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January 18, 2016
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Doesn’t everyone keep their Drugstore Mascaras in a wine glass?

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I recently got a new mascara and hated it.  (It incidently was Rimmel Argan Mascara).  So it made think – I should tell you the ones I love.  Mascara is a personal thing, people like different ones for different reasons.  I do have some non-drugstore mascaras as well – but they may deserve their own post if people want!  But here are my favorite drugstore mascaras:

Maybelline has two that I love.

One by One Volume Express
I have tried this one in both waterproof and regular formulas, and in both dark brown and black.  I typically prefer dark brown and don’t really have a preference between waterproof or regular (other than removal is easier for regular).  This mascara really does seperate my lashes and makes them look individual.  I do get good volume as well.

Mascara - www.fabulousindeed.comMascara -

Lash Discovery
This one I have only tried in waterproof – and I don’t really have a reason – maybe when I first bought it that is all they had? So now when I repurchase I still buy it?  I do like the waterproofness of it – because I will often wear it to the gym – and it makes it sweatproof.  (no I don’t put makeup on for the gym typically – but tossing a bit of this on my lashes makes me look a bit more awake – and I have been working out first thing in the morning at my new office – and want to make a somewhat decent first impression – let me tell you sweating to death and doing planks with your new boss is one way to break the ice!).  Anyway there are quite a few highend mascaras out that are designed for your lower lash line – I know Clinique and IT Cosmetics have popular ones.  I think this is a great dupe for these.  It really gets my stumpy lower lashes well and honestly does a great job on my top lashes too.  I have noticed it curls them quite well?  The small brush makes it really easy to get close to the lash line. - Mascara Favorites

Loreal has two as well

Mega Volume Collagene –

I will never forget when I first tried this mascara, Russell was like – wow! your lashes.  For my husband (I love you honey) to comment on my eye lashes meant that mascara was fabulous, indeed.  I do seem to like it after it dries about a bit.  It does transfer so make sure to let it dry.  I have both waterproof and regular. - Mascara Favorites

I also like Voluminous, but currently don’t have any.

Mascara -


Lashblast (orange tube) –

This one really does give me volume.  Apparently I like rubber bristle brushes, which is funny I would have thought that I would prefer regular brushes.

Mascara -

Mascara -

This isn’t to say these are the only ones that I love…but darned if these couldn’t get me through life just fine.  It isn’t to also say that I won’t be buying and trying new ones.

I am currently trying Covergirl Supersizer.

Mascara -

It get’s rave reviews – but I am only meh about it.  I am not willing to toss it just yet, sometimes when mascaras dry out a bit they get better.

What mascaras are your go to from the drugstore?

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    I keep my make up brushes in a drinking glass. 🙂

    • Reply fabulousindeed January 25, 2016 at 11:24 pm

      All good people do Dawn!

  • Reply Tfitz January 18, 2016 at 10:34 am

    I would like to know about the non drugstore also please.

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