The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 – 2016

February 9, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 – 2016.  Here we are back from that mean To be Continued thing they did to us last week!

We open to a slideshow/montage of Olivia.  Seriously the producers love to shove her down our throat.  I really really wonder what she thinks watching all of this.  Will she come to paradise?

Anyway I digress – so we see Ben and Olivia chatting and the editing Gods show us what the girls are all saying at the same time.  Olivia basically cries and says it is Ben’s fault girls hate her.  You know he did that horrible thing of giving her the first impression rose – it is all your fault BEN!

She comes back to the girls with her ROSE still in hand.  Jennifer can’t believe this and says she doesn’t know where Ben’s head is – well Ben doesn’t know you and neither do we – so yeah.  Ben tells the girls he respects all of them and each week it is getting tougher and tougher.  The girls all ask Olivia what happened and she is so emotional she can’t talk about it – sooooo dramatic!  Now Emily is spooling thinking – omg this could come back and bite me!  Olivia sees Ben speaking their love language and says she thinks the girls thought they had gotten rid of her…but NO!  “I have a rose this week, and they don’t – everyone else can suck it!”

Jennifer says someone else is going home tonight since Olivia didn’t, I’m concerned it might be me – yeah so are we sweetheart!  He makes Emily sweat though – shew.  He gives out the roses to all but Jennifer.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

Ben tells the girls that they are all going to the Bahamas.  OH my so much drama coming!  This MAY be the most dramatic season ever.  What if all of this is for nothing!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

One little snippet – we hear Becca saying she hasn’t seen anything so beautiful, the water the sand – um hasn’t she been on this show before?  You have seen pretty water and sand.

Chris pops in on the girls who Olivia just toasted – Cheers to continuing this journey in the Bahamas.  He tells the girls that there is a one on one date, group date, and a two on one date!  He leaves the first date card.  Becca reads card – Caila – let’s see if our love is reel.  Mouth on the floor – she can’t believe how clever that is!  um ok.

You see Leah spiraling.  “I don’t know why I’m here”.  Yeah neither do we.  You are nice, but we haven’t seen any time with you and Ben.  Of course ironically Ben pops in and sits right next to her!  He picks Caila up.  He says he has unfinished business with Caila.  They go fishing.

We cut to the house/hotel.  Leah is completely falling apart.  Lauren H.  is trying to console her.

Back to the date.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

I always go dark for my toes, but I am loving her white polish!

Back to Leah feeling sorry for herself.  She says Ben isn’t willing to take that leap with her – and they show Ben and Caila LEAPING off of the boat they are deep sea fishing on!  Clever producers.

Ben tells us he wants to see what is behind Caila’s smile.  Maybe she dated someone before and broke up with them.  That is DEEP.  Ben tells Caila he wants her to open up to him, and she tells him that she isn’t ready to cry on his shoulder.  She tells him that she feels like she loves him, but she feels like she can’t share things with him, and she feels like she can’t completely feel comfortable falling in love with him.  She says I know your greatest fear is that you are unlovable, but my greatest fear is that I am going to break your heart.  Hmmm, feeling confident there aren’t you!  Their convo was confusing to me….and based on his facial expressions he is too.

Knock at the girls door.  Group date.  Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H. and Leah.  Love is unpredictable.  Olivia and Emily realize they are on the two on one.  Olivia says Emily is a bird cause she is young?

Ben says to Caila, so you said you felt like you were falling in love, but then said you are afraid of hurting me.  He says, am I the one for you.  Caila says my head and heart are conflicting.  He says, are you really ready?  Caila says, I feel understood with you.  I feel like that is what I want in life, to be understood.  She says she wants him in her life and that she feels happy.  Real happiness.  I don’t know if it is the editing, or if these two people really don’t know how to communicate.  She gets a rose.

Whoa before the commercial break – they show us Leah stirring up drama and Lauren B.

Group date.  They are gonna chill (drink) on a boat.  Omg pigs!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

How cool is that?  I think that would be a lot of fun!  Feed the pigs and swim with them.  They wave hot dogs around – chicken hot dogs…and the pigs seem really aggressive.  JoJo is completely mawled by some of them.  OK that is scary.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

We cut to Emily calling wonder twin sister about the two on one, and she gets some advice to not come home and to be herself.

The girls are a mess on the group date.  Lauren H. is seeming concerned.  Ben says he feels very uncomfortable on this date.  They show little snippets of very awkward conversations between him and Becca, JoJo.

Leah says she feels like a group date groupie…and Ben tells her there is a lot of time to be had on group dates if you want it.  (Just what she wanted to hear I am sure.)

Ben grabs Becca, he tells her that he felt like she was stand offish with him.  She said she was.  She says it seems like there is a very obvious connection between him and Lauren B.  She says he isn’t doing anything wrong, and that she really likes him, and they make out.

Ben says he may need to be more discrete with his feelings.  He says he wants each of them to know how he feels.  I predict lots and lots of making out.

Now he is with Amanda.  I like you.  Let’s make out.

Ben “I’m trying to be fair and open and honest with everyone”.  What he means: “I am trying to shove my tongue down as many throats as possible before I choose one of these chicks”.

Cut to the house/hotel and the date card arriving. Two women, one rose, one stays and one goes.  Let’s see what the Bahama’s has in store for us.  Olivia is v. confident.

Back to the date.  Lauren B. says it is really getting real.  Leah appears that she isn’t liking Lauren B.  Leah and Ben are together.  She says that there are women who aren’t real with him and it hurts her.  I don’t want to start drama or say names, but I’m gonna – Lauren B.  Naturally Lauren B. interrupts them!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016


She can sense he isn’t feeling comfortable.  He tells her that someone voiced a concern to him about her being genuine.  Lauren is very upset about this.  Ben takes JoJo away.  Lauren B. is telling the girls why she is upset.  Conveniently Leah isn’t in the room.  Lauren tells them that someone here tonight told him that she isn’t genuine.  Leah walks in.  Says what happened?  Lauren says it again.  Leah does this fake reaction.  And says – your name was brought up?  And immediately says, I didn’t say anything to him.  Becca questions her and she says no again.

Ok the cast from the movie How to Be Single is in a commercial – that movie looks FUNNY.

Then they show HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER IS COMING BACK – ooooo I love that show.

I digress.

Amanda gets the date rose.

Leah says, well I will have to do something more extreme to make sure I get the rose…at least I kept Lauren B from getting the date rose.  Ewww what happened to her?  That should make the women tell all interesting – So Lace, Olivia, and now Leah are the villians for the hot seat.

They cut to Lauren B, Amanda and Emily in bed.  Amanda is rubbing Emily’s arm – that seems so weird to me.  Anyway – they are telling Emily what happened, and she is astounded!  They are trying to figure out who said it…and Lauren B. lists all the people and says she still doesn’t know. Amanda stops her and says, Leah didn’t say she didn’t tell Ben, she said she didn’t say your name!  Amanda is STILL rubbing Emily’s arm.  They decide to find Leah, in the meantime you see Leah getting dolled up and walking out a door.  You see her walking to his place.  She wants to tell him what she has to say about Lauren B. And says at the end of the day, the less girls here, the more chance I have with Ben.  Um she is right out of a lifetime movie.

Ben lets her in.  RUN BEN RUN.  Leah goes on and on and on and on…about Lauren B.  Saying she is fake. blah blah blah.   Finally we hear Ben say, I was hoping Leah would use this time for us to get to know each other, but the more Leah talks about Lauren, I see there is a disconnect between the two of us. (by the way in the editing they cut to the threesome in the bed discussing the scenario, Leah is jealous blah blah blah, what if Leah gets a rose and I go home…).  Ben says he never felt anything with her past the first night, and he tells her something is missing.  She acts shocked and dismayed.  He tells her to go home.  GO BEN!  I am impressed with him.  It will be interesting to see what she says for herself.  The first night was a spark?  She hiked up her dress and threw a football at you.  Obviously there are things we may not have seen but really?

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

Lauren H. finds Leah packing her things.

They show Ben saying, I know I did the right thing sending Leah home, but I can’t help find myself wondering if there is any truth to what she said about Lauren B.

Did anyone find it weird that Leah just rolled out – and didn’t really say goodbye to anyone?  Well except Lauren H.

The dreaded two on one.  Olivia is very confident.  Emily is afraid that the real Olivia won’t be on the date.  Shew I hope either don’t get seasick.  The weather seems rough.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

They end up on some island.  The three of them are sitting there, awkward cricket silence.

Ben pulls Olivia aside.  This picture I found online can’t sum it up any better.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

She tells them that she loves him.

Ben pulls Emily aside.  I bet she is glad she did her hair!  Use that scrunchie on your arm and pull it out of your face.  How cute he totally pulls the hair out of her face.  That was seriously cute.  He tells her that from talks with her mom that he knows she has a lot of love to give.

He tells them both on the beach – thank you, and he knows the weather hasn’t been ideal.  He picks up the rose and asks Olivia to go with him.  Emily is freaking out – and of course Olivia is doing cartwheels in her head and no doubt with her big mouth saying SUCK it Emily.  Ben tells Olivia, from the first night he has known she has said that she is different and that she was able to open up.  She is just gleaming.  Then he says, he can’t reciprocate those feelings.  He doesn’t give her the rose! What the what! Omg.  I love Ben!  Emily sees him coming back with the rose, and is like What the what!!  Ben tells Emily, he doesn’t want to stop this journey and would she accept the rose.  OMG Olivia could see the whole thing!  The girls see Olivia’s stuff get taken from the house.    I sort of feel sorry for Olivia, but she did it to herself.  Suck it up buttercup – we’ll see you on Bachelor in Paradise – no doubt.  I wonder if she just waited there?

We see a preview of the Valentine’s Special – Janner’s wedding!  We will tune in, and if you want do a post!

They show Ben looking like he is going to jump off a cliff.  He says it has been a rough week, and he isn’t up to having a cocktail party.

Becca tells us that the weather is how this whole week has been – stormy!  Chris comes in and says, there will be no cocktail party.  Becca says, this shows that a short conversation wouldn’t change his mind.  Each girl thinks it might be her going home, and people had so many things that they wanted to tell him tonight.  Of course Caila, Amanda, and Emily feel fine.

Ben comes in and says he is sorry about cancelling the cocktail party, but it had been a long week and he felt the cocktail party would make this week tougher.  He said he is trying to find a way to find love.  He says without question, this will be the hardest rose ceremony – he meant MOST DRAMATIC.

Roses – Becca, JoJo, and Lauren B.

Lauren H goes home. Ben walks her out.  They don’t show much.  She is sad, says she was starting to fall in love with him.  Honey you should have worn waterproof mascara.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

Sneak peak of DRAMATIC season –

Lots and lots and lots and lots of crying.  They show you Ben with Amandas girls.  You hear JoJo tell him she loves him.  They show Emily with his parents.  He tells us he is conflicted and confused.  He tells Chris that he wants to do something – and he says that will CHANGE EVERYTHING.  They show Ben telling his parents that he loves both women and doesn’t want to say goodbye to one.  He wants to keep her in his life.  Well that is gonna be hard for the one he chooses to see….They show him pull out a phone and call someone….

Shew the previews to the wedding and all the peeps that are coming.  Why can’t I shoot that wedding?

LOL – the outtake at the end was hilarious!  JoJo got the date card and let in a baby bat.  They show her running around the house trying to get it out.  Then finally someone realizes that it isn’t a bat but a moth!  It was actually quite funny.

I came across this scary gem when looking for pictures from this episode – this pic is just freaky

The Bachelor Ben Episode 6 - 2016

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