Henna Hair Dye from Lush

February 11, 2016
Caca Brun Henna Hair Color

I have been using the Henna Hair Dye from Lush for a few years now.  To no surprise Kerry told me about it.  She is my go-to person for anything beauty related.  I have been coloring my hair for over twenty years and have done everything from cheap box color to very expensive salon color.  I have colored my hair black to blonde and even had the tips done in pink and blue at one point.  Along the way I almost forgot what my true hair color was.  I started to let it grow out more and more as I was trying to find a natural solution to hair color.  To my horror my hair was a mixture of mousy brown and grey.  Sexy.

The first henna hair dye I tried was the Caca Rouge.  Go big or go home was the theory.  It was a va-va voom pretty red color that I kept for about a year.  I then decided to try to Caca Brun color.  It transforms the mousy brown in a beautiful way, into dark brown tones.  It even turns grey hair into lighter brown color highlights.  I really love it.

The henna hair dye is a vegan, natural choice for hair color.  It has cocoa butter and essential oils that really leave your hair amazingly soft.  Not just for a few days either.  My hair has never been this healthy, the shine and softness hasn’t worn off!

The henna hair dye is a big block that costs $27.95.  I get about four applications from each block which is pretty cost-effective. I watched no less than thirty YouTube videos on how to apply the hair color before I tried it the first time.  They offered free applications of the hair dye at Lush stores at the time (and they still might- I have not checked) but I just couldn’t see walking thru the mall with saran wrap and hair color on my head.  Maybe if there was a free-standing location near me that would be an option but there isn’t.  The first time I applied it, I made a hot mess.  Literally.  It was everywhere and I questioned my sanity. Since then I have mastered the art and only make a small mess now.

Henna hair color steeping

You will need to break up the block into small pieces in the amount you want to use and then pour hot water over it in a heat proof bowl.  Let it steep and mix it into a batter consistency.  I have never gotten the consistency the same twice but it has always turned out great…so don’t stress too much.  The mixture is green and it doesn’t smell like roses.  Don’t panic…it’s worth it.  You will want to use gloves at all times, wear old clothes and be sure to apply vaseline around your hairline.  That prevents the hair color from getting on your skin too much.  I always keep a washcloth handy to wipe off anything that I drop on myself. It will happen.

Henna Hair color

The official instructions state that you should start from the back.  I have always done it the other way around. Because I’m stubborn.  Coat all of your hair with the henna and then wrap it in plastic wrap.  You will look so hot.  The Lush website says to leave it on for two to four hours.  Some of the YouTube videos stated that they slept with the hair color on but it stops working after four hours.  I have done it both ways and both ways seem to work great.  It does harden like clay almost so it can get kinda heavy and crunchy. Next, rinse it, shampoo and condition.  I have found that if you rinse it, then apply conditioner and rinse again it helps to get more of it out before you shampoo it.  Then condition it again.  Again, either way works.  There does seem to be a lingering scent until the next shampoo. It’s no worse than the chemical smell that you get when you use other methods of coloring though.

It sounds like an undertaking but it’s not really once you do it a few times.  It is so worth it.  I don’t think I will ever use anything but henna hair dye!  We also love lemony flutter and ocean salt from Lush also!


Henna Hair Dye from Lush



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    Interesting. If I decide to use color again, I will certainly try. Anything natural!!

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