Retro Apron

December 10, 2015
Crystal's retro apron

My daughter loves to cook and insists on wearing aprons. I was searching high and low for retro aprons that I could make for her and I to coordinate. The best pattern I came across was from The Crafty Kitty. The Retro Apron Pattern was very easy to follow with great results. Each apron only took a few hours to make. I made minor modifications here and there but I was very happy with the pattern and the end results. I absolutely adore the fabrics that we both picked for our aprons and I think they fit the retro look well. I made the adult size for my daughter and it wraps around her perfectly and it looks like a skirt from the back. So very cute.

Retro Apron pattern

I had the bright idea to make aprons for each holiday for Rose and give them to her for Christmas. Let’s just say that little project won’t be happening in time so I gave into the idea of just making one in time for each holiday. Last weekend I made the Christmas apron. I modified the pattern even more by leaving off the top portion and just making the skirt part and I added pom poms to the edges and bottom instead of binding.

retro Christmas apron

I thought she would get a kick out of pom poms. I had them in a stash for a year now and I wasn’t sure what I would ever use them for. Now…I know and I have lots more pom poms in all colors! I had never sewn pom poms to anything so I wasn’t real sure how to do it and I was frankly too lazy to look it up. I think next time I will sew the hem and the pom poms on at the same time for a cleaner look that way there won’t be two rows of stitching. I love the results and so does she! The pom poms add a bit of sass that makes it perfect for Rose.

back of the retro apron

You don’t need much fabric for this project and you can make it all from one fabric or even each section a different fabric if you really want to go with the boho look!  (which I love and it’s a great way to use smaller pieces of scrap fabric)

Supplies for retro apron

Since I skipped out on the binding between each section of the apron skirt I just sewed the three sections together.

front seams sewn

back side of the seam

If you adding pom poms to the bottom instead of the binding you can just press the bottom and sides under 1/4 inch and then fold them again 1/4 inch to make a clean hem.  I went ahead and sewed this because it seemed faster than pinning it with the poms poms.  However, if you take the time to pin it and add the pom poms at the same time you will get a cleaner look.  I was just trying to make it quick. I never get to surprise Rose and she was busy upstairs so I was racing around to see if I could get it done before dinner.

pom poms for the apron

You can see here that there are two rows and that I didn’t sew straight.  Still looks flipping adorable though so I’m going with it.

I also cut corners on the waistband and used a method from another pattern.  I just measured out the length and cut the fabric that length and four inches wide.  Press the short ends under 1/4 inch and press.  Then fold the entire waistband in half so it is now two inches wide and press.

waistband retro apron

Now you will open that back up and fold each side into the middle so now the waistband will be one inch wide and you will have clean edges.

folding the waistband

finished waistband

I just located the center of the apron and the center of the waistband and started pinning it. Tuck the apron piece in between the waistband so that it looks clean on the front and back.  I sewed the top and bottom of the apron strap closed the entire length.

attaching the waistband

I love the results and the process is fairly quick.  I was able to surprise her!  I will be making a Valentine’s Day apron next.  Let me know if you have any questions or if you have made this apron also.  I would love to see them.  Are you looking for something to cook after you get your apron finished?  Check out these homemade cheese crackers!


How to Make a Retro Apron






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