Ipsy Bag June 2016

June 20, 2016
Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

I got my Ipsy Bag June 2016 this week!  I love getting these and sharing them with you all!

The theme for this month is Rebel Rebel.

Misfits, Rulebreakers, Badass babes.  The riot starts this June.  We’re hitting the streets with serious sizzle and signature looks.  Coloring outside of the lines is encouraged.  Sitting on the side of the lines is not.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

This picture makes me think of splatter pants that I had in the 80’s.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

First off, I love the bag.  It is really cute.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

This bag had a few things I had heard of before and a couple new things to me.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

First up Urban Decay.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

I have heard of this brand, and own a few of their products, and some are my favorites!  Most of my favorite eye shadows are Urban Decay (Naked Palette!).  I got the shade shifting color Lounge.  From Ipsy:

Shade shifter. This multifaceted shadow switches up its look in different lighting. Duo the intrigue. Duo the fun.

  • Feels like velvet. Glides on softly. Looks like wow.
  • Lasts all day (and all night). Won’t get caught up in your creases.

ipsters will receive the Eyeshadow in either the shade Fireball or Lounge 

  • Fireball is a peachy-gold shimmer shade that transitions to pink tones.
  • Lounge is a decadent reddish-brown topped with teal-green shimmer.

This Brand’s the Bomb

Back in the mid-90’s and the heyday of brown lipstick (so flattering…), the beauty world was awash in a sea of pink, red and beige. Expected? Yes. Exciting? No. Enter Urban Decay—the original beauty rebel. They brought their play game, seriously coloring the waters with an insane range of bright, bold and totally unexpected shades. Think electric purples, stormy charcoals, neon teal. All inspired by the grit and glamour of the city. Because the definition of pretty is ours to decide.

My swatch doesn’t really show the shifting colors but it is a great eyeshadow.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

I am not finding any discount codes for this one.  A full size shadow is $19.  Sample value: $2.66

The next thing I saw was Peter Lamas Youth Revival 5 Oil Hair Treatment Mask

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

Youth Revival 5 Oil Hair Treatment Mask

This Product’s Amaze Factor

Strength, body and shine. This blend of 5 exotic oils works mega magic in just 3 minutes. Faster than making a latte. Gives you even more bounce.

  • Includes five luxurious oils: Abyssinian, Baobab, Mongongo, Broccoli Seed, and Kukui Nut
  • A fortifying vitamin blend combined with Peptides ups the healthy factor
  • Leaves your hair feeling cashmere soft and looking frizz-free

This Brand’s the Bomb

To say Peter Lamas is a haircare legend would be too humble of a brag. He’s styled the locks of the world’s most famous beauties in his oh-so-haute NYC salons. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross…just to name a few. After personal experience with how the harsh and irritating ingredients of many hair care products can affect people’s health, he decided to create his own line of natural beauty products. Peter Lamas products are 100% vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free and petrochemical-free. And they absolutely work wonders. P.S. Have you seen his hair? #OurGoals

Tips & Tricks

ipsy’s Awesome Spin

Great for first and second-day hair. Once a week when you’re washing, apply a generous amount throughout damp hair. On days you’re not washing, take a dime size amount and smooth it along the tips of dry hair. You’ll get refreshed ends, with no greasy feel.

I just put some in my hair, it smells divine.

The Peter Lamas website is offering 20% off with code IPSYJ16.  I will have to check out their products.

Full size is $30.  Sample value $3.37

I was very excited to see ColourPop in this Ipsy bag.  I have heard raves about ColourPop but have never tried any of their products (at least I can’t remember trying any).  These are available online, which is why I have never tried them!

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

ColourPop Cosmetics
Crème Gel Liner in Get Paid or Swerve

This Product’s Amaze Factor

The super creamy formula makes us swoon. And intense color that lasts forever on the lid or the waterline? That’s why we just can’t quit it.

  • Keeps it real smooth. Glides on with the lightest touch.
  • Blends easily for a smokey look

ipsters will receive the Gel Liner in either the shade Get Paid or Swerve

  • Get Paid is a metallic rose gold
  • Swerve is a rich onyx black

This Brand’s the Bomb

City of Angels? How about City of Clairvoyants? Los Angeles always knows what’s trending first. And it makes sense that an LA based-and-bred brand like ColourPop is perfectly positioned to bring you the latest-and-greatest trends in shades, textures, and formulas just as they hit the street and your Instagram feed. And the best thing about them? They believe this level of fabulosity should be affordable. So all of their colors turn up the fun without breaking the bank. They also take pride in being 100% fur baby friendly and bunny approved. They only test their products on human beauty adventurers. We’ll volunteer for that job anytime.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

I really liked this eye liner, I am not sure how often this color will be useful, although it may make my green eyes pop?  I am just glad it wasn’t turquoise.  When I saw the box I thought that was going to be the color of the liner!

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

Ruger loves to help blog!

ColourPop is offering $5 off purchase and it says no code required.  Give it a try ya’ll!  I got the shade Get Paid and it is full size!  Value: $5

Rodial Stem Cell Cleansing Cream is what I saw next.  This I have never heard of before.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

This Product’s Amaze Factor

It’s a cleanser. It’s a mask. It’s a mega moisturizing powerhouse – infused with resilient stem cells from the Alpine Rose to strengthen your skin.

  • Dry spells? Meet the hydration triple threat: advanced stem cell technology, Rose Hip and Vitamin E.
  • Essential nutrients are on the menu. A potent blend of antioxidants, Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Wax and Coco Butter gives skin a lifted look.
  • Wash away the everyday. Makes your outside as radiant as your inside.

This Brand’s the Bomb

You’d imagine an international journalist specializing in beauty would have seen it all. And you’d be right. But the one thing Maria Hatzistefanis couldn’t find was skincare that was as effective as it was indulgent. So she created Rodial—a line that’s high-tech, high performance and high luxe. Rodial brings together the latest-breaking innovations from the lab with the most lavish ingredients from nature. And all of Rodial’s superfood skincare features Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin, a natural skin firmer-upper that helps boost collagen production for a more youthful complexion. That’s a super benefit we can get behind.

ipsy’s Awesome Spin

Massage onto your face for 30 seconds to promote circulation (aka get that glow). Wipe off gently with a warm, wet towel. Or leave it on for 15 minutes and make it a mask moment.

Rodial’s website is offering 20% with code IPSY20.  They have some interesting things, I probably will never order.  They have dragon’s blood, snake, and bee venom product ranges!

Well that is annoying – I can’t find the exact product on their website?  I really dislike when someone sends me a sample of something that I can’t actually buy.  What if I love it?  What if it is life changing?  Too bad so sad you can’t buy it.

I have no idea what value to put on this.  The closest stem cell cleanser they have is $40 for 6.76 ounces but comes with a cloth??  This sample is 1 oz.  Value $5?

The final product is Be A Bombshell Lip gloss Pout Potion.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

The color looks less bright in the tube vs. the swatch.  I may have to find a home for this one.

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

Ipsy Bag June 2016 ~

I love that it is called Pout Potion!

This Product’s Amaze Factor

Lipgloss should smell awesome (your lips are right under your nose after all). This one has the addictive scent of a piña colada enjoyed poolside with a full color shine perfect for day or night.

ipsters will receive the Pout Potion in Famous or Secret.

  • Famous is a purply-pink shade with blue undertones.
  • Secret is a soft nude pink shade.

This Brand’s the Bomb

By color fanatics. For color fanatics. Founder Tonya Thompson was always on the hunt for the perfect beauty products but could never find colors that she loved. So Tonya did what any beauty obsessed fanatic would do–she made her own. Using her expertise from years in the biz, she hand-picks and personally tests every product, only selecting high-impact, fabulous shades that will work on every bombshell in the making.

If you purchase through their website you can get 25% off with code IPSY25

This seems to be a full size and retails at $14.

This was a great bag.  I am getting to try some new brands and products.

Value $30.03

I know that I told you all last month I would review the previous months bag in the new bag post, well I am not doing that!  I only tried one of the products.  Oops.  I do have another idea that I have seen people do on Youtube and will do a post series “is it worth buying a full size”.  I have so many samples from these bags, Sephora orders, and now the Sephora Play box – so will try to start that series soon!

Did you get this months Ipsy bag?  What did you get inside?



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    This is the best beauty bag review I’ve ever read! That stem cell cream really intrigues me…

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    • Reply fabulousindeed June 21, 2016 at 6:54 am

      Ashley – Thank you so much. You made my day! I will keep you posted about the stem cell cream.

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