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March 5, 2016
Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap

After the very surprising tribal council last week the show starts with Scot making a very true statement about Survivor, “What a difference a day makes”.  Indeed it does!  He is a little worried that Alecia will find the idol and things will turn against him.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Scot

Alecia does find the clue to the idol but things start moving so quickly after Jason notices her and Cydney digging for the idol.  After all the hustle and bustle the guys end up with the idol.  It will be a hard idol to play since the girls know about it.  I think Cydney came out on the winning end of the deal even though she didn’t get the idol.  She told the guys about it gaining their trust and she can choose to remain quiet about it if they merge or she can tell others.  I do think Alecia will flip if they merge soon and she will tell other players about the idol.  However, she doesn’t know about the “Super Idol” power!  I loved when Scot said, “Twin powers activated!”

Meanwhile on the beauty tribe Tai finally manages to get the idol.  He spent so much time kissing and thanking the tree I was nervous that he was going to get caught.  I wanted him to dissassemble that tool and hide everything instead of kissing the tree!  We still aren’t seeing much of the beauty tribe.  They just seem to show up to challenges, take their prize and go home!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three See that sound

I couldn’t figure out who said the classic line, “Did you see that sound?”  I wouldn’t make much sense either after seven days with very little sleep, food or water, so I’m not even going to ridicule them! Ok, I did a little and I hit rewind three times.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Joe doing crunches

This has to be addressed.  Joe is 72 and doing crunches on a raft, in the water, on Survivor and it’s not even an official challenge.  I don’t know if it’s the best use of time but hey work it out man!  Do your thing.

Meanwhile Aubry is busy gathering leaves to put in her hair.  Again, I don’t know that it’s the best use of time but a girl needs her accessories.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Debbie and Aubry

Liz and Peter are in the water thinking that they know it all.  Debbie is more in tune than they think and she is doing her own strategizing and getting all intense.  I believe if she gave me that look I might just do what she says!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Debbie

The challenge was good.  The beauty tribe won again and Brawn just made it for second.  I love that Scot can pick up his entire tribe with very little effort!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Brawn Tribe wins

Bringing out the emotional items was a new idea for a reward.  I wasn’t expecting the bounty hunter to pick up the teddy bear!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three Jason

The brainy tribe was off to tribal council.  I honestly couldn’t keep up with all the strategy so I’ll sum it up.  Peter was cocky.  Liz thought she had it all mapped out.  Someone said that emotion is a waste of time and energy.  That might have been Debbie.  Neil suggested that each of them might think they are smarter than the others.  Neil was sporting his ice cream pants.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three tribal council

After the tie and the second vote Liz was sent packing.  She didn’t see that coming.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Three - Liz

The preview for next week shows some players in need of medical care.  I personally think a merge of some sort will happen next week.  We shall see!

The recap for last episode is here if you missed it.

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    Thanks for a great recap!

  • Reply BOB March 5, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Debbie is a scary skeletor, but I admit I may have underestimated her. What’s great episode! This show continues to entertain years later.

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