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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater with Friends

March 9, 2016

A few weeks ago, one of my friends invited me to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.  I jumped on it, along with a few others.  Of course the weather has thrown some wrenches in our plans and we got a second chance this past weekend.  We had a really good time.  There was a group of six of us that went.  While the food was no good (we had quite the laugh because the “beef choice” ended up being pork!), and we were surprised by how much we had to do for the actual mystery theater…we would recommend it.  We also all found the owner quite rude during the reservation phase, and had issues with him the night we were there too.  So beware of that.  That should be no reflection on the whodunitforhire group though, or the waitstaff.  I personally had to wait quite a while for my food, as did a few other patrons.  They told us the chef hadn’t prepared enough food.  UM?  We reserved this weeks ago, and you all knew exactly how many people were coming and what they pre-ordered?  How could the chef not have enough food?  We also found it odd regarding some of the menu choices.   The chicken was a cilantro chicken.  Cilantro is one of those ingredients that either people love or hate – nobody is in the middle.  It is quite known that those don’t like cilantro say it tastes like soap.  A couple people at my table – of six people had that happen.  I had the cilantro chicken and it was fine.  It however was not a $60 dinner, which is what I paid.  I realize I sound quite negative…but again we had a great time, I just am not positive it was worth $60.

Our even had a Wild West Theme.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

L to R – Helen Wheels, Carmen Pettit, Drew A. Blank, Viola Fuss, Lewis Cannon, Xavier Breath, Clyde S. Dale.

They picked several people from the audience to “act” in the mystery.  They each had something to read and went table to table.  Of course each person pointed fingers at all of the others…I won’t give anything away or tell you whodunit!  I did not get it right, nor did anyone at my table 🙂  I do know somebody did get it right that night though!

They had us take lots of pics… Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Kelli and Jen

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Kelli, Me, Sarah, and Jen

Don’t Mess WITH ME

Our Dead guy:

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Guy FallsDead

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Me and Cassey

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Carol and Cassey

Murder Mystery Dinner

Jazz hands and surprise face with a dead guy!

The location was Baldwin Station – maybe the regular restaurant has good food – but the food of our event was no good!  The drinks were good – although fall themed for some reason…and they were cheap.

The company that did the mystery portion was Who Dun It For Hire.

It was a great night.  We left the evening planning our future girls nights, a few ideas:  Cards/bunko, Bowling, Book Club, Escape the Room, Cooking Class, Paint Nite, Line Dancing, Crafting and Roller Skating.

Have you had any recent girl’s nights?  Check out the Escape Room that Crystal did in Atlanta.





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