RC Otters on Captiva Island – Florida

May 31, 2016
RC Otters Captiva ~

One night while on vacation Russell and I went to dinner at RC Otters on Captiva Island.

This restaurant was really cute and was just a street over and across from where our house was located.  I loved how everything was within walking distance.  We had read about the breakfast here, but unfortunately never tried it.  You can see in the picture above they have this game out front, we did try to do it, but I couldn’t do it.  You basically have a ring on a string and you stand and try to swing it to land on a nail…We watched several boys get it on their first try.

I loved all of the signs on the walls.

RC Otters Captiva Florida ~

Russell got ribs, which he honestly wouldn’t recommend.

RC Otters Captiva ~

I got fish, which I would recommend.  They offered it “bronzed”, and it was really good.  It was redfish.

RC Otters Captiva ~

Have you been to Captiva?  Where did you like to eat?  We also dined at The Bubble Room, Cantina Captiva, Key Lime Bistro and The Green Flash.


RC Otters Captiva Island


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