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Blizzard Jonas 2016 Preparations

January 24, 2016

Blizzard Jonas 2016 Preparations.  So I live in Maryland and we were forecasted to get a couple FEET of snow not INCHES!  Shew.  So I ran to the grocery store like the rest of the world (HURRY BUY ALL THE FOOD) and bought stuff for chili, Maryland crab soup, cornbread mix, milk, double stuff oreos, and english muffins.  We should be set!  I wanted to make enough chilli and crab soup to share it with Russell’s parents and Aunt and Uncle so I doubled both soups and Cornbread muffins.

My fancy cornbread

Seriously ya’ll this is the best.  I love it and won’t buy anything else.  You just dump the mix in with egg, water, and oil and stir. That simple and it is delish.  Of course all cornbread is delish right!

I like to use baking cups for ease.  I knew I was taking some to Russell’s family so figured that would make it easy too!

Now being a Maryland girl you gotta have and love Maryland Crab Soup.  I used the recipe off the Old Bay website. I doubled the whole recipe.


1 can (28 ounces) whole tomatoes cut into small pieces (I used crushed tomatoes that happened to have basil in them….oops)

3 cups water

2 cups beef broth

1 cup lima beans frozen, 1 cup baby carrots sliced, 1 cup yellow sweet corn frozen (I used a bag of frozen succotash and a bag of frozen mixed veggies)

2 tablespoons McCormick®Chopped Onions (I didn’t measure but I did add these)

1 tablespoon  Old Bay Seasoning

1 pound crabmeat


Combine tomatoes water broth lima beans carrots corn onions and OLD BAY in 4-quart saucepan.
Bring to boil on medium heat. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer 5 minutes.Add crabmeat. Cover and simmer 10 minutes.

Verdict – Very good!  This recipe is simple and a keeper.


I used both 90% fat free, and 95% fat free ground beef

I loosely follow that recipe on the back of the McCormick’s seasoning pack.  I did a can of pinto and kidney beans.  I also added a touch of tomato paste.  Again my crushed tomatoes had basil in them, but I am told the chills is good 🙂

What is your favorite snowed in food?

We also did the normal snow prep – like make sure things were charged, got our amazing battery powered lanterns.  Seriously these suckers put off some light and are said to last 30 days!  We also have a well and septic so we did the necessary prep in case we lose power, and therefore lose the ability to pump water (hello flushing toilets).  So I filled one of the tubs for future toilet flushing if need be (you just take buckets of water and keep filling the back tank of the toilet and you can flush like normal :).  I also filled a big pitcher of water for Rugers dog bowl.  We made sure our generator and snow blower were good to go and got lots of gas and diesel cans filled…We are quite good at being responsible adults.  Oh I almost forgot a few days ago Russell also chopped wood for the wood stove, in case we needed it due to power loss.

A few snow pics – we ended up easily getting 4 feet of snow.  It snowed at my house from 1:00 pm Friday all the way until around 9:00 pm Saturday.  That is a lot of snow!  We had drifts that were over my head. My husband has been outside with a snow blower since at least 7:00 am this morning.  I was out helping for a couple of hours, and his uncle is out with the John Deere.  We haven’t seen a plow on our road since sometime yesterday morning…no idea when we will actually be “out”.  I am so grateful that we didn’t lose power!  I am also so glad this isn’t next Friday as I am shooting a wedding in Baltimore!

Ruger loves it!

Well my road isn’t gonna be plowed for a while…

Last time we had this much snow – they came from this end of the road – we are very close to the east end of the “mountain road” but it is usually blown shut.

Looking towards the East end of the Mountain Road.

The snowblower we inherited from my Aunt and Uncle who now live in Florida! (Uncle Noel gave it to Russell as a thank you for some help Russell provided either in a move or plumbingwise)  Hi A.C. and U.N.! That sucker is a beast Uncle Noel!

Obligatory selfie


Did you get snowed in where you live?

kerry stars

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