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Shopkick App – An easy way to earn gift cards

February 12, 2016

I love easy ways to earn a little extra money or gift cards.  I like to call them side hustles.  I have so many of them that even my side hustles have side hustles.  Kerry and I will be sharing them with you in the upcoming weeks.  Kerry introduced me to shopkick about a year ago and I have used it ever since.  It is fun and it is easy…therefore I love it.  The app is free to download and it takes just a minute to sign up for an account with your email address.  Here is a link to sign up. You earn “kicks” three different ways.

Shopkick app screen shot

One is by simply walking into the store with the app opened to that store.  The stores that offer walk-in kicks vary all the time but around the holidays you can really earn a lot of kicks at the mall.  I earned about 800 walk-in kicks a few days before Christmas when I was doing my two hour Christmas shopping spree.  The second way to earn kicks is by purchasing.  You simply link your credit card to your account and when you pay with that card you earn kicks.  The amount of kicks per dollar spent also varies.  Sometimes you don’t have to use a linked credit card, you can just scan a bar code on the app.  My son did this at Best Buy when he purchased his camera and earned almost 1,500 kicks.  The third way to earn kicks is by scanning products that are listed on the app for that particular store.  I always like this one.  Sometimes you find new products that you didn’t know about. You don’t have to purchase the item…you just pick it up and scan the barcode.  It takes two seconds.  Because I really need to get a life…sometimes I get extra steps on my Fitbit walking around the store scanning products.  Multi-tasking.  Don’t feel dumb scanning products…you aren’t the only one doing it.  If you start to pay attention you will notice lots of people doing it.  I met the nicest ladies at Hallmark because I heard their Shopkick scanner and I struck up a conversation with them.

Shopkick app product collections

You can pick the gift cards that you want to redeem right from your app.  Once you have earned enough, you simply hit redeem and it saves it as a barcode.  When you are in the store and want to redeem your gift card you simply scan the barcode and that’s it…free money! I have only redeemed the Target gift cards…because duh..who doesn’t need those!  Also, on the app you will see collections of products.  Scroll through these for a few reasons.  One, the products are fun to look at.  Two, sometimes they have an envelope at the bottom with a star.  Click the star and you will get bonus kicks.

I hope you like Shopkick as much as we do!  My theory is that you have to run errands to most of the stores listed anyways so you might as well earn a little something while your there.  Happy scanning!

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