The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 – 2016

February 24, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 – 2016.  Here we go – sorry for being late – I am fighting a cold so went to bed early on Monday!


  • Lots of kissing to come
  • lots of crying babies to come
  • lots of grilling to come – not grilling as in meat on a grill, but grilling as in lots of protective parents/siblings asking TOUGH questions
  • lots of crying – not babies but girls
  • someone named Chad caring about someone
  • lots of Ben crying

First date – Amanda – Orange County, California

Ben looks exhausted and stressed out!   Is he sick?  I promise I haven’t made out with him and shared my cold germs!

I hate Amanda’s outfit – she loves loves loves off shoulder things.  I do not.  Ok she is hot and has a hot body – but those shorts??

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

She is clearly excited to see the kids.  Amanda tells us she is falling in love but can’t say she loves Ben until she sees him with her kids.  She tells Ben a bit about the girls.  You see them walking up and Amanda immediately loses it.  Ben even does too.  Those girls are cuties.  The oldest is even – where is Ben?, but then says she is shy.  They are seriously cute.  Those lace up shoes though?  Really?  They play in the sand with Ben, in her shoes that cost more than my entire outfit probably.  The youngest was very shy, Ben just picks her up – I can’t believe she didn’t freak out.  They were chasing birds and one scared the older and immediately ran to Ben for protection.  Ben says the date felt natural.


The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

Now to meet her family.  The kids were crying in the car, like literally sounded like infants.  But when they pulled the girls out – they sure didn’t look like they were crying.  I call BS.  Again more fake crying –

They go to take the youngest to nap.  Meanwhile, Dad, Mom and Sister talk about them while they are gone.  They say how young he is? Um isn’t Amanda young?  Mom asks if he wants kids instantly.  He seemed honest – and said honestly I had never thought about it.  When she told me she had kids, I was like ok.  Mom’s not buying!

Mom and Amanda on a bed, chatting.  Again momma ain’t buying!  Mom says she could see Amanda with him EVENTUALLY.  Amanda says she was embarrassed by her divorce, and a bunch of other stuff, I glazed over.  Mom says he could be the one for her and she sees that he likes her a lot.

Dad and Ben – obviously you are here.  Good job Dad.  Ben says their relationship is real and honest, and a lot of hypothetical talk, and he knows Amanda is looking for a father for the girls.  Ben says he had fun today, Dad says there is a big difference between thinking about having kids and having them. AGAIN thanks for clearing that up for us daddio.  TIMEOUT for a second – yes I agree this show is nutso, but is anyone really ready to have kids?  Amanda willingly went on this show knowing – SOMEONE would be an instant dad…Didn’t these people know that??  I do believe they were a tad hard on Ben.  Ben says he cares a lot about Amanda and he would never step into these girls lives, if he didn’t really think there was a chance.  Cut to a story.  All about Ben and Amanda.  Amanda says after today, she feels like she is IN LOVE.  Ben leaves – with some making out of course.  He says – tell your family thank you.

Amanda says – she would be crushed if she gets sent home.

Now off to Portland, Oregon to find Lauren.  She tells us that she is in love with Ben but she hasn’t told him yet.  They make out and then head downtown.  They go to Pioneer Square – NOTE TO SELF – I want to go to Portland and go to the food trucks.  Lauren says she feels like she is hanging out with her boyfriend.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

She then takes him to a whiskey library – which is apparently romantic.  He tells Lauren he thought she would want to leave, which you can see crushes her.  She says she was skeptical but he made her feel so comfortable.  She is seriously beaming at him.  Quick let’s make out.  She tells him how excited for him to meet her family, and that she is a scared.  She says there are so many unknowns, so I don’t know.  Well that is very Caila of you Lauren.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

They head out to meet the family.

She tells us she is in love with Ben, and will tell him, if she gets her families approval.  The family is there discussing the prospect of meeting Ben.  Her sister snatches Ben for a “chit chat”.  She says she has doubts (holy crap she is beautiful).

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

She says she doesn’t mean to grill him, then she does.  He tells her that there are other women, and if he is on one knee at the end proposing to Lauren it would be because he means it and would be committing to that.  She tells us that Lauren is an eligible bachelorette and that any guy would fall in love with her, and she wants to know what makes her stand out.  He says, he can’t put words to it, and he said – tearfully, that he feels really lucky.  She completely melts.  She lets him off the hook and says, ok you answered my question – then they make out.  JUST KIDDING.

Now sister and Lauren are together, and she says you know you haven’t been single that long, and what makes Ben so special.  Lauren says she feels like Ben is her person.  Like she was meant to meet Ben.  Sis gives her the thumbs up.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

Ben is now with Dad, and he asks how many girls were there,  Ben says the world stopped when he saw Lauren.  Dad tells him that he and mom dated for several years before they got married, and how can Ben be feeling this way so quickly.  We have found Ben’s key saying – if ____ (enter whatever), then it is real.  He tells Dad that if he proposes at the end then it is real.  Ben says at this point with Lauren, it is more real than he thought he could ever feel.  Dad says, I assume you are talking to three other fathers.  How are you coping, Ben loses it and says it is tough.

Now Dad and Lauren.  He tells her that Ben seems like a really nice guy.  Lauren says Ben is exactly who she would want to marry.  Dad freaks out.  Lauren says she is pretty positive that what she is feeling is real.  He stops her – SWEETIE, the reality is that there are three other girls here.  He says he doesn’t want LOLO (like JoJo) to get hurt.

Lauren says she wants to tell him she loves him, but just can’t.

Caila – Hudson, Ohio – Ben tells us this relationship is the deepest he has, because Caila is real?  Um is he watching the same show I am? I think Caila = sex to him.  They meet and makeup and say how hot each other are.  She takes him to high school – I guess she is obsessed with high school too.  She brings him to a bench that is for couples – and they sit and make out.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

She tells him that she loved seeing where he grew up.  She seems upset.  She says she has bounced around so much growing up and Hudson has felt like home.  She says she feels  ready to have a family with Ben.  Wait what?  Overtime she says she has moved around a lot, I assumed military or something – but her dad is CEO of a toy company??  So they “design” a house together.  And make a toy house.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

And QUICK let’s make out in the house that we made.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

OMG I just had An Officer and a Gentleman flashbacks.  I am sure that was planned.

Now to her house.  They have filipino food, and eat with their hands.  Mom is pretty.  She has braces, which is odd.  Dad is odd.  Dad asks Ben,  how is it to meet four sets of parents.  Dad says, do you know what Caila has that is special – the filipino community.  He tells them that they believe marriage is a vow you take for life.  Mom takes Ben away.  She wants to know if he really cares about what Caila thinks and feels.  He says his relationship with Caila is all about her joy.  He tells her that they bonded over both feeling unlovable.  Ben says he just thinks she is so real.  Ben asks mom where that fear of being lovable came from.  She says, she is very picky and has been looking for the right person.  Ben says his fear is falling for someone and them not feeling the same for him.

Caila and Dad – he says they seem happy.  Her dad asks how she can block out all of the other relationships.  She says it is so hard, and says she just focuses on the time she has with him, and that he can’t tell her how he is feeling.  She starts crying and whispers – Daddy I know this is it.  She says, everything feels right and he is what she has been looking for.  He tells her there is no rule book for love.  Dad says, seeing Caila’s emotions shows this is real and she is in love.  He is afraid she is gonna have a broken heart.

Now Caila and Mom, she says she feels completely real and that she is real.  REALLY?  She tells mom that she is in love and this is real.  Was she cued to use that word?  Carla whispers again, he is the one.  Mom says, well did you tell him?  She says it is hard to watch other people with the man you love, and mom says, if you really love him, tell him.  They walk out, and make out- shocker.  She wants to say I love you, but never does!  I’ll see you is what she said.

JoJo – Dallas, Texas

JoJo gets to the door and sees roses, and opens the card, and it is from an ex!  The whole time she is reading, she thinks it is from Ben.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

She is very upset, and says she is so mad and doesn’t want to read this.  So what does she do – calls him.  He tells her that he has grown so much since she has been gone.  He tells her she showed him what love is, and she says you hurt me and always walked away when I begged you not to.  Cue Ben.  Oh the drama.

Ben comes in and sees JoJo is upset.  She doesn’t really even try to hide it.  He is clearly confused.  She keeps saying welcome to Dallas.  She shows him the flowers and the letter and he is PISSED. He says he is very uncomfortable with this, and says this has happened before to him, dating someone that the ex keeps coming up.  JoJo tells Ben that she called him, and told him she is happy now and doesn’t want to go back.  Ben says, thank you for making the phone call, and that he is sorry this all happened today.  He asks JoJo if she feels confident in them.  She says yes.  She has never been so excited about someone ever.  She feels like they are growing together and confronting things together.  Ben is exhausted (I think I have said that before).  JoJo said “they’ll love you” – I literally rewound, because I thought she said I love you.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

That house?  OMG.  What on earth do these people do for a living.

They walk in and there is lots of yelling.  Botox mom, brothers, dad, and sister.  Sitting at dinner – Mom goes for the jugular – what sets JoJo apart from the others.  Now brothers, Ben tells them that she shows up today to two dozen roses from an ex.  Sister – how do you see your marriage.  She, I feel like he is in front of a firing squad.  This family is crazy.  Maybe JoJo wouldn’t be good as the Bachelorette.  Her brothers love themselves a LOT.  The brothers want to know if she is gonna get hurt – Ben’s response – there is still a lot of time, and we will have a lot of conversations, and she means a lot to me, and it is very real.

JoJo and Mom – she tells mom that she really likes him and is falling in love with him, and tells mom that she is so scared.  “you aren’t going to get hurt, you are beautiful”.  Thanks mom.  “there are three other girls involved”  “OH”  Mom is batting a thousand.  Maybe botox makes you have bad advice too.  Mom says to give Ben 150%.

Dad and Ben.  He tells Ben she has been in relationships where there was no trust.  Ben says it excites him to spend life with someone.  He starts to trip over his words a bit, this guy makes him nervous.  This guy makes me nervous.  Ben says his feelings increase for JoJo every time he is around her.

JoJo with the brothers – he tells them about her dates and that two have been one on one.  The brother wants her to guard her heart.  We need the heart guy – who was that Kasey??  She says she has to let herself feel, she can’t be guarded.  The brothers say it seems Ben isn’t as invested as she is.  They say to Ben that he is brain washing the girls.  That one brother and his eat shit grin is soo obnoxious.  Ben tells them all that he cares about JoJo a lot, now they are saying Ben is coached on his answers.  Mom is losing it.  Ben says he wasn’t coached, he is getting very stressed.  When she loses this show – it is your fault mom, dad and brothers.  Where did the sister go?  Dad says I believe you and JoJo have a connection.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

They walk out together, JoJo says she wants to know everything.  He tells her that mom was sweet, dad was direct, and your brothers questioned me and my answers.  JoJo tells him that she is scared.  JoJo tells the camera that she doesn’t want Ben to feel like he was ambushed, um sorry honey- he was.

Rose Ceremony

  • JoJo arrives and says she is very nervous.  She feels like the conversation with Ben and his brothers is looming, and she hopes that doesn’t ruin Ben and her.
  • Amanda arrives – she says she is so terrified, she is in love with him, and has never felt this way about anyone.  She says if he proposed to her right now, she would say yes.
  • Caila arrives – saying tonight means everything, and she regrets not telling Ben how she felt.
  • Lauren arrives – she is terrified, she is in love with Ben, and knows that could be taken away from her really quickly.  She feels silly saying she wants a rose, because this is so much bigger than that.

Ben comes in – clearly exhausted and in turmoil.  He says this week was the most difficult.  He enjoyed meeting the people from their lives, he says he saw why he cares for them, and why they are who they are.  He thanked them.

Roses – Lauren, Caila, and JoJo

Eliminated – Amanda

Whoa that look between JoJo and Amanda.  Amanda is clearly upset.  Ben walks her out.  He says he is sorry, She asks him why he didn’t let her know when he was at her hometown date, he says he didn’t know at that point, but it is fair that she felt that way.  He said he didn’t know until he was with other women and saw how much further their relationships were.  He said he was so impressed with how she is with her daughters.  He says she is very authentic and he wishes nothing but great things for her.  She says, she will miss him.  They are both crying.

Amanda says she is surprised, and she really felt like she was falling in love with him, and would have never introduced him to her kids if she wasn’t falling for him.  She says really good/nice things about Ben.  She says (plug for bachelorette) that she doesn’t know if she will ever find someone willing to have an instant family.

Ben crying says to the camera that he wants Amanda that he cares a lot.  And that the fact that she trusted him enough to be with her girls…but he stopped said he couldn’t do the interview.  So the camera stays on him.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 8 - 2016

Next week – Jamaica – looks like he gets to bone all three.  They show JoJo tell him she loves him.  He tells us he is in love with two women.  And apparently tells two women that he loves THEM.

That moment when Lauren’s little brother asks Ben about the fantasy suite!  How old is he??  We go from bugs to littles brothers about the possibility of Ben boning their sister.  Bring back the bugs says Ben! Then he says he cares about their sister, and wouldn’t put her in a degrading POSITION!  OMG.

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