The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All – 2016

March 8, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All – 2016.  I am so excited for this!!!

Other than the silly Bachelor viewing parties…this was a great episode.  The previews look great and dramatic!  D’uh.  Sorry guys, this viewing party stuff is lame.  Now if Chris and Ben showed up on my doorstep – I would like faint!  Ok now the little girl with Mrs. Higgins shirt on was cute.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Olivia looks good.

Chicken lady is there with a chicken.

Is anyone not there? – Mandi? Samantha?  Anyone else not there?

1 bachelor and 28 women = drama.  D’uh.  Hottest man in America?  I mean Ben really grew on me this season, but I would never call him the hottest man in America.

Lol Leah was boo’d.

Were they expecting that much drama – um yeah they were.

OMG so funny when the chicken escapes and lands on Lace’s lap.

Leah – boo’d again.  How can she be defensive?  She has to know what she did, and has to know that she was gonna get called out.  The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Jubilee – I liked her response, the experience was different for everyone 28 women dating one man.  Lauren H. says that she avoided problems.  Jubilee insists that she was very open and faced all of the issues.  Suddenly Russian girl speaks great english.  Why don’t you just say I am sorry, and stop defending everything…she claims some of what was said, but not all.  Chris says she will be on the hot seat.  Jubilee did apologize.  Jubilee gets in the hot seat – shew wasn’t all of that enough?  She says she knew she would have to defend herself, since she is a very controversial person.  Chris says Ben was taking the steps to get to know her, and was falling in love with her.  They replay a lot of her from the season.  She says that Ben feels unlovable, and she feels like she is hard to love.  Chris says, that Ben talked to him a lot about Jubilee and that he was really fighting for her.  What is it that wouldn’t let that happen, she says she got caught up in the reality of this, and that this was a new experience for her.  She says she thought someone like her could win Ben.  She gets emotional talking about when she told Ben about her family, she realizes she didn’t work.  I like her.  She could be a good Bachelorette.  I could see her benefitting from that.  Chris rubs salt in her wounds again and says, he hopes she realizes that Ben as wonderful as he is, saw her and liked her, but you F’d it up.  Chris asks her where she goes from here, she says she is still in the Military as the Reserves.  She made Sergeant.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016                                                                        The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Lace is now on the hot seat.  Again she looks good.  I don’t know how she stayed smiling through all of that.  She tries to blame the music!  Chris was like um yeah that was the problem.  She talks about how uncomfortable there, and that she now talks to her mom everyday?  I am not sure what that has to do with anything.  Chris asks her how life has been, and is she dating.  She says she has dated some people.  She is staying away from the word crazy, she listens to people and watches her facial expressions.  She explains a tattoo – that I believe is on her ring finger about loving herself.  Chris asks if she is there yet and she immediately says no.  Then they are interrupted by some guy who shows that he has a tattoo of Lace on his side.  He comes on stage and takes off his shirt and takes a pic with Lace.  Chris says, they need better security.  Chris says, he knows that The Bachelor wasn’t the right fit for her, but then invites her to Bachelor in Paradise and she says yes.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Olivia is up next, and looks petrified. Omg what is she wearing?  I thought it was a dress, and that would have been good.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Whoa that had to have been hard to watch.  She says it is brutal to watch, and she wanted to see what went wrong after watching the first episode.  Chris wants to get to the good stuff.  And asks what role Olivia played in getting to the lows of the episode.  She says we all did things wrong, including herself.  She says she apologized to Amanda after her insensitive remark, Amanda immediately says, you did apologize for the teen mom comment, but I never heard from you after, and that there were a lot of things said, Olivia cuts her off and said that there were a lot of things Amanda said that Olivia never heard back.  Two wrongs don’t make a right…hasn’t your momma ever told you that?  Emily pipes up and it really falls.  Amanda calls Olivia out again for rude mom comments, and says being a mom is her jam.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Everyone starts ganging up on her….I kind of felt bad for her.  Leah (the liar) stands up for her against the twins.  Chris stops it – we gotta talk about McDonalds one of our sponsors and then we will come back to the cat fight.  Olivia says she wasn’t actively trying to sabotaging anyone, but then says she would ask for Ben first many times.  She doesn’t see it.  Jennifer (who) says that her response to Ben about the books and smart things – is true for other girls too.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

The twins really need to tone it down a bit.  They are a bit intense.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Olivia says that she wasn’t comfortable in that setting at all and wasn’t good for her personality type.  She talks about being bullied as a kid.  Russian girls says that she brought a lot of that on herself, which I do agree with.  If she is honest, she was kind of rubbing everyones noses in her first to talk to Ben stuff etc.  Izzy (pajama girl) says something – no idea what.  Olivia says she has learned a lot about herself through this process.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

She talks about the girls picking on her about her toes, breath etc…has been really hard.  She says that all of social media has been so hard, and she gave control of all of her accounts to her sister.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

She says there is no way of knowing how to do this, and she knows she did it all wrong, and she does apologize to the Amanda (and mothers in general) (but nobody else) again.  OK then she said sorry to everyone.

Caila -Tells us that it is hard to watch it back, d’uh.  She says she still loves him.  She says it was really good for her to see Ben’s relationship with Lauren and JoJo, and she wants someone to look at her like that one day.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Chris asks her what she thought when Ben said he loved two women, but couldn’t tell her he loved her.  She says it hurt.  Um of course it did.  She said it hurt because she loved him, and it is hard for her to feel that.  Chris says, you know he is here right.  She says she misses him and misses talking to him and seeing how he is doing.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Ben – wow that has to be something walking in there to all of them sitting there.  He notices Sheila the chicken, which I am sure makes the girls feel good.  Chris says, you told two women that you are in love with them, and does he realize what kind of a mess he is in.  He talks about compartmentalizing each relationship.  Chris brings up Caila.  Ben tells her that he hopes she knows how much their relationship meant to him.  He says he appreciates her, and hopes she never discounts their relationship.  She says she knew he was always genuine and honest, and she thanks him for that.  I am confused about what she asked him, which isn’t surprising.  She confused me this whole season.  Leah decides to pipe in.  She says basically nothing other than why did he make her lie, and in true Ben fashion he says – your response was on you.  She tells us that she has talked to Lauren and they are good.  Jubilee whoa lays a big one on him.  She says he had told her he wanted someone who could communicate and she has since seen him pulling some girls like Caila and JoJo out of their shells and tried to get them to communicate, why didn’t he do that with her.  Ben says I am sorry you feel that way.  He points out that he did try with her.  I really liked his response, and it is too convoluted to type.  But basically, everyone is a great person, and just because it didn’t workout – doesn’t make Ben or the girls any less of a person.  Olivia says to Ben that she cares about him a lot, and everything made sense now that she has watched.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

Amanda tries to speak to him, she has lost her voice, he immediately asked how are the kids.  She says she saw how emotional when he sent her home and that that meant a lot to her.  She says a lot of nice things to him.  Becca says it is so good to see Ben.  She says it is so terrifying to feel the things she was feeling but was so glad that she knows there are guys out there like that.  Lauren H is suddenly talking saying that they are all willing to sacrifice themselves to have one happy relationship and that they need to make it work out.  Chris asks if he is happy.  He says yes, I am very happy, I am in love, and I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could.  Chris said he could hold him to that.  Chris says he has a huge question for Ben – and asks which ones are Emily and Haley – and he nailed it.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 10 The Women Tell All - 2016

BLOOPERS – my fave!!

Sneak Peak of the dramatic conclusion.  Of course it looks like the most dramatic finale ever.  Lots of I love you’s floating around.  Both girls of course think they won, but you start to see them realizing that he might love the other girl too.  His parents seem quite concerned.  You see both of them upset, and you hear Ben and JoJo talking, and he says I love you to her, and she says and you love her too and he says yes!!!

I am so annoyed that this post seems Olivia pic heavy.  She just gives so much good stuff!!

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