Survivor – I’m a Mental Giant – Episode One

February 20, 2016
Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap

In my opinion Survivor is one of the best shows on TV.  I have watched every season except season one and I will get around to that soon!  Season 32, Kaoh Rong, started this week.  It never disappoints me!  This season they are doing the Brawn vs. Beauty vs. Brains.  It is in Southeast Asia and it seems like the heat and humidity will be a major issue this season.

Brawn Tribe Survivor Episode One

Let’s just jump right in and talk about the bug in the ear.  OH MY WORD.  I felt so bad for Jennifer, she seems like a very strong woman and to see her in such pain was terrible.  You want to know whats worse…watching the worm/larva/bug/creature/whatever it was crawling out of her ear.  I couldn’t look and but couldn’t really look away either.  I was so nervous that it was going to crawl back in before someone got it.  I would want ear plugs every night after that.  She handled it like a champ.  Impressive.

The best one liner of the night was from Jason.  “Got any matches on you?  No?  Didn’t think so.”  He seems pretty cool.  He was in the Army for six years and is a bounty hunter.  I was impressed that he picked up that boulder!  Get it done dude!

Scot the NBA player seems like he has a good attitude and can get along well with others.  He has potential to go far.

Alecia – Real Estate Agent – She didn’t seem like the mental giant that she claimed to be as she just stood there instead of getting any puzzle pieces out and starting the puzzle.  It’s a race Alecia…do your part and hustle. She also couldn’t get the cap off the marker at tribal council.  So yeah…the mental giant isn’t looking to promising as of yet.

I also think that the Cydney has the potential to go far.  So far she is low key, doing her part and seems very strong and friendly.

I have to know.  Did Darnell poop in the water??  They kept saying poop rocks…but surely no.  Just no.  I always hate it for the first person to be voted off but when it’s early in the game and someone makes a big mistake it’s hard to overcome it.  I’m not sure if I would have chosen Alecia or Darnell to go home.

Survivor Season 32 Episode One

The brains tribe always seems to have to most eclectic people in it.  This year there are a few.  Neal, the ice cream entrepreneur, seems quirky with his wild pants but seems level headed enough for now.  I’m not always a fan of the younger people always gunning for the older people right off the bat.  Joe, the retired FBI agent seems like he is in killer shape for 72 years old.  They shouldn’t underestimate him at all.

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie…you seemed so very smart with your 15 job titles.  She claimed she learned all sorts of skills for Survivor but did she miss the art of just laying low and not running her mouth so much?  She seemed kind when Aubry was having her breakdown but she will be one to watch.  Will she be entertaining or just absolutely irritating to the tribe and to us at home also?

Liz – Quantitative Strategist – She seems to be the most impressive on this tribe as of now.  Level headed, strong, and low key.

Peter, the ER doctor seems decent but they didn’t show enough of him for me to get a good read on him yet.  Stay tuned.

Despite Aubrey’s breakdown she sure did pull it together to perform awesome in the challenge.  Maybe that will be the confidence boost she needs to have a successful Survivor run.

Survivor Episode One

Caleb makes a great first impression jumping off the boat to catch the chicken and then doing a front flip off the boat after the two minutes to salvage the supplies ends.  He seems level headed with a good attitude.  If he can keep this up he should go far or at least until he is seen as a threat for physical strength.

Tai was entertaining to watch.  For now he seems like he has a fun loving attitude and will appreciate the game however he may approach the fine line of annoying within a few episodes.  Time will tell.  I love that he is a lover of trees but sure yanked those bad boys out of the ground when he was searching for the idle.  He did replace them but it was still funny to watch.

Nick. He seems to be his own biggest fan.  It will be interesting to see how well he gets along with others.

I liked that they got to choose between the puzzle and the dexterity option in the challenge.  I think that was a first, but I’m not certain.  Also, they don’t usually show us the strategizing before they start the challenge. That was nice to see.  The fire making kit for the winners looked like a nice haul!  Tribal council was good, they didn’t mind speaking their minds.  Sometimes at the first tribal it’s a bit more low key that that. All in all it seems like this season will be as awesome as always.  I will be back to recap every week!  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.   Who do you think will win it this year?



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