The Bachelor Ben – Episode 7 + The Bachelor 20 years + Janner’s wedding

February 16, 2016

Buckle up this is a long post!  I will cover the special that aired on Sunday which celebrated 20 seasons of the bachelor and Jade and Tanner’s wedding.  I will also cover Monday’s Episode 7 of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor 20 years and Jade and Tanner’s wedding

  • Erica’s boobs.  Were they always that big?? You can’t really tell in this picture, but holy cow they were huge when she was talking to Chris Harrison!   I feared for his life that they may pop out and smack him in the face.


  • Where is Jason’s son?  I mean there is literally no mention of him.  But he is in a pic on one of their twitter pages….
  • Where were Lacey and Marcus?  Shouldn’t they have been a success story on last nights show?  Ok – thank you internet – they aren’t together anymore.  According to this.  Now I see why their fake marriage wasn’t featured.
  • www.fabulousindeed.com
  • I want to watch Bachelor Pad again – is that on Netflix?  It should be.  I know I watched one of the seasons but I don’t think I watched all three.  There was a dark time in my life where I boycotted the Bachelor – SILLY STUPID GIRL!
  • Jade looked gorgeous – loved her dress, loved her makeup.  Hated her constant giggle.   I do really like Janner and wish them the best.  I hope they are happy and stay happy.www.fabulousindeed.com www.fabulousindeed.com



JoJo’s unicorn head!

  • Ashley – really you aren’t that old.  Get a grip.  Jared clearly doesn’t want to go to any bases with you.  And if you want to stop crying in front of cameras – STOP CRYING IN FRONT OF CAMERAS ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE BEING STUPIDwww.fabulousindeed.com
  • I wonder how awkward it is for these people to see each other.  For example – Jillian.  They played that WAY steamy scene between her and Jason,  and they were both there!  I can’t imagine that was fun!  Haha they addressed it on Twitter with each other!
  •    www.fabulousindeed.com
  • I would love to watch the first season of Bachelor again!  Seriously they need to be on Netflix (maybe they are – I haven’t checked.  They aren’t.  THEY SHOULD BE!).
  • I am only meh about Carly’s song.  I do like her though.
  • I did not like Jillians dress.
  • Pippa for President – so cute
  •   www.fabulousindeed.com
  • I loved the Bridesmaids dresses
  •     www.fabulousindeed.com
  • OH Tiara.  I would like to see a where are they now for all of those that don’t show up to these events.  You know all of the villains.  Like Vienna where is she now?  Casey?  The girl with the dead husband?

Back to Ben’s season

Lots of crying in the previews.

We open to find out we are in Indiana where he grew up.  Ben rolls into a diner and finds his parents.  He tells them six women are coming to meet him there.  They ask him how things are going, he says he was kind of down from the Bahamas week.  He then tells him about the girls that are coming.  They ask him if he is falling in love, and he said yes.

Ben shows up on a boat and picks up the ladies.  He brings them to a lovely house right on the lake he grew up on.

JoJo blurts out that Warsaw seems like a great place to raise a family.  Then Emily says the town is so cute she and Ben can just make babies,  um ok.  Lauren B (I guess I can stop saying Lauren B, since all the other Laurens are gone now!) seems really withdrawn.  Ben tells her she has 30 minutes to get ready for a one on one.

The girls all are spooling since he actually asked Lauren out!  Since that is so different from a date card you know.  So apparently it is quite obvious to everyone that Lauren and Ben are tight…the girls don’t like it.

Ben and Lauren drive around and he shows her the high school, church, and discuss his first 7th grade kiss.  It was actually cute/sweet.

Cut to the girls discussing taking Ben home.  Becca is ready, Amanda is saying she needs more time.

Lauren and Ben end up at Baker’s Youth Center where Ben used to work, they end up playing with the kids, which seemed fun.


how cool is that truck!

Ben brings in some Indiana Pacers Paul George and George Hill, along with head coach Frank Vogel. Ben seems to be great with kids.  It is quite cute.  They do make out quite a bit, possibly not as in front of the kids as it seemed!


Back to the spooling girls, they are still wrapped up in th fact that Ben actually asked Lauren on a date instead of a date card.  Really I don’t see how different that is…but whatever.  Date card arrives…they all want a one on one….dundundun JoJo lets find love in the Windy City.  She is of course on cloud nine, and now the others are spooling/unraveling even more.

Back to Lauren and Ben – they end up in his apartment,  Lauren says she knows that they need to talk about what went down with Leah.  She brings it right up…Ben says that concerned him.  Lauren tells him that she can be herself around him and she hopes that he knows that.  Quick let’s make out.  They end up going to Rex’s,  some dive bar and meet up with friends?  Or standins – not sure!  Yay more making out.  Lauren tells us she is not in love with Ben the bachelor but she is in love Ben from Warsaw Indiana.  Ok then.


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