The Cupcake House on Captiva Island

April 22, 2016
Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Our families recently spent a week at the lovely Cupcake House on Captiva Island.  As always, Kerry and I researched the heck out of the house, the island, Sanibel Island and everything in between!  We normally take a cruise every year but we thought we would try something new and rent a house.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The Cupcake House!

We were attracted to this house because of the location, the style of it and maybe even the name! The house is in such a great location. The street is quiet but it is in the heart of all the action on Captiva.  The Island Store and Captiva Provision Company are both just blocks away.  The Bubble Room is two streets over.  Also, The Mucky Duck, RC Otters, Cantina Captiva and Key lime Bistro are within blocks!  We only used the car to go to Sanibel, otherwise we walked everywhere.  The beach access is across the street about three blocks down beautiful Laika Lane.



The beach entry is so beautiful!

There were six of us at the house for the week and it was very spacious!  There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  There is also a bathroom downstairs by the pool.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

This bedroom opens onto the front deck.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The front deck can be accessed from one bedroom and the kitchen. The colors are wonderful!

The wood floors in the home are amazing.  We thought that they looked like barn wood.  Above the sofa was a large picture of an old barn so we created the story that the floors came from that barn.  It’s entirely made up but we thought it was a good story so we went with it.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The kid’s room

The colors in the home are bright and very cheerful.  Just try to be in a bad mood in this house.  Just try.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The master bedroom is large and the bathroom is wonderful. The countertops are lime green.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The foyer

There is a very nice washer and dryer in the foyer area which was very nice to have!  That is a positive that most cruise ships don’t have!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

My daughter is a tiny but mighty cook! She enjoyed cooking made to order omelettes for everyone!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Breakfast Room

The kitchen is very nice and is stocked decently.  You won’t have everything like you have at home but there are enough pots and pans and kitchen supplies to “make do” for a week!  Heck, “making do” in this kitchen still beats the socks off my kitchen at home!!!  There is a large pantry and the countertops are fabulous.  Our suggestion to the owners would be to add a cutting board and sharper knives.  We tried to make salsa which was time consuming without those two items!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The kitchen countertops. Would you expect anything less from a house named the Cupcake house?

The outdoor space is amazing!  The deck upstairs has a nice table for dining…although we never did eat out there!  There is a nice outdoor living area downstairs by the pool.  We hung the hammocks up and used those more than the furniture!  The guys even slept out there one night.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The master bedroom, the kids room and the living room all have massive sliding glass doors that open onto the deck.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The outdoor living space has a bar, grill, nice furniture and a bathroom. We added the hammocks.

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

While on vacation “hammocking” is essential.

We spent just as much time in the pool as we did at the beach!  The spa was nice also!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

On the morning that we were packing up to leave we figured out how to turn on the spa and pool lights (with the help of the pool guy). The button is on the spa control pad right next to the spa. I think we need a return trip so we can swim at night!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Note: If you rent this lovely home. There are four pieces missing to this very difficult puzzle. We purchased another puzzle when we were on a “puzzle high” after completing this one. We were terrible at the new puzzle that we purchased and couldn’t finish it. We left it in the cabinet for the next vacationers!

The living room was comfortable.  There are puzzles, games to play and books to read.  The TV in the living room wasn’t working the week we were there but we happened to there a week after the house was sold.  They were transitioning owners and management companies. (The TV’s in the bedrooms worked fine, I think it was a problem with HD in the living room) There were some other minor things that happened.  The air conditioning went out and there was a plumbing problem.  They came out right away to fix the air conditioning and the repair people were very nice!  The plumber came the next day and was also very nice.  It all worked out fine!

All week we kept saying that we picked the perfect house in the perfect location.  We loved the house and really hated to leave it!  The island is beautiful and has a great vibe.  We will certainly return to visit again.  Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The yard is lush and beautiful all around the house!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

So much awesomeness in one photo. How do we do it?

If you visit the house be sure to read through the guest book.  It was fun to read about everyone’s experience on the island and to see how far people traveled to visit Captiva!

We booked the house through Kingfisher, but the week before we got there the house had been sold to Royal Shell – book the house through here.


The Cupcake House Captiva Island Florida




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  • Reply Marsha Coonrod August 4, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Dear All!
    I am the “new” owner of Cupcake on Captiva Island. I loved reading all about your stay. It made me feel I was there, too. I especially liked the hammocks!!!! What a great idea! I am so thrilled that you loved the house and island!!

    I also, need to THANK YOU. Your patience and understanding through the transition process of purchasing Cupcake was/ is very much appreciated! HaHa!!!It was a story in itself!

    Iwas wondering if you could put your blog memories onto the “review” sight on VRBO.
    For some reason, no one has written any reviews for Cupcake. Yours will be the first!

    Again, thank you for your humor and patience when things started breaking. Royal Shell has been wonderful for us since we are not on island. I’m glad they were there for you to fix everything.

    Thank you for bringing such a positive energy to our sweet Cupcake and being our first guests!!!
    Take care and safe travels….
    Marsha Coonrod
    PS….. I have bought new sharp knives, a cutting board plus other items to make cooking easier. Salsa should be a joy to make in the Cupcake cottage😄.

    • Reply fabulousindeed August 4, 2016 at 11:56 am

      Marsha – Thank you so much for reading our post and commenting! We loved staying at the house, and will add reviews to VRBO. I know I did place a review somewhere? Maybe it was the old owners site?
      We are glad you got new knives and cutting boards!
      Yes the area under the porch was perfect for the hammocks! Have you considered screening in that area?
      Royal Shell was great to work with, especially since we didn’t book through them, they still responded to us quickly.

  • Reply Cassey April 22, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    That is a whole lot awesomeness in the last photo! The house looks amazing!

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