Knit, Purl, Repeat

December 5, 2015
knitting shirt

So Crystal and I are knitters.  Rose even knits!  We knit on cruises and we knit hats for our people and pets!


The most patient cat EVER!


I made this hat for my husband but it was too long – so I sent it to Crystal – I’m so nice!


I am pretty sure this hat didn’t meet Russell’s wishes – so someone at work got it! Ruger wanted it!

Finally a keeper!


We met this amazing lady Anne from Australia and we knitted with her in a lounge on a Princess Cruise a few years ago. Here she is teaching Rose various techniques.


Anne from Australia and Rose knitting on the Princess Cruise 2013

We even get cute waiters to help us with our knitting – Hello Carlos!


We have other friends that knit with us too – This is Cassey! She is so gifted and makes beautiful things especially quilts.


Kerry and Cassey knitting

I have made quite a few scarves for gifts and myself.  I love this one using Seda Rustica yarn


Hopefully there is nothing classified on the wall behind me! I was at work – so didn’t feel like smiling!

Crystal finished this scarf.


A project that I have started and not finished – that I promise I will and will bring you all along with me…I bought this book called “Building Blocks” and it is by a fellow blogger – Michelle Hunter of Knit Purl Hunter.  The book is great it takes you through 12 different knitting techniques, and when you complete each one you can do all sorts of things with the squares.  I would like to sew all of mine together and make a blanket.

Her description of the book:

Every pattern in the “Building Blocks” book focuses on the development of a skill while knitting a lovely square. Each square, or block, builds upon the skills learned in the previous patterns, giving knitters more confidence, knowledge and skill. At the completion of the series, the reward is an abundance of knitting know-how along with 12 gorgeous blocks to assemble into a sampler afghan. 

In my years as a schoolteacher I relied on a curriculum to educate students. Think of “Building Blocks” as your personal curriculum, a step-by-step plan, guiding you to better knitting. Let the “Building Blocks” book help you to find the master knitter waiting inside you!





I have a few squares finished…






I would like to buy Michelle’s other book “Building in Color”.  Her description:

“Building in Color” is another carefully designed sequence of patterns aimed at introducing knitters to the wonderful array of stitches and techniques used in color knitting.  All of the techniques are supported with the free online video instruction that you have come to rely upon from me.

Learn to expertly manage multiple colors while creating a gorgeous sampler blanket — your own cuddly work of art!

One last knitting related thing to share – when you can’t see – Where a head lamp!


Crystal knitted this for Rose


Strike a pose Rose!

Do you knit?  Care to share your projects with us?  Should we participate in a knit along?



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