The Bachelor Ben – Episode 1

January 5, 2016

Oh dear – this season is gonna be good.  Where do they find these people?  If I were Ben, I would be like – WTF.  Note to self take notes next time as you watch.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

A few thoughts

  • When did The Bachelor/ABC get in bed with McDonalds?
  • I love barns – I want to photograph that barn Ben was shooting baskets in.
  • Why did he tour the schools?  Do they always do that?  I tend to fast forward a lot in most seasons – but for the sake of the blog I watched the whole thing!
  • His parents are cute.  Can I go visit that lakeside house?  Please?  Ok great see you this weekend.
  • Is it just me or is his haircut odd?

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

  • Chris, Jason, and Sean – lordy – Is Jason is really short? Or are the others just really tall?  Kissing?  Well get right to it!  I think Sean is weird.  And Chris?  I feel like I don’t even remember him!  I did notice he didn’t say much.  I think Sean is a control freak and took over the conversation.  I hate how much of this show feels forced/fake.  I did find it funny that they teased him for not being alive during Jason’s season 🙂 LOL
  • Why do they show only a few peeps?  ABC if you want us to like these girls it might be cool to see all of them.  Not that you care what I think!  I like Lauren B. the flight attendant – not sure why she didn’t get much air time, Caila – she is uber cute and reminds me of Catherine.  They ALL have perfect teeth!  (the editors want us to like Caila a lot!)  Calai’s intro was a couple minutes where as Lauren’s wasn’t even a full minute!  Jubilee? Who names their child Jubilee?  She seems like a badass.  Mandi – cuckooocuckoowhackadoo (RUN BEN).  First of all nobody likes dentists.  The twins – um weird.  They are super cute – look like barbie dolls.  Don’t they realize they are competing?  And only one person can “win”.  Amanda – ugh that voice.  I have a squeaky voice but I hope not that squeaky.  I like her bathing suit.  (Crystal noticed that her bathing suit matched her kids!! lol I have seen it 2x and didn’t notice that) Her kids are cute and she seems like a good mom.  I am always amazed about the people who go on these shows who have kids.  The chicken girl!!  OMG – RUN BEN Tiara.  seriously chickens are dirty and gross.  I have had chickens before and you do not want them in your room.  Please tell me those pictures framed aren’t always there and that that was just for TV. Wasn’t there someone before name Tiara who was whackadoo?  The puns oh lord – What comes first the chicken or the Ben! Sam – lawyer.  Hated that outfit she had on while on the beach.  She seems older.  I like her hair.  They love a story, she has one.  I am sorry about her dad.  Her coverup though!  So cute!
  • Limo intros – they must tell the girls to do weird stuff.  Didn’t they used to just get out and introduce themselves?  Some never even  told him their names! That seems important?  The other thing I wondered – did they have a room with all of their pictures that they used to always have? I never saw that this time- maybe it is too early – but how on earth do they remember all of these names??  Although guessing Lauren would be a safe guess :).  Brace yourself for the puns!  Lauren B – flight attendant gave him wings, Caila – ran and jumped in his arms – felt like someone suggested it to her – didn’t seem natural to me?  Way to break the ice.  I really liked her dress.  Jennifer – just friendly banter – Ben and Jen too cute yuck.  Jami from Canada her dress was cute.  Way to name drop re: Kaitlyn.  Samantha – I am iffy about her dress.  There is something annoying and sexy about her voice.  What are legal briefs in relation to boxers?  Was she just being funny?  Jubilee -I personally don’t like her dress…funny pick up lines, but couldn’t remember them, and the one she tried to remember I thought was lame.  Amanda – the mom, just normal – I like it – but I guess I can see how that wasn’t memorable.  Lace – ugh she is a weird one…took the first kiss…I liked his reaction “right in front of everybody”.

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

  • Lauren R – she never told him her name, even after he asked 2x.  STALK – don’t use that word!  She seems like she was trying too hard and seemed drunk or stunned.  I did really like her dress.  Shushanna – WHY?  I mean does she speak any english???  Leah – I like her dress – football – I mean really.  It sounded like she ripped her dress!  JoJo – The unicorn head (luckily they give you the story later).  (side note – I wonder if they all are really in the limo watching each other get out?  because I could see that being problematic and wanting to one up each other…)  Lauren H.  bouquet – meh.  She looks like a school teacher and talks to Ben like a teacher would!  Laura (redhead), I totally didn’t catch on to Lauren B and her having the same dress on.  Red Velvet.  she seems awkward – which ok who wouldn’t be.  Mandi – idk  again Run!  Ok the dress – well if I looked like that – I guess I would wear it.  Rose on her head – POLLENATE IT?? really?  Is that necessary!  That was totally someone else’s idea right the rose on her head??  The twins – ugh – so I immediately think it is pervy all of the excitement about twins.  I mean it is pervy isn’t it?  Group hug – that was cute.  Side notes: Why are ya’ll surprised people are pretty???  I wonder what would happen if they never served booze?  Yeah it would be less drama and maybe boring – but lordy these girls can never pace themselves.  Lace needs to watch her facial expressions – that should be her take away from this experience. Maegen – horse girl.  Why?  I am not nice I will just say – she didn’t seem normal.  Breanne – the bread thing was weird.  Again seems like an idea someone else planted in her head.  Sidenote – I liked the Lace comment re: judging people = that would sooo be me!.  Izzy – onesie.  Well that was kind of cute – but lame at the same time.  She was much too smily and giggly.  Rachel – came in on that wheeled thing.  Again weird.  Jessica – she is really pretty, her intro was just normal – I guess normal is now boring.  Tiara – chicken girl – she looked really pretty and really normal – DON’T FALL FOR IT BEN!  Disneyland?  really?  Lauren LB – I liked her dress, and she is super pretty and their intro was really normal.  Jackie – sidenote – I have a degree in gerontology so score one for gerontology!  Again someone put her up to that save the date thing – LAMEOMCLAMERSON.  Olivia – I really liked her dress (Apparently I like the sparkle).  How did she not know he didn’t have dimples?

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com


  • Is it just me but when I watch these things, I am always wondering who is gonna be the Bachelorette – cause let’s face it most likely someone from there will be the next one.
  • Phone call to mom and dad – sort of cute.  Ok fine, really cute.  Seems v. genuine.
  • Cute that Lauren B gave him a drink
  • Rude Mandi interrupting Ben and taking him.  Now I am sure the editing made it look worse than it was.  Are all dentists weird?  I mean I realize this is your career to look at peoples teeth, but I take photos for a living and don’t immediate start doing that when I meet someone new.
  • Olivia – way to lay it out there and tell him you quit your job to meet him.  No pressure there Ben.  She totally reminds me of Cameron Diaz.
  • Caila – bonding over software – she kept touching her hair – hmmmm she likes him – D’uh

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

  • Twins – do they ever get alone time?  girls – wake up you are competing against each other, this isn’t Sister Wives

The Bachelor Ben - www.fabulousindeed.com

  • Girl from Dallas – and doing the pictures on her head – did they ever pop up her name???  Who was that?
  • ABC we don’t know these girls yet – please keep putting up their names.
  • Played football with football girl – Leah
  • Chick talking to him by the fireplace – I like how real she was – explaining her nerves – again no name
  • One on one chat with Jessica – but that is all we get – apparently they were boring.
  • IN rolls the limo with Becca and Amber.  Girls react to them – in the way you would think they would.  Whoa lots of people threatened by Becca, specifically.
  • Lauren R and Ben are chatting and Becca walks up and interrupts.  Ben’s reaction seemed very genuine!  and surprised.  Lace starts stalking – you do use that word here but not when discussing social media.  Lace watch your facial expressions and your booze consumption.  (I wonder what these people think when the show starts airing).  Amber was now intro’d – and I guess that was a snoozefest cause that is all we got.
  • Jubilee and Ben were chatting and Lace pounced on him.  Then asked him for another kiss (Weird).  (First of all if you ever have to say “is it awkward to…(insert anything)” the answer is always YES), and he said NO! lol take that!  Mandi swoops in and steals him – Lace of course is mortified – um you just did the same thing!!!  Though I agree, Mandi is an odd duck.
  • DRAMA brewing – loved Olivia’s comment – no idea who we are talking about.
  • Ben swoops in looking for Lace.  He wants to explain the shooting down the kiss.  It is funny she kept saying they were about to kiss and Mandi ruined it – but Ben confirmed that he said NO to the kiss.  for good reasons – he wants to get to know people and with it being the first night.  Go Ben.
  • In walks the first impression rose.  Naturally all the girls freak and assume they are getting it.
  • I always wonder if everyone really gets a chance to talk to him….they show very little interaction and literally there are 28 girls…so these cocktail parties must go FOREVER. No wonder they are all falling on the floor drunk.
  • Lauren B and Ben have a bit of a chat – they seem cute together, and very normal/natural.
  • Loved Bens comment about the women being out of his league and he hoped they didn’t figure that out 🙂
  • The first impression rose – goes to Olivia.  She seemed genuinely shocked.  (OMG what is with her perfect teeth).  He tells her he was so impressed with her and her story of him leaving a job etc…her re-entrance to the room was awkward – I’ll just stand.  um ok…
  • Rose Ceremony – Lace complaining that Ben never looked at her – um really why isn’t Ben RUNNING SCREAMING from her – I liked Cailas “50 shades of crazy” comment
  • Lace with the looks that will kill of course her rose was saved til last.
  • Girls that went home: Breanne, Izzy, Jessica, Laura, Lauren RR, Maegen and Tiara.  Good job Ben – but you know if I were him a few more chicks would have gone.
  • Previews of course show the Most Dramatic Season ever!!
  • Ben says “I think the drama is just getting started” – ya think?
  • Chris talking to the horse at the end of the episode LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Ok so the after show – meh.  I don’t care about the updates really  – well maybe I do.

For all of the fashion things and even look-a-likes be sure to check out the Posessionista.  B

Who do you think will “win”?

Be sure to check out recaps for Episode 4, 3, and 2.

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