Once on the boat – I saw read bumps all up and down my arm – but there was no pain? So something did something to me – but not sure what. I did not need vinegar, or urine or anything poured on me. The water was just gorgeous – I really really hope to go back there someday!

Snorkeling to Virgin Gorda baths

Snorkeling to Virgin Gorda baths

View from baths Tortola Virgin Gorda

The Baths at Virgin Gorda

virgin gorda baths

Rocks at Virgin Gorda Baths

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