My Diet is Better Than Yours

January 17, 2016
My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

I was intrigued by the commercials for this show, so I decided to set TIVO to record it for me….I watched the 2 (4) episodes this weekend.

Shaun T is the insane (haha I crack myself up) host.  So I guess the idea is for contestants ahead of time to pick a diet out of several options, and they will follow that diet and the creator of that diet is their coach.  They will have a weigh in each week and whomever wins the weighing is first to be able to pick if they want to change plans.  They can only do it one time the whole season though. What I don’t understand is – can you pick a plan that someone else is doing?

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

The contestants:

Jasmin, 37, stay at home mom who homeschools her daughter.  She chose the Superfood Swap Diet. The basics – you can eat what you want but must swap super-processed foods for real super foods.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Kurt, 47, salesman who works in his car.  He chooses the Wild Diet Plan, which substitutes sugar for healthy fats.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Taj, 37, she is a teacher and chose the Wellness Smackdown.  This plan focuses on a holistic approach to weight loss and health.  She will follow an anti-inflammatory vegan diet.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Jeff, 35, radio producer and project manger.  He chooses the No Diet Plan.  This “plan” focuses on behavior.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Latasha, 35, television reporter.  She chose the Clean Momma plan.  They use something called “taskercize” which you basically incorporate activities into your daily chores i.e.: squating while cleaning and grocery shopping.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

All of the contestants will have to complete a half marathon at the end of this.  Which seems crazy that in 14 weeks they will be able to do that – but I guess we will see.

My thoughts:  This show is quite different from other weightloss shows –  contestants aren’t quarantined at an expensive ranch, they stay home and live their normal lives (so it seems).  They also get to choose what plan they are using.

Since when is losing 3 or 6 pounds a week not good?  At the weigh ins – the number is an obsession. Literally these people were upset to see 3 pounds of weightloss in 1 week!  Damn I would be doing cartwheels if I could consistently lose 3 pounds a week!!!  That is 12 pounds a month!!!  I would be at my goal weight in no time.

The experts – well the clean momma chick grated my nerves from the beginning, she would have gotten the boot after week 1 for sure.  I wonder if these contestants get to meet the experts before choosing their plan?  Or do they just read something?

Abel’s Wild Diet – I am not sure I can stand behind putting butter in coffee WHAT THE WHAT?? But I do think the high protein high healthy fats thing is a good thing.  Again not sure I could make bone broth – but Kurt is doing great on this plan.  In one scene Able chases Kurt while dressed as bacon, saying I look dumber than you 🙂

My Diet is Better Than Your - www.fabulousindeed.com

Looks like bacon has the lead

Dawn’s Superfood Swap – well this is working great for Jazmin and her family.  The mac & cheese using cauliflower got a ton of air time, and something about cake.  So I am not sure that is really what the plan stands for…but I am all for subbing in healthy pasta if you are gonna eat pasta (they used quinoa pasta – which we love).  They did show Jazmin at a party of some sort with lots of candy and such, and she had brought a container of grapes…so that was a good thing.

Clean Momma.  Oh wait – excuse me cLean Momma – this chick seems to be all about herself and her brand.  Taskerciza, cLean Momma…I guess if you aren’t a momma you can’t do the plan.  She is a bit much for me.  She is sort of rude too. She says terrible things to Latasha about trying to fit into her wedding dress.  Side note  – soap box moment coming.  Ladies – you have had a baby your body may never get back into that wedding dress, and guess what that is ok.  I mean are you going to wear it?  People stress so much about getting into their high school jeans or their wedding dress or whatever, and really? is it that important?  – sorry – tangent over.  I was quite offended by Carolyn interrupting Latasha’s prayer and doing it her own way.  I thought she was there to help Latasha not sway her to her own religious beliefs.

My Diet is Better Than Your - www.fabulousindeed.com

Yeah let’s squat in the produce aisle. Yeah Watch me.

No diet.  Well this guy is OUT THERE.  He, Carolyn and the Wellness Vegan chick are a punch line of a joke waiting to happen.  I do like how he stressed sleep.  Apparently Jeff gets very little sleep.

Wellness Smackdown – Enter what I have seen called “cookie gate” online.  I think this coach is well-meaning, but again- massaging your body with oil to redistribute the fat???  really?  If it were that easy wouldn’t everyone like Oprah be doing that?  She and Taj have a nice lunch together, and then she gives Taj half of a cookie.  Taj literally has a breakdown.  Now timeout- I think she was being way too dramatic.  The trainer (I can’t remember her name) was making a good point – food isn’t the enemy, we shouldn’t be afraid of a cookie or a half of a cookie in this case – but in Taj’s defense  – they did just finish this crazy sugar challenge where they saw all of the sugar the average person consumes.  Anyway – spoiler alert – this trainer gets the boot and Taj picks – Strong Sexy Safe plan, which focuses on martial arts and has a pescaterian diet (vegetarian plus fish, eggs, and dairy) and is also gluten free.  I like this chick and would like to hang out with her.

My Diet is Better Than Your - www.fabulousindeed.com

Strong Safe and Sexy Plan

Each episode the contestants compete in some sort of challenge.  Anna Kaiser leads these.  No clue who she is.  They say she is a celebrity trainer.  One episode was a sugar challenge (which I already eluded to).  Contestants had to transport huge vats of liquid sugar and then regular sugar from point a to point b.  The winner has an advantage at the weigh in to decide if they want to choose a different plan or stick to their current plan.

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Anna Kaiser and Shaun T

My Diet is Better Than Yours - www.fabulousindeed.com

Buckets of liquid sugar

One episode had a stairs challenge in a stadium where they had to run all of the stairs – ouch my knees hurt just watching it.  As they climbed the stairs goals that they have chosen are spun around for them on signs to help keep them motivated – I liked this, and some made me sad and I could really relate to.

I am not so sure about this show, but I will watch and blog about it if people are interested.  Since it is a 14 week show and they are playing 2 episodes at a time – I am assuming it isn’t going to continue past this?? But what do I know.

My Diet is Better Than Your - www.fabulousindeed.com

Are you watching?  What shows are you loving these days?

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