The Bachelor Ben – Episode 3

January 19, 2016

Whoa the drama that is shown in the preview of the episode!  Good thing I already started drinking.

It opens with Amanda and Lauren B chatting about Olivia.  They don’t like her 🙂  The drama is starting!  They say she spent $40,000 on clothes for the show?? WHAT THE WHAT???

Chris comes in and tells the ladies there will be 3 dates – two 1 on 1’s and a group date.  He leaves the card and immediately the girls are freaking out.  Jami reads the card and says Lauren B got the date and “the skies the limit”.

This date looked fun.  Yay for convertible mustangs!!  (BTW we have a convertible mustang!)  They play a cute guessing game on the way to the date.  You can tell they like each other and are quite flirty.  Ha! She figures out they are going to an airport – I forgot that she is a flight attendant.  She is really scared as they are getting on a tiny bi-plane.  They flew around.  They are super cute together.  Naturally they make out in the plane.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

They end up flying over the mansion!  That is cool.  Naturally the girls are hating it.  Way to go ABC, I am sure that is what your idea was for that maneuver.  As if the drama isn’t already brewing on its own, it does not need your help!  They end up landing in a pretty area that randomly has a hot tub in the middle of a field and mountainous area.  Thankfully they packed swimsuits.  OK seriously they are so cute and really like each other.  They cut to the mansion and JoJo and Caila talking and Caila is upset.  She says, I just realized there are other people here (really?), and that she might get her heart broken.  Has she ever watched this show before?  I mean, I see her point – it is hard to have an open heart when you think it might be broken – but isn’t that the case with any and every relationship?  Back to the date.  They of course end up at a nice place for dinner and discuss life.  Cut to the house – date card has arrived.  They keep showing Rachel talking – who the heck is that?  Did they sneak someone onto the show – I seriously have no idea who she is.  It better not be like Catherine in Seans’ season who got no air time – and then it was like they quick had her in everything since she got picked.  Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace and Emily are going the date.  “love is the goal”.  Of course those that haven’t gotten a date yet, are pissed.  Back to the date – They seem quite natural together and very comfortable.  Ben tells Lauren about his fathers’ heart problem.  Lauren blurts out that she wants to meet his family, and then tries to take it back.  Ben then gives her the rose.  Another musician I have never heard of Lucy Angel.  They dance and are super cute.  Can I say they are super cute anymore?

Group date – Soccer date – this feels like dejavu – Juan Pablo had a soccer date.  Two ladies from the US Women’s National Team were there and served as captains – Alex Morgan and Kelly O’Hara.  They do some learning/coaching and it pretty much looks like they have never seen a soccer ball in their lives.  This should be fun.  They cut to the house and JoJo and Jubilee spooling about not getting a date this week and being able to talk to Ben.  Jubilee really wonders if she is his type (yeah so do we Jubilee so do we).  Back to the date.  Chris Harrison walks in and says he sees some skills – um not really.  Chris explains they are splitting up into teams and that the winning team stays with Ben and the losers go home.  The terms were: Stars and Stripes.  Kelly coached the stars: Amanda, Emily (hey they split the twins up! say it isn’t so! how will they survive?), Jennifer, Lauren H., Rachel and Shushanna.  Alex coached the Stripes:  Amber, Haley, Jami, Lace, Leah and Olivia.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

Whoa Lauren H.’s leg muscle.

But let’s look at cutie Ben instead.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

The Stars score first because as the goalie Lace didn’t know she could pick up the ball.  Even I know that the goalie can use their hands in soccer.  The Stripes score several goals in a row.  (is it just me or to Jami and Amber really kind of look alike?  They were showing Jami talking and I totally thought it was Amber).  There is some back and forth with goals.  Twin Emily as the Stars goalie really did well!  Naturally it is sudden death and all tied up.  Someone gets hurt.  Rachel is crying and rolling around but still wants to play.  Ewwww Olivia decides she will take advantage of this fact.  The Stripes win.  Ironically they all loved on each other instead of Ben! The Stars team had to go home!  Wow winning something actually meant something this episode.  Back to the house, Shushanna actually carries Rachel into the house.  They tell the other girls about the date.  Gloom and Doom of course.  They cut to the rest of the group date.  They are all drinking and Ben says he wants to talk to everyone and Olivia interrupts him.  Naturally all the girls are spooling about how aggressive Olivia (Olivia Higgins) is.  Of course Olivia has to shout at the girls downstairs to show that she is with Ben in a hotel room!  She is a true Mean Girl!  You can kind of tell that Ben was mortified, they immediately retreated inside.  Ben asks her how she is doing, and she says GREAT!  He wonders about the first impression rose and how that has effected her time.  Hahaha back to the girls spooling about Olivia – featured are her toes, breath, and possibly her fake boobs.  Jami seems to tell Olivia what the girls were saying about her.  Her response – perfection is so lame!  Cut to the house – date card arrives.  Jubilee gets it “love is in the air”.  Of course the girls have mixed emotions about this since the rest aren’t getting dates.  (Becca, JoJo, and Caila).  They cut to Jami talking to Ben saying “every step of this has been so exciting”.  They show an interaction between Ben and Leah.  Lace and Ben – she tells him that she puts up a wall when she is uncomfortable.  He says you are uncomfortable – she back pedals – NO!!!  Now Amber and Ben are sitting chatting.  She says how hard it is to come to The Bachelor again (really I call BS since this is your third show but go on please)… She does say she has grown and learns a lot form these experiences.  They kiss and say how hopeful they both are.  Great.  Amber kissing does not = a relationship fyi.  Amber got the group date rose.  (guess she won’t be whining at the end of this episode).  Date over.

We open from the commercial break and Jubilee is ready for her date and has some very awkward interactions with the girls.  They hear a helicopter coming in and Ben says our ride is here.  When the helicopter lands Jubilee shouts does anyone want to go on my date, I’m scared of heights.  The girls are pissed.  How ungrateful!  The scandal.  They fly off in the helicopter (apparently Ben likes to fly).  Jubilee says Bens’ hand on her leg calmed her right down.  They land at some castle.  Ends up being a spa, YES PLEASE.  OMG she spits food out on the date!

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

She is a mess.  I really think the nerves got to her, please don’t start drinking.  Are they trying to make this like pretty woman or something?  She is there eating caviar and he asks what does she like to eat and she says hot dogs.  She tells him she was surprised to get the date card, and he is like why??  He says she intrigues him.  They feel very awkward to me – nothing like he is with other girls.  They seem very friend zone.  She calls him white boy at one point.  They end up in a hot tub.  They are very awkward.  She tells him he laughs when he thinks he should.  Lord does she ever date?  Ok did anyone notice her butt in that bikini – I wouldn’t be mad if I looked like that.  Now they go off to dinner, and might be getting more natural/relaxed.  Ben tells her that she is the most real around him, and mentions the military, adoption and coming to America.  Yeah they are getting more comfortable.  He asks her why she is afraid to go back to Haiti.  (Way to go for the jugular Ben).  She says she had a bad past, and that she can’t go back by herself, she needs to go back with someone.  She tells him that her whole family died.  She feels guilty for being the only survivor in her family.  Ben tells her that she wants to get to know all of the layers of Jubilee and gives her the rose.  So timeout for a second, have we been told her whole family died?  If so how?  How is that rejection?  She said before that she felt rejected since she was an orphan and adopted, but now her family all died and she feels guilty for that.  CONFUSED.

The girls can’t believe Jubilee is still there and that she got a rose.  OK – hold the phone is Sally Hansen Nail polish in bed with ABC – they had a scene at a table where JoJo, Jami, Olivia and Caila were doing their nails and it was all Sally Hansen on the table.  OK never mind – nothing to see here just a nail polish junkie noticing nail polish.

Now they are the cocktail party talking about the vibe in the house, even by the girls with roses.  Ben comes in and tells them that he got a phone call last night that 2 people who were close to his family died in a plane crash.  He is very torn up about it.  Olivia of course interrupts up and takes him away.  Oh man, she leads in with hating her legs.  AYKM?  He just tells everyone that he had people DIE.  She starts to cry and says she wants to be strong.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

NYC Recessionista via Twitter – SOOO FUNNY

Now he is with Amanda.  Amanda seems like she is more able to comfort him.  Jubilee seems really distraught and secluded.  I really started to feel sorry for her seeing the girls kind of walking away from her and such.  They show her go to Ben and they hug, it was really cute.  She said she wanted to help make him feel better, and she gives him a massage.  Of course the girls are pissed, since she already has a rose.  Jami interrupts the massage and he totally was relaxed.  Now the girls are grilling her as to why she did that, how long did she spend.  Amber decides to go talk to Jubilee.  She asks Jubilee to come chat with the girls, and she says she doesn’t want to have a part of it.  She storms off – oh the drama.  JoJo tries to go see Jubilee and she is very upset.  Ben tries to go see Jubilee.  Amber goes in and tells her that girls were pissed that she said does anyone want to go on the date.  Ben says he wants her to say what she wants and not walk on eggshells (go Ben).  The girls are all bullies.  I do agree Jubilee may not seem like his type, and they are all just jealous and lashing out.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

Jennifer Weiner – awesome – via twitter!

Ben walks in and sits down with the girls and Lace swoops in.  She seems quite upset.  Shew – Poor BEN – and the drama tonight.  He must be mentally exhausted.  She bawls and says she is mad at herself for the way she has been on the show, she has a lot to do to better herself.  She quotes her own tattoo – you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself – and she isn’t sure if she really loves herself right now.  UGH now I don’t know how to feel about her.  Do I think she tried to beat him to the punch YES.  She knew she was going home, so she checked out first.  But she got me to feel sorry for her sort of, ok not really.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

Well now she is gone (since Ben didn’t have the balls to do it the last 2 episodes) (but wait who will now be the villain – I am guessing Olivia!)  He tells the girls that Lace is gone and says this wasn’t the right time for her.  Chris says it is time for the rose ceremony.

Ben opens with “there’s a lot going on”.  Gosh, he seems like such a genuine great guy.  I thought this season and Ben were going to be a snoozefest, but I really like him.   I like that he made Olivia sweat this episode on handing her a rose, of course she thinks it is “saving the best for last”.

Rose Ceremony:  Shushanna and Jami don’t get roses and Lace already left!

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

Lace, Shushanna, and Jami

Jami’s take away – don’t expect anything from humans – and that she is gonna start adopting cats?  Um ok.

Olivia reading into everything and Bens’ “unspoken communication” – lord we know who the crazy is now that Lace is gone.  The squeeze to the waist, the using you to get up off the couch – yes folks that is the real language of love!

Previews for next week – They show Vegas – side note – I was IN Vegas when this all went down, but had NO IDEA.  I saw the fireworks and all – but again had no idea what it was about until I got home!  I would have totally been stalking them – had I known.  They show Becca and JoJo with Ben and one of the twins – no idea which one.  They show Olivia having a panic attack over Ben kissing someone, because she thinks Ben is her husband.  Twins crying, girls confronting Olivia – Shew next week is gonna be good!

The outtake of Lauren B and Ben in the hot tub kissing and there is a bubble, and he says it wasn’t him….and Lauren points at him!

No real fashion opinions this episode.  No opinions from us?  OMG.

Haven’t watched the after the rose show yet, but can’t wait to see what we have from Lace!

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