The Bachelor Ben – Episode 2

January 12, 2016

Let’s get right into it!

Ben is cute.  I seriously like him more and more every episode – I realize we are only in episode 2.

Lace, oh lord here we go again.  Lace says that isn’t the person she wanted to be and just wants to start over.  Good luck with starting over Lace – at least she says she drank too much….let’s see if she learned her lesson.  Please give her less air time!!  Clearly that was you on the first night, you weren’t edited like that.  Ick – go away.

Group date – Let’s learn about love.  Ewwww cryptic.  The girls arrive at Bachelor High.  10 girls:  Amber, Becca, Jackie, Jen, JoJo, Jubilee, Lace, Lauren H, LB, and Mandi.  Principal Harrison (cute).

www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Clearly Ben was/is obsessed with his High School days.  The girls had to split up into pairs.  Lauren H and Jackie, Jubilee and Lace, Becca and JoJo, Mandi and Amber, Jen and LB.  Science Fair – make a volcano explode (I see what you did there ABC – clever).  Mandi and Amber get their  volcano to erupt first.  Then they show that Lace can’t read directions and missed communication.  Really! Lol.  Only 4 groups move on to lunch class.  So why not have them bob for apples.  Obviously.  Jackie and Lauren H lose that cause “Jackie isn’t good with her mouth”.  Now onto Geography – lordy they have to find the Indiana puzzle piece, and put it on a map.  Wow that is kind of hard – I mean don’t they know you do the edges of a puzzle first!  Becca and JoJo got the state shape correct but put it up on the map sideways!  Now onto gym class – they have to shoot free throws.

www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Mandi and Amber are the last ladies standing and they now have to run hurdles.  Really?  Wow!  Mandi wins by a LOT.  (she did hike up her hideous pants to help her out!)  www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Now she is homecoming queen.  She gets to go off and spend time with him – they didn’t really go anywhere – so everyone sits and watches them drive around (in a cool car).  Lace -reminder you said you were different – STOP.  Now they are in a cocktail party.  Becca steals him and they go chat and play basketball.  I had to pause it and look again – I totally thought Ben was rubbing Becca’s feet – he wasn’t.  (phew)  Their chat was cute.  Cut to Lace complaining that Ben may think she is crazy (um I’m sure he does and so does all of America).  Ben is now shown talking to someone?  who is that?  and kisses her!  Ok it was Jennifer.  There are still too many girls for me to keep track of!  Of course she comes back to the group and tells them she kissed him!  Reality – she has no poker face.  Now Lace is obsessed.

They then cut to the house and show a date card arriving.  I don’t know about you but I love it when you see the girls not all glammed up. Olivia what is up with you open mouth?  STOP.  www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Caila (my editor keeps changing her name to Carla!) got the date.  Immediately everyone hates her.  Day of surprises is all the card says.  Back to the group date.  Lace interrupts Mandi and Ben while obsessing if he even notices her.  That sure looks like water she is drinking…  She starts off and apologizes to him.  Ok, but it looks like you are still that way, but you are putting on a good face right now.  “eye-f*cking” did she really just say that.  Oh my.  Thankfully for Ben’s sake Jubilee interrupts them.  She tells him about all of the amazing things in her life.  She was adopted as a child and that she overcomes risks.  She seems great.  I don’t see the chemistry I have seen with others (Becca and Jennifer so far).  She gets a kiss though.  (make sure to tell Lace!)  Oh lordy Lace is fussing at Jubilee now – and all of the girls.  She interrupts LB.  Ben goes and gets JoJo and they go to the roof.  I like them together! They have a nice kiss.  (I am secretly (ok not secretly) keep thinking about Lace watching all of this now – and want to know what she thinks).  JoJo gets group date rose.  Shocker they have Lace talking about how disappointed and confused she is that she didn’t get the rose.

1 on 1 date – Caila.  Ben and Chris show up in the house and say he picked who goes on the first date (um don’t they at some level do all of them?)  then Chris says he planned the date though.  I hate when they do this.  Apparently ABC is in bed with the movie Ride Along 2.  Yay (note the sarcasm please).  Ice Cube and Kevin Hart roll in.  Their idea is a cheap date.  They go off in a cool old car.  OK I would be so annoyed with this date.  I love that girls at the house assume they are doing some extravagant date, and they are in a liquor store.  Oh her hair is gonna be so tangled after driving on the highway in that convertible!  Oh thankfully they had their bathing suits handy to get in a hot tub in the store. www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

They show Amanda back at the house on skype with her kids.  A date card arrives.    Emily, Haley, Olivia, Sam, Amanda, and Shushanna – “are we a perfect match”.  Back to the date with Caila.  Now they are alone.  She asks him why he felt unloveable and does he still feel that way.  He shares a lot of insecurities.  They are really cute together and they both seem very genuine.  Caila gets the rose.  They walk in to see Amos Lee (am I the only person who has no idea who he is?)  They dance and kiss, it is very sweet and Ben sings with some song that I have no idea what it is.

Group date – 6 girls – They end up at LoveLab – Some odd compatibility testing.  They do a series of experiments.  Visual Cortex test, to see what they look at first.  Ben is funny – loved his comment about “watching that one” when one of the girls looked at Sean too long.  Now they make them run and see if he likes the smell they give off.  This was funny!  www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben


www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Ok so they do some thermal thing now – and the people watch – which um is awkward.  www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Benwww.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

Sam got the lowest score 2.4 out of 10!  7.4 out of 10 was Olivia.  Now they are at their cocktail party for the date.  Olivia is pulled aside and Ben takes her to his pad.  The girls all hate her.  “the Ben and Olivia show”.  They make out.  One of the twins talk to him.  No idea who!  Olivia asked the girls a question, and then they asked her something and she wouldn’t answer.  Not sure which twin, but they chat.  Now he is with Sam and he is trying to redeem himself for saying she was “sour”.  Wow Sam is saying something about science and Olivia says – well if Ben is a believer in science you should be concerned.  Wow – that was mean.  Amanda gets some time with Ben and tells him about his daughters.  He seems excited about the kids.  (I like Ben!)  They make out.  aww how cute – he tells her to tell her girls hi for him!  Olivia gets the group date rose.  (why do they do that – Ben says Amanda thank you for sharing your daughters with me – but Olivia gets the rose.  that has to hurt).

Jami, Rachel, Lauren B and Leah didn’t go on any dates so they feel vulnerable going into the cocktail party.  Leah gets some time, and they chat (she is quite pretty).  They show Olivia lurking and she interrupts him with Leah.  The girls are annoyed that Olivia stole him.  She is putting a big target on herself….the first impression rose was a big one.  She comes back and says “I’m done, now you all can have at it”.  Oh this will be fun – Lace asked Olivia to chat alone.  I can sort of see Olivia’s point, but I would hate her if I were on the show and tell her to back down.  Cut to Lace and Ben, first off – stop telling him he thinks she is a crazy (when you keep telling something – it must be true!!)- you have now told him several times now that you think he thinks you are crazy.  The girls can hear her talking to him.  Telling him you had bad hair is hard for you?  Lauren B interrupts.  With Lace saying “hey beautiful” ugh.  sooooo fake.  Here come the tears – let’s hope you ruined your chances with Ben.  “The Lace I promised myself I wouldn’t be came out”.  Lordy honey get to a doctor!  Ben printed a picture of him and Lauren B on the first night.  How cute is that!  They seem like they have good chemistry and seem very genuine.  He then goes to see Lauren H.  (cause we might as well see everyone with the same name back to back).  I totally feel like she is meant to be a school teacher – she is such a chipper teacher I am sure!  He gives her a ribbon for the largest science explosion.  Cute.  Let the cute stuff continue.  He then brings Amanda in and asks her to make hair barrettes for her daughters with him (AWWWW).  She was quite touched, as was I.  He is so thoughtful.

Now time for elimination.  LB eliminates herself (turned down a rose) (bummer, I liked her).  She tells him that she is having a hard time being here and wants to leave.  Sam, Mandi and Jackie were also eliminated.

Fashion – No to Mandi’s pants in the highschool date.  Caila’s date dress – Good!  Amanda’s white nail polish – good, loved her dress too for the cocktail party.!  Olivia’s pink dress – good.  Lauren B’s yellow dress – good

www.fabulousindeed.com The Bachelor Ben

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Previews:  They show Lauren B in a plane (open air plane!) with Ben.  Jubilee saying “Ben is the first person who gets me”.  Olivia saying he is her man.  Lace crying.  Amber rolling her eyes.  Twins looking shocked and crying.  Someone crying with Ben and someone else.  DRAMA!!

Do chubby girls never get cast on this show? Do they never try out?  I seriously would love for a girl with a normal weight to be on the show and a normal size.  In the picture above Amanda does show a little bit of normal tummy – but damn she still looks great!  Where are the extravagant fun dates???  I guess we have to keep watching.

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