Survivor – Kindergarten Camp – Episode Two

February 26, 2016
Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap

Usually the first few episodes of Survivor start a little slow with strategic play and are more entertaining as we get to know the players. Jason still seems to be the guy that is going to deliver entertaining comments to the camera.  He said, “She’s like an ostrich.  She’s a bird but she can’t fly so she useless.”  He is commenting on “blondy” (Alecia).  His statement isn’t true this week because she was rather persistent getting a fire started.  Kudos to her even though she thought an ember was an embryo.  Also, Alecia was the only person out there searching for an idol.  At least she is trying to do something to stay in the game.

Tai climbing the palm tree

Tai is proving to be quirky and still pretty entertaining.  I like that he is still trying for the idol.  I also like that they have changed it up a little bit by hiding the key, the clue and the idol in separate spots.  I don’t even know how anyone is going to get up that tree.  I couldn’t believe his feet were bleeding all over it.  The bromance between Caleb and Tai is unexpected and funny to watch.  Caleb is still proving to be a strong player with a good attitude.  He practically flew through the water in the challenge all while wearing jeans!! Did he not bring a bathing suite?  The girls on the beauty tribe are barely getting any airtime.  I can’t even remember their names but they must be low drama, otherwise they would be getting tons of airtime.

Caleb running through the water

We learned more about Debbie even if we didn’t want to.  She is going to tell us a few new careers every week I imagine.  This week we learned of her expertise in juggling, water analysis, and as a personal trainer.  Also, she has an immune system like a horse.  Where does she get her energy from?  Did you notice that she made pom poms for the challenge? Peter is doing well listening to her and playing the game.  I wonder if he will change his mind on the younger / older alliance that he was considering last week.  This week he mentioned keeping Debbie in the game as long as possible because of her poor game play.  His comment about Debbie owning 40 cats was funny.  I can’t figure out who is wasting the kerosene and ruining the matches.  Joe seems to blame the younger crowd and they seem to blame him.

Survivor Tribal Council Episode Two

The Brawn tribe lost again and went to tribal but not before Jennifer and Alecia talked about an all girls alliance.  Jennifer’s comment about having low impulse control and shiny objects distracting her was funny.  I can relate.  I’m not sure I would be able to keep a clear mind in Survivor.  I can hardly do that at home with good sleep, plenty of food and no bugs in my ear.  She proves her statement at tribal when she opens her mouth and says just a bit too much and it turns everything on it’s side.  The guys were immediately worried.  Tribal was entertaining with Jennifer trying to save face, her standing up and begging, Jason’s sarcastic comments and the fact that Scot looked like a giant sitting between Cydney and Jennifer.  I didn’t see it coming but Jennifer was sent home.  Brawn needs to get it together quickly!  In past seasons if a tribe starts to dwindle in numbers they tend to change up the tribes earlier.  We shall see.  Every season of Survivor offers a new twist of some sort to keep us guessing.

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