The Bachelor Ben Episode 5 – 2016

February 2, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 5 – 2016.  Well election coverage messed up some of this episode.  The previews look INTENSE.

The show opens in Mexico City.

Ben tells us he is half way through this process, and it is going quickly!  He feels his wife is in the group of remaining women and Mexico City is a great place to fall in love!

Haley or Emily – say now that the sister/twin isn’t there they can focus on their relationship!  I promise to know which twin this is by the end of the episode.

The girls show up in a hotel.  The Four Seasons – well oooo la la – finally they are spending money – though I am sure ABC isn’t actually paying…The girls are thrilled with having a bidet.

Date card.  Olivia tells us she is in love with Ben, and they have a love language and he validates her and nobody else.  She is convinced she will get the one on one.  Amanda’s name is read on the date card. Dun Dun Dun.  “let’s put all our eggs in one basket”.  Amanda is excited.  Duh.  Olivia is sooo surprised that her name is on the card, mostly cause she has kids and Ben doesn’t want kids.  Um ok.  Great she decides she needs to work harder to get time with Ben this week.  Super.

We come back from the commercial break to someone snoring…Ben is rolling in on the girls while they are sleeping.  Oh Snap – I would be pissed!  Bwah – Lauren H.  and her “this is how the man I am competing for saw me this morning” well so did America!


She really doesn’t look that bad, so she wears a retainer, she does have a goofy look on her face!

Naturally, Amanda looks perfect.  She does get 15 minutes to get ready…and plaster her make up on.  Some of the girls look good natural.

Lauren H. and Olivia judge the hell out of Amanda and Ben’s relationship and the fact that she has kids.  Neither think he is ready to be a dad.  Now they have that settled.

Ben and Amanda (clearly loves cold shoulder tops – I have lost count of how many she has worn in the five episodes we have seen her) are on their date.


They get to go on a cool hot air balloon!


FUN!  Neither have been on one before, um Ben I haven’t either – you could take me on one?  Though, hmmm I am scared of heights, I am not sure how I would do in a balloon.  We find out that pyramids are romantic according to Amanda.  Hmm I have never thought of pyramids being romantic.  The picnic on the other hand (sans hot tub) did seem romantic.  Amanda says she has a much more complicated past than the other girls and that makes her nervous – with her previous marriage and kids.

Girls are all discussing Amanda’s long day with Ben, they are all jealous.  Jubilee seems to really be having a hard time.  A date card arrives – Jubilee, Becca, JoJo, Caila, Emily (OK that is the twin who is still here!), Lauren B., Jennifer, Leah, and Olivia (who is perturbed she isn’t getting a one on one).  Of course Lauren H. is sooo excited that she is getting a one on one.  “This way to a man’s heart” – and something Spanish.

Back to Amanda and Ben.  Omg what is she wearing a dance leotard?  Amanda tells Ben that she was married to the baby daddy.  She tells him that he had an addictive personality, and that he had other priorities than Amanda and their kids.  She found an old cell phone, and found that he was meeting other people and communicating with ex-girlfriends.  She says she never wanted to be a single mom and felt like a failure.  I really felt for her.  Ben tells her that he admires her, and that she didn’t deserve that and nor did her girls.  He really seems to genuinely mean this.  Though I do think that is a lot for a youngin like Ben to gain, a wife and two kids.  Amanda gets a rose.  Shockingly, no hot tub or unheard of musician showed up on this date.

Group date time. They are going to learn about the culture.  They end up in an ESL class – Espanol as a Second Language.  Spanish Class.  Ben reveals they are going to cook as well.  Have these girls never taken Spanish in school?  Jubilee is struggling….how is she so insecure?  She has been through so much in life.

I’m not sure how learning how to say “will you marry me”, “I want to kiss you”, and “I am falling in love with you” will help in a cooking exercise – but I guess time will tell.  A brother and sister who own a restaurant are going to cook with the girls.  They will have to see who cooks the better dish.  They break up into teams of two.  Naturally Olivia figures out that Ben will need to be on a team, and immediately claims Ben.  Jubilee puts up a fight.  But eventually Olivia wins Ben.


  • Lauren B and Jubilee – Fish of some form.  The chefs seem to like it and say they need to serve that in the restaurant.  They win!  Suddenly Jubilee is so excited.
  • Emily and Jennifer – Not sure what they made. Ceviche and Tostada?  They said the ceviche was good but the tostada was not.
  • Ben and Olivia –  They show them eating crickets and drinking tequila and eating mint leaves (lol, Emily says it is because of her breath!).  Olivia is making the mole and Ben is handling the bread and cheese.  Duck sandwich with crickets.  They show the chefs saying it looks like dog food!  They say the presentation was bad.
  • Caila and Leah – Stuffed pepper.  They loved it.
  • JoJo and Becca – Tacos.  The salsa wasn’t so good but the taco was.



I love Olivia’s boots!

The chefs tell them that when a girl is ready to get married, she knows how to cook.

We get this winning quote from Ben!


Now they are at a cocktail date party.  Ben says he is looking forward to talking to the girls, Jubilee is acting like she is going to grab him, and naturally Olivia snags him, and of course Ben says yes.  When then hear her infatuation and that she reads into every little thing and their language of love!  Emily decides she is going to interrupt.  You see him with Caila and Becca.  The whole time we listen to Jubilee whining about not getting time with him, and him holding hands and kissing everyone.  Ben then takes Jennifer aside.  You see Ben with Lauren B.  He takes her outside and they walk around.  The editors really gave her some air time.  Jubilee is still whining.  Lauren B. and Ben are still  making out in the streets.  Jubilee asks Leah to go interrupt, um put your big girl britches on and do it yourself!  Ben comes back and asks for Jubilee.  He tries to hold her hand, and she says let’s not hold hands.  He asks her how things are going, and she says she feels like she is overshadowed…and she wonders if he even notices her (um Lace is back).  He says, are you telling me this is difficult for you? Um yeah she is.  He tells her that he feels like she has pulled back, and he tells her that when she won’t hold hands, how is that supposed to make him feel.  She says she gets it.  She explains that people have said all sorts of things to her and about her after their one on one that that has gotten into her head.

Of course we cut to the girls talking about Jubilee.

You can tell Ben is distraught and not sure what to do.  Jubilee is trying to dig herself out – you already pouted all day, and he obviously noticed.  Ben asks her if she thinks there is something between them, and she says she just wants him to say he sees something between them.  He ends up letting her go and sending her home, right then and there. He asks if he can walk her out, and she won’t let him touch her.

She says she knew she was gonna end up getting her heart broken.  They end up hugging it out.  Side note – I like her nail polish.  (Remember her awful nails on the episode she was on the one on one date!)  Now she says she is the most “unlovable”.

Ben is shown clearly torn up.

The girls are all spooling about what is going on and where Ben and Jubilee are.  Ben comes back and tells them he let Jubilee go home.  He tells them that Jubilee was very intriguing to him from the moment he met her.  JoJo interrupts him and asks if she can talk to him.  She tells him that he handles these situations with so much respect.  He tells her he is done breaking up with people!  She says, well you have 10 more to go!

He comes back to the group and picks up the rose.  He gives the rose to Olivia and says it is someone he has reconnected with and that she struggled for a while.  The girls of course are SHOCKED and didn’t see that coming.  LOL – Olivia says you don’t have to say congrats! LOL ok – we won’t.

Emily is looking intense and like she is losing her shit.  She is letting Olivia get to her!


One on one with Lauren H. “Let’s design a life together”. Ben tells us Mexico City is known for its fashion.  Really?  I didn’t know that.  They end up going into a design studio and find out it is Mexican Fashion week, and they are invited.

Cut to the hotel, Olivia is saying that she isn’t threatened by anyone.  Emily and Jennifer are spooling about Olivia getting the rose and that he has a connection with Olivia.  Emily wants to tell him about the negative energy in the house.

Back to Lauren H and Ben at the fashion show.  They tell them they are going to be in the fashion show.  They try to teach her to walk.


Lauren tells Ben she is terrified.  She actually looks good.  Then Ben walks out.


They tell each other how much fun that was.

Lauren B and Amanda are talking about Lauren H.’s date.  They talk about Ben only keeping people he sees as his wife.

Now back to Lauren H. and Ben.  Ben says that their relationship has been slower than others.  He says he needs to know if there is something more than a friendship.  He wants to see if Lauren H. will hold back or not.  She tells him that she heard about him letting Jubilee go that she felt that is really admirable that Ben can be real and have those tough conversations.  He of course is encouraged that she felt that way.  He says she has been open through this whole experience.  She tells him that she knows who she is, and tells Ben about a four year serious relationship that she moved across the country to be with, and out of the blue he broke up with her, she found out he was a cheater cheater pumpkin eater…and even cheated with one of her friends.  She tells him it was a year after they broke up, and she had a choice to make to either be sad and the victim, or to choose to be happy.  She is proud of herself and feels ready for another relationship.  Ben seems to really like her.  She seems boring to me.  I mean she is nice and all (PLEASE DON’T BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE!).  Lauren H. gets the rose.  They stumble upon a musician on the side of the road…and make out in front of him.

Now we are at the rose ceremony.  The girls are stressed.  Olivia is not.  JoJo tells Ben she doesn’t want to be blindsided.  I like her dress.  Lauren B. is now talking to him, and says she can really see a life with him.  She says that is terrifying.  They make out.  I guess that is what she means by a life with him.


The girls are chatting.  Amanda says she is really stressed.  JoJo asks about her situation with the girls and does her ex have the girls.  Olivia says “this feels like an episode of teen mom”.  Amanda says “what was that?”  Everyone is jaw on the floor.


Olivia sort of tries to sort of dig herself out, yet doesn’t.  Amanda is pissed and confronts Olivia.  Olivia cries and says she is learning a lot about herself.  Why didn’t you just say – I am sorry that was a shitty thing to say?  Poor Lauren was in the middle.


Emily decides she needs to tell Ben.  (THAT NEVER GOES WELL!)  Emily is very upset.  She tells Ben Olivia has been so disrespectful and that she isn’t the only person who feels this way.  Olivia says she always feels like people are talking about me.  She of course decides to find Ben and the conversation.  Olivia apologizes that she is interrupting.  Really why do you say that.  You aren’t sorry.  That annoys me.

Olivia says she has something for Ben, she says you know you give me these roses, and she gives him a ring.

Emily calls her sister and tells her that Olivia is being a bitch.  This is weird.

Ben is asking Olivia how are things in the house, she is totally like, everything is fabulous, everyone loves me, everyone congratulates me.


Ben asks Amanda how are things going in the house.  She tells Ben that she has felt targeted by Olivia.  He asks Jennifer.  They all seem honest with him.  So Ben’s head is spinning.

Chris comes in and says it is time for a rose ceremony.  Ben says Chris I am sorry, but Olivia can I talk to you.  The girls of course are spooling thinking he might be taking her rose away.

To be continued.  EWWWW I hate when they do that!

Eliminations: Jubilee eliminated during the group date.


If you missed the recap of episode four check it out here!

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