Ham Bone Soup from Honey baked Ham

December 7, 2015
Ham bone soup ready to eat

Today I decided to make this ham bone soup from honey baked ham.  The last time I went to the Honey baked Ham Store they talked me into some additional purchases.

I bought a frozen ham bone


How smart are they, they sell the bone frozen like this, you just cover it with water and boil it and the meat all falls off!


I bought this mix and split pea, Russell chose this one for today.

The recipe is on the box


I for once followed it (well sort of), I used crushed tomatoes instead of whole and didn’t add any salt.  And all of the meat fell off on its own.  I had to fish out some bones and extra fat but otherwise it was all off the bone after boiling it.


The verdict – very good.  I’m excited to try the split pea sometime soon.


Ham Bone Soup



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