The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 – 2016

March 4, 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 – 2016.  Sorry this is so late – my week has been out of control.  The previews for the episode show that we are in for a good episode.  Ben apparently says I love you to two girls!!!  Doesn’t he know this isn’t sister wives and that those aren’t the rules?  Chris Harrison must have fussed at him.

Let’s get right into it.

We show up in Jamaica.  Blue water?  You don’t say.

We start with Ben talking about Caila and you see their relationship.  He talks about her beauty and that she smiles all of the time, and he says he feels that she can’t express herself or show her true feelings.

The he talks about Lauren.  (I wonder if she is glad we don’t have to say Lauren B. anymore).  You really see how smitten they are with each other.  He says he still has questions, because he doesn’t understand why she hasn’t been snatched up.  She says she is too picky, and he says she hasn’t shared her feelings with him yet.  He wonders if it is too good to be true.  He then says he can’t imagine life without Lauren in it.

Then he talks about JoJo.  We watch her get mauled by pigs again and take off a unicorn mask.  He talks about how he can laugh with her and really be himself with her.  He talks about her hometown and crazy train family.  He says it was an emotional roller coaster.

Yes, Ben you are in a conundrum.

Caila – what are you wearing.  You see her standing on some dock with what looks like a sports bra and a skirt.  Why didn’t you stay in your robe like Lauren and JoJo – they looked much better.  All three are speculating about the week(s) ahead.

Ben meets Caila and she is wearing something weird again.  It isn’t a top, it isn’t a bathing suit.  What is it?  Seriously?

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Ben says this could be an overnight date with sex kitten er Caila.  They go on a rafting trip down the Martha Brae River.  Funny side note, this was something we considered when we were recently in Jamaica.  Check out this and this post to see what we actually did and our trips to Jamaica.  Honestly the date is boring, and like crickets.  It seems like they really didn’t have much to talk about.  OMG it is getting worse.  Caila says all she can think about is there are two other women…um?  Are you just realizing it?  Ben can sense tension and keeps asking if she is tired or what?  OMG it is getting even worse!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Lots of talk about not letting this stress her out.  Let’s make out.  Ben (sherlock) says there is something on Caila’s mind.  They stop at some jerk place and eat.  They talk about the hometown date, and Ben says you didn’t seem anxious at all then, but you do now.  She is very Caila and makes no sense.  I am in the end.  Ben says if Caila is in her head too much it will throw their date off…and effect everything.

It is now evening.  Caila is really into crop tops – now truth be told if my stomach looked like hers, I probably would be too.  Ben tells her, when he thinks of Caila – he thinks of someone who is bubbly etc and that she wasn’t today. She thanks him for noticing it and calling her out on it.  She says up until the last ceremony that she thought about the other women.  A bit late?  She says in every other relationship she has been in (there weren’t other girls) there was always something in her gut saying it wasn’t right, but she doesn’t feel that with Ben.  She says there is something that she has been wanting to tell Ben for a long time and she says….I’m in love with you.  Quick let’s make out.  She feels in his breath that he loves her too – oh Olivia is that you?  Ben gives her the card offering the fantasy suite  – they make out and RUN for it (ok I didn’t see them run).  Her bathing suit must have been skimpy cause someone had to draw bottoms on her for the camera.  Then in her bathing suit – she sits on the bed!!! OMG GERMS.  The very first thing I do when I walk into any hotel room is remove the comforter!!  Lots of fireworks – we know what that means!!!

They wake up and are clearly post you know what.  Caila keeps saying I love you, and seeing as in the previews Ben tells us he told two women he loves them, I am dreading this – she is not one of them.  PLEASE DON”T BE THE BACHELORETTE.  Oh wait I am getting ahead of myself.

Now Lauren in denim shorts!!  She tells us she is in love with Ben, and that is hard cause he can’t say it back.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Ok can we pause a moment.  Her ass?  She has done some squats.

Lauren says it is unreal, to be with Ben and be in water and sunshine.  ???  ok.  They end up taking a little boat to meet an adorable man, Mel who teaches them how to help baby turtles.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

“My day is really filled with cuteness – I have Lauren, I have sea turtles, even Mel is cute – my day is filled with cuteness. ”  How cute!!

Can I just say – I want to do that!!!  I love turtles!!

Ben tells Lauren about crying with her sister, and say she is too good for him. Lauren says she is glad he is saying these things, because she feels that Ben is too good for her.  She says she knows she has to tell him that she loves him.  Wait does she have the same bathing suit as Caila?  Their bathing suit bottoms looked identical.

They end up going to some Jamaican restaurant where a band is playing.  Lauren keeps telling us she wants to tell Ben that she is in love with him.  Ben gives her the fantasy suite card.  She says yes – and they run.  Ok they didn’t run either!

Do they all stay in the same room?  I can’t tell.  That is creepy though.

Lauren tells him she loves him and has felt that for a long time.  Ben is just beaming the whole time, and says he loves her too!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Her face was like OMG.  I WON I WON I WON.  Guess I won’t be The Bachelorette!!

Oh my the morning after they are even more smitten.  He told her again that he loved her and she told us again that he is her person.

Ben now tells us – telling Lauren he loved her complicates things since he has a date today with JoJo.  Um ya think?    JoJo shockingly shows up in jean shorts. Clearly this is the year of jeans shorts.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

OMG JOJO and that bikini.  Maybe that will make me stick to my new venture with 21 Day Fix!  They go to an amazing waterfall.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

JoJo tells Ben she loves him.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Are you allowed to say that?  No JoJo he isn’t.  And he said it to someone else too!  I can’t wait to hear what these chicks think watching this!

Ben tells us after telling two different women that I love them, I am in a state of shock, and am scared!  You should be.

They discuss her home town date.  JOJO for Bachelorette if she isn’t chosen – or if they don’t move to Utah and adopt polygamy.

Now the Fantasy Suite Card.  JoJo said she would love nothing more than spending the night with Ben.

I love you JoJo, I love you too.  Oh man he digs deeper and deeper.  Poor Caila when she watches this and see him saying I love you back to both of them and not her.  I don’t feel good about this.

Ben tells us again – that he loves both women, but not Caila.  He says she has everything he would want in a wife, but there is something missing, and he knows she will be a good wife to someone, just not him.  OUCH.  He tells us the rose ceremony is going to be hard to say goodbye to one of the women – don’t be so dramatic – we know which woman!

Cut to Caila, scheming to see him, she wants to see him and tell him she loves him.  She says the way he looked back at her, she knew he loved her too.  OH NO.  He might be waking up with these other women this week, but I want to be the woman he wakes up to for the rest of his life.  Now what would have been cool is for her to walk in on him with one of the other girls!!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

He seriously looked perplexed and like he had no idea who it was!

Caila tells us that a relationship with her would be fun, and excited and full of surprises.  What a concept.  Ben says to us, this is gonna be painful, I have to say goodbye to her.  I can’t say goodbye to the other two women.

She knows.  There is that unspoken language again.  She knows.  He tells her that he is in love with two women, and he couldn’t say it back to Caila.  He tells her that she is what he would have described as his perfect wife, and he knew it would be hard, and he would keep having to say goodbye to people.  She says that sounds like a line.  He says I will miss her, and she says he doesn’t have to say that.  She says she does love him, and has to go, he asks to walk her out and she reluctantly says yes.  OUCH.

She gets in the car, and then suddenly gets out.  She asks him if he knew this week?  Basically did you keep me for sex??  He tells her that nobody up until this week had shared feelings like she had.  This week all three women shared the same feelings with him, and he found his feelings come out.  I wonder what real order this was filmed in?  I am sure it wasn’t the order the show presented.  She says again, she will miss him, yeah, yeah.  Ben says the last thing he wanted was for her to feel like their relationship wasn’t important to him.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Oh man, her car ride.  She is gunning for The Bachelorette!  I was ready, I was ready.  I thought this was it.  I was ready.  I didn’t see this coming, I still love him.

I feel bad for her.  She isn’t my fave, but I still feel bad for her.

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Ben tells us, Caila is incredible, and he hopes he didn’t make a mistake.

Now time for a fake cocktail party and rose ceremony.

Ben keeps telling us that he has two true loves, and his heart is in two different places.

Chris greets JoJo.  She tells him that she told Ben she loved him, and that she got it back.  Not sure if Chris realized what she meant.  Chris walks her outside.

Chris greets Lauren.  I bet he is gonna have deja vu.  She does tell him the same thing, Chris is like HOLY CRAP.  But doesn’t say anything.  He walks her outside.

Both chicks thinking – haha I won, you lost.  If they only knew!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

They chat about there being two roses, and then are like where is Caila.  They see Ben coming.  lol both are so not nervous, and so confident.  Ben tells them obviously Caila isn’t here.  He says I am confident in this…and more than he has been.

He gives JoJo the first rose, and you guessed it Lauren the second.

How awkward was this hug?

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

I guess this is appropriate:

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Ben tells us again that he is in love with both of these women and he can picture both of them as his wife.  Shew.  Then there is this:

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

Both are wondering if Ben has said the same things to each of them!

Yes Ben you are in deep trouble!

The Bachelor Ben Episode 9 2016

And then there were two.

NEXT WEEK – The Women Tell ALL!!!!

The previews of the finale look intense.  You see him telling both that he loves them again, and even telling this parents that he loves both.  And some phone call!  Lots of tears too.

If you missed a previous recap it can be found here!

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