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TV Binge Watching, Fudge, and Eye Makeup Remover

December 30, 2015
Homemade fudge

I do love a good Netflix or Hulu binge watching experience. I tend to look for shows during a holiday break or summer break. The show of choice for this Christmas break was Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My friend has been recommending it for a while now and she was spot on. The show is so funny! So good in fact, we watched 55 episodes in seven days. That is approximately 21 minutes per episode, total of 19.25 hours of my life spent extremely dedicated to this show. I probably laughed eight of those hours so totally worth it. It was quality time spent laughing with my kids during a time that we didn’t have to do anything else. No regrets. I would highly recommend the show.

Other binges have been all seasons of Parks and Recreation during the summer. That is also a quality show and a great time spent with the kids. Ron Swanson…he is the best.

Kerry introduced me to Orange Is The New Black during our trip to Colorado in February. I didn’t get to finish that show until June when I had the house to myself for a week when the kids and my husband were traveling.  I was so addicted to the show that I didn’t venture outside for my walks even though I was doing a Fitbit step challenge with Holly and Kerry. So I did the next logical thing, I walked about five miles each day in circles around the inside of my house with my tablet in my hand watching the show and getting my steps at the same time. Dedication. Multi-Tasking. One day I even had my henna hair color in my hair with it wrapped in saran wrap, walking in circles while watching the tablet. Bam. Count that as getting three things done at once, four if you count looking like a complete crazy woman. The point being the show is good and you should watch it. The only other show that I binge watched was The Walking Dead. Normally I wouldn’t watch a show like that but last New Year’s Eve I sat down with my son while he caught up on some episodes and I organized paperwork for taxes. Because I’m that exciting on New Year’s Eve. After about the third episode and against my will I was sucked into the show. Over the next month I proceeded to watch every episode.

A little tidbit of info that I didn’t know until the third episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that you can upgrade Hulu to commercial free. I didn’t know that until my daughter told me. I quickly logged into the app and upgraded from the $7.99 a month limited commercial plan to the $11.99 commercial free plan. It took effect by the next episode. I’m sure during the 55 episode binge it probably saved me hours.

I’m not convinced that you know how exciting I am yet so I’ll tell you about the other big news in my life. I’ve thrown out the microwave in our house and replaced it with a toaster oven. No real particular reason except microwaves seem bad and it was huge and ugly. So far so good, we have to plan ahead a little bit to warm food but it’s all-good.

Ingredients for eye makeup remover

In the mason jar is the finished product. Just give it a little shake before using to mix the ingredients.

Also, I made a new batch of eye makeup remover. This is actually useful information and pretty easy so it’s worth the read. First off it’s way cheaper to make your own eye makeup remover, it has no chemicals in it and it’s just pretty cool that you can make your own stuff. You need three ingredients and one you will have already on hand if you made your own laundry detergent from the tutorial here. Use about a half-cup of water. Years ago when I first started making this the tutorial I learned from said to use distilled water, which I did at the time. Since then I have used tap water and I’ve been just fine. Add to the water 1 tbsp. of Olive oil and 1 tbsp. of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. Give it a little shake in a mason jar and you are done. Each time before use give it a slight shake, very slight and put it on a cotton ball or washcloth. It works great!!

The ingredients for fudge

To make a Christmas dessert and more importantly snacks for our TV binge watching we made fudge for the first time. I used the recipe from here. None of the ingredients are good for you, which is usually a good sign that it’s going to taste divine. It was divine and still is. I should have taken note when the recipe called for three bags of chocolate chips and 4 ½ cups of sugar that it was going to make a lot of fudge. That is an understatement. I’ve given fudge to everyone that has come near my home the last week and we still have a ton. If you make this recipe you might want to cut it in half unless you really like fudge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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