Homemade Pasta using the KitchenAid pasta roller & cutter set

January 14, 2016
kitchenaid roller

My daughter received the KitchenAid pasta roller & cutter set for Christmas so we gave it a try today.  I was a little nervous that it was going to be a huge ordeal to make homemade pasta.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  So wrong.  The only chaotic situation we had was when we first started to mix the flour and eggs together.  Once we got past that it was smooth sailing and a ton of fun.  Seriously fun.  Let’s start with the ingredients…it’s exactly two items.  Eggs and flour.  That’s it…I like it already.

ingredients for pasta

We used the recipe from The Homemade Pantry cookbook.  We are working our way through this cookbook one recipe at a time!  If you don’t have this cookbook you should consider getting it.  It’s awesome.  Alana explains in the recipe that we should build a volcano shape with our flour on the countertop and add the eggs to the center and slowly work the two ingredients together using a fork.  I can’t express in enough detail how much ours did not go that way.  I couldn’t even get a picture without covering my camera in flour and eggs.  We immediately dove in and we both started working the dough together with our hands before eggs made their way to the edge of the counter and onto the floor.  We doubled the recipe so that may have been part of the issue but honestly our volcano didn’t have a chance of making a graceful dough.   We covered the dough with a damp cloth like it called for while we cleaned up and talked about how much it wasn’t going to turn out.  However, when we uncovered it and Rose kneaded the dough for five minutes it started to look exactly right.  Who knew!  We divided it into twelve balls and covered it in plastic for 30 minutes while we learned how to use the KitchenAid attachments.

pasta balls

The attachments are a cinch to learn how to use!  We flattened the balls just a bit and fed them through the roller.  It was so cool.  Maybe I’m easily entertained but I couldn’t believe how fun it was to watch.  Our dough was holding up great, we dusted it with a little bit of flour and we were able to stack it and move it around without it sticking.

rolled pasta

We used the spaghetti attachment and fed the dough through it and easy peasy…we had spaghetti noodles.  We hung the noodles on the pasta dryer and we were done.

Homemade pasta KitchenAid pasta roller

The attachments come with a brush to clean them with.  The pasta doesn’t stick to them plus you can’t put the attachments into water so they only take a quick brush off and they are clean.  That is a wonderful perk because some kitchen tools are a bear to clean.  The drying times for the pasta vary depending on when you plan on using the pasta.  We used some immediately and saved some to use later.  We let the pasta dry about ten minutes for the noodles we used right away and the others dried for about 45 minutes.  The drying times might need a little more testing if we are going to freeze them in the future. I read about six different sets of directions online, in the cookbook, and in the directions from KitchenAid and they all recommended different drying times.  Today we had a pot of chicken noodle soup that we used the noodles in but we also made homemade pesto to be used with the noodles tomorrow.  The pesto is also super simple.

ingredients for pesto

You only need olive oil, lemon, salt, basil, garlic, and parmesan cheese.  Just chop it in the food processor.  It’s nice to scoop it into ice trays and freeze it into individual servings.  Once they freeze store them in a freezer bag.  When you need pesto you can take a little block out and thaw it.

homemade pesto

I highly recommend the KitchenAid pasta roller and cutter.  It is very easy and fun to use. We will make pasta often I’m sure! If you have any advice on how to make the flour and egg “volcano” easier please let me know!

KitchenAid 3-piece pasta roller

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Homemade Pasta   Pesto Recipe





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    Now I’m hungry!!! You made it seem so simple and sound delicious. Your daughter must be pretty amazing in the kitchen.

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