Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode Four – Signed Sealed & Delivered

March 11, 2016
Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap

Episode four of Survivor Kaoh Rong was intense!  The reward challenge seemed like it would be grueling but I never imagined three people would need medical!  Before they started Jeff showed them the reward of a massive kitchen set!  That must be so nice to receive after you have been out there for eight days.  However, at the end of the challenge after all that went down I’m sure the kitchen set was the last thing on their minds.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four beauty tribeHow deep were the bags buried?  How big of an area did they have to dig in?  Those were the questions I was trying to figure out while I was watching.  It looked like a very large area to dig in.  I’m impressed that everyone completed the challenge and then they realized how bad off they were.  I think I may have done that in reverse.  I’m not sure how I feel about Alecia being a cheerleader while they were digging.  From the comfort of my air conditioned home it seemed fine.  If I was digging in hot sand in the humidity for an hour I’m sure she would have grated my very last nerve.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four - Caleb

Joe was very much a gentlemen and very good under pressure as he was telling Debbie that she should get medical attention.  He seemed to struggle at the beginning of the challenge when he was going over the log but he pulled through.  I still think he might fly under the radar enough to make it pretty far in the game.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four brain tribe

What an incredible bummer that Caleb was pulled from the game.  He was a very strong player with a great attitude.  I hope he plays again on the next season.  Tai was so upset that he was leaving, actually his entire tribe was!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four medical help

Cydney was also struggling but seemed to be in good hands with Jason.  He was not going to let her go until he knew she was fine.  The Doctor’s seemed to handle everything wonderfully but I think Jason was a comfort to Cydney.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if Peter assisted since he is an ER doctor.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four Jason and Cydney

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four Jason and Cydney

I am so curious about the pads that Jason had on his sunburned shoulders.  Is that something that he came up with or do you think the medical team gave those to him.  Curious minds want to know.  I think he got sunburned on day one or two and this episode was day eight so they are taking a bit of time to heal!

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four medical

I absolutely love to know the behind the scenes logistics of things so it was fascinating to get a glimpse of how many people are actually there as part of the crew.  I also want to know how I can get a job as one of those crew members.  What a dream that would be!

Survivor Kaoh Rong - Episode four Jason, Scot and Alecia

I felt so bad for Cydney while they were back at camp and she was trying to recover while listening to these three go on and on.  I do think that Scot summed it up well.  Alecia just might be the type of person that just likes to argue.  Side note– her teeth are so amazingly white!  Even after being on Survivor for eight days.  Impressive.  Jason was very clear that he does not want his daughters to grow up to be like Alecia.  Ouch!  I think she has good qualities about her but I don’t think this tribe was the best fit for her.  She is the reason this tribe had fire, let’s not forget that.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four - rope puzzle

The immunity challenge was pretty cool.  I would like to try the rope puzzle.  Brawn lost again and they talked about doing tribal on the beach right then and there.  Man, I was hoping that they would do that just to see it.  However, Alecia thought that would be giving up.  I’m not certain how she thought she would sway any votes.  She knew the guys had an idol, I sure don’t think Cydney would have voted against Jason after he took care of her so I’m not sure that she really had a chance.  In the end Alecia was voted out which was no surprise.  At all.  It looks like next week they will merge.  It will be interesting to see if Jason or Scot keeps the idol if they get split up.

Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode four Debbie

It’s not a complete Survivor post unless we talk about Debbie a little bit more.  I’m glad she is ok because she might be one to watch this season.  I do think she is physically strong and good at strategizing but it remains to be seen if she can keep her social game in check.  She mentioned this week that she has had Ranger training and that she has two daughters.  Who is this woman and where in the world does she get her energy from?  I seriously need to know.  If you missed last weeks recap, click here.

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    Thanks for the close up pictures of the pads on the shoulders. They really do look like a bandage of some sort.
    I think you are spot on with your analysis of Debbie. She is fun to watch. I like how her occupation keeps changing on her interview clips!

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