Easter Gift and Decorating Ideas 2016

March 12, 2016
Easter gift and decorating ideas 2016

Here are some fun Easter Gift and Decorating Ideas 2016!

  1. Aqua Ceramic Scone Pan from World Market
  2. Cute little bunny outfit for a little girl.  It’s handmade from Etsy!
  3. Bunny Basket Pillows, click for a great tutorial to make them
  4. Twizzler Easter Grass Candy
  5. Easter Bunny Macarons, seriously so cute!!! Click for a wonderful tutorial and recipe.
  6. Set the table with these beautiful Pioneer Woman dishes!
  7. Adorable easter basket from Target
  8. Fingerprint egg decorating
  9. Handmade wooden bunny puzzles from Easy

Easter bunny prints Easter gift and decorating ideas 2016

We put bunny prints on the sidewalk up to the house every Easter for the kids.  My wonderful neighbor made the template for me out of plywood and introduced me to this tradition.  It is a lot of fun and looks adorable.  Simply cut the shape of a bunny paw out of a piece of plywood.  Put the template on the pavement and color it in with a paintbrush and flour!  The flour will blow away eventually or it can be removed with water or rain!  Kids love it.

Bunny Prints Easter Decorating ideas 2016

Easter gift and decorating ideas 2016

I hope you have a Hoppy Easter!


How to Make Bunny Prints




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