The Bachelor Ben Episode 4 – 2016

January 26, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 4 – 2016.  Previews – this show looks like loads of drama.


The girls are all sitting together and Chris comes in and says they are all gonna meet Ben in Las Vegas.  Reminder – I was freaking in Las Vegas when this episode was filmed, yet I had no idea! DAMN DAMN DAMN.  Hubby would have been annoyed but I would have so wanted to go check things out!!!

How many teeth does Olivia have???  I mean they are clearly clearly clearly FAKE but she looks like she has SOOO.MANY.TEETH.

There was some sign on a building from Ben and the girls all squeal.  They show up at their hotel – Aria and the date card is there.  Caila reads it and it is for JoJo “you set my heart on fire”.

Olivia reveals AGAIN that Ben is hers.  She is Zen with Ben.  Um OK.

Now every since the invention of TiVo and the DVR, I don’t watch commercials.  But now that I am typing a blog post while the show is playing, I sometimes watch/listen to them.  FYI – ABC/Bachelor seem to be in bed with Manwhich.  So next time you watch, one must eat a Manwhich.

OK now wait a minute, they clearly told us they were staying at the Aria why did they need to blur the hotel name??  Did anyone notice that?  OK so I am backing up – it must have been another hotel they blurred out – because in another shot Aria was clear as day.

We stumble on the twins in the gym walking on treadmills.  They tell us their doublemint story.  Maybe they should go on Sisterwives if this doesn’t work out for them?

Ben rolls in to pick up JoJo.  Shocker it looks like they are on the helipad.  Ben clearly likes to fly.  Naturally ABC has it set up so the girls can see the helicopter landing and all be jealous.  They didn’t, however think about the champagne and table that they had on the helipad!  It totally blows down and crashes.  The girls love that, it was kind of cute though JoJo and Ben take shelter behind the fallen table, and makeout – again with the girls watching…this puts Olivia over the deep end.


Date card arrives at the suite – Amanda, Jubilee, Caila, Lauren B, Amber, Haley, Emily, Leah, Lauren H, Jennifer, Rachel, and Olivia.  Becca figures out that she has the other 1 on 1 and is exstatic, Olivia is not.

Back to JoJo and Ben date, they are sitting and just talking, they seem quite comfortable together.  They talk about JoJo’s last relationship.  She was quite vague but reveals she is very insecure.  Ben really likes her, she may be moving into my front runner position!!  Ben gives JoJo the rose. He takes her out and they see an amazing fireworks display (I SAW THEM THAT NIGHT TOO!)  The girls of course see this, and Olivia says she is being cheated on.

Group date – The girls all meet Ben.  They walk into the Mirage and find out they will be appearing on the Terry Fator show.  Terry tells the girls they have to show off their talents.  They will open for his show to 1200 people!  They have one hour to perform.

Haley and Emily are up first and do an Irish Dance, wearing German costumes?  They are really good.  Jubilee played the cello, and was good.   Lauren B – juggled and was good.  Amanda – hulahooped and was ok.  Caila – bellydanced.  Rachel – had balloons – no idea what she actually did with them.  Lauren H. – wore a chicken suit and sang Old MacDonald.  Leah – wore a clown suit and jumped on a pogo stick.  Jennifer – hit tennis balls through a hula hoop.  Olivia – jumped out of a cake in a Vegas showgirl costume and then just walked around shimmying.  She got a lot of airtime where some we barely saw anything.


Olivia declares she is having a panic attack and doesn’t want to be on camera.  Wait – Amber was on the date?  What did she do? They never showed her?  I rewound and checked?  Did I miss it twice?  Amber is forgettable in every show she is on – but maybe we have found out why!  Olivia realizes she has no talent and has blown her whole marriage relationship with Ben.  She says she is no longer marriage material – because hitting tennis balls through a hula hoop or hula hooping in general = marriage material apparently.

They end up at a cocktail party sitting around chatting.  They show Ben with Caila, and she feels she didn’t stand out – since this was her first group date.  They sit down and she tosses her legs over his lap and says she is going for it – now they are making out!  He basically calls her out – cause she is saying how shy she is….

Olivia – says she is really embarassed by what she did – no hun you should be embarassed cause your boob is about to pop out of your dress/shirt.

Lauren H and Ben are now chatting with a dummy.  Then Lauren kisses the dummy – and I am not referring to Ben.  Well she does end up kissing him too.

Olivia asks to talk to Ben.  She tells him she needs to drink heavily.  Ben tries to tell her she was fine.  Now wait a minute – you aren’t showy?  Wasn’t she on tv?  One of the twins interrupts and of course she is annoyed.    No idea which twin.

Olivia is talking to the camera again – and I totally thought she was gonna pull her fake teeth out!  She didn’t.

Lauren B and Ben are with each other and making out…She says she is falling for Ben.  They talk about that might have been possibly her last first date ever, and how it would be weird to fall for someone after 1 date.

Now he is with another twin.  It is a different twin than before.  Oh someone says it is Emily.  Olivia is creeping on them and is gonna interrupt them.

It is like Lace all over again – that wasn’t me, I don’t want to ever go to bed not having a good conversation made out with you.

Ben then gives the rose to Lauren B.  Daggers all around!  Olivia has not poker/game face.

Before the commercial break the preview Becca’s date.  We get a fun tidbit from Jubilee – Becca is a virgin and if she hasn’t done it in 26 years it won’t happen in 6 hours.  That needs to be on a hallmark card for sure!

The date card comes – and it is a big box and the card says “get dressed it’s a big day”.  And she opens a wedding dress.  Jubilee says she is the perfect person to wear white.

Ben drives up in a very cool car.  OH wait it wasn’t Ben – just a driver.  Becca arrives at a wedding chapel.  Ben gets down on one knee and says Becca will you marry…..other people with me.  He reveals he got ordained and they are performing the wedding ceremonies.  They marry off a slew of people – I tried to count I think it was about 7?  They then end up on the neon boneyard!! How cool I have always wanted to go there!  Damn it I thought there was gonna be a hot tub – but instead there was a living room set up.  Ben wants to know if this time is different for Becca.  I liked her answer…she says she was closed off with Chris because she was afraid of getting hurt.  Ok so now that I typed that her answer was sort of cliche.  Ben asks her about her virginity and if she has a problem with the fact that he isn’t one.  He gave her a cute set of vows…and she had to do the same.  His were better 🙂  Becca gets the rose.


Back in the hotel – Chris knocks on the door.  He yells for all of the girls to come down.  Ben requested a date with the twins.  Ben explains that he can’t continue to date two sisters.  They roll up in their house.  He ends up in Haley’s room (I saw DoTerra essential oils!)  Haley tells him that she understands that he has to choose one of them…He and Emily are now on Emily’s bed!  Ben decides to talk to their mom.  He tells her that he thinks this process is hard for them and hard for him.  Mom tells him that Emily has always been the more outgoing twin.  Ben decides to have Haley stay home while Emily went back to the group.  Haley seems sad, frankly so does Emily.


Rose ceremony at Liquid.  Jennifer grabs Ben to talk.  Naturally Olivia jumps up to go find Ben after like 3 minutes.  Olivia tells him that she is falling for Ben.  Here we go with the non-verbal communication.  JoJo asks Olivia about her time was.  Olivia tells her that she told Ben that she was falling in love with Ben.  JoJo says she wouldn’t want to say that when it wasn’t going to be reciprocated, Olivia says, it was.  JoJo is now spooling about that.

Ben and Caila – can they just talk without making out?  I guess not.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Rachel and Amber. Haley Ferguson already eliminated earlier that day.  It may be editing, but Olivia was last again!


Haley, Amber, and Rachel

The outtake at the end with Ben and Caila doing the oreo  slide down your face is funny – but again they were quickly making out!  I have tried that (the oreo thing not making out with Ben or Caila) – it is HARD.

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