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June 30, 2016
Greenroom Notebooks

I know I’m a badass.  Let’s just get that out there.  However, sometimes my inner badass get’s covered up in the mundane of jobs, deciding what to the feed the family, chores, bills and the extra pounds of fluff I’m hauling around.  Luckily, I have stopped the madness and reconnected with my inner badass-ness before I purchased “mom” jeans!

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

I purchased the audio version of this book and I’m listening to it for a second time.  I picked up some valuable life lessons on the first go round but I’m back for more so I can be my personal best badass.  Some of my favorite lines from the book are listed below.  Keep in mind these are just from the first few chapters before distraction set in and I forgot to take notes.  You can get a general idea of the book’s awesomeness by these snippets.

Jen mentioned that we should get rid of our “junk food thoughts”.  I like that and thankful she didn’t say get rid of junk food.

She tells herself that she is going to head on out in the world and kick some ass.  Done and Done.  I can do that.

Jen mentioned that screwing up is not my special skill.  I’m glad she said that because I was certain that it was.  Actually, I thought I had almost perfected it.

Opt not to stay in the suckhole.  Speak to me Jen.  This is good advice that is relatable.

She mentions that we all have flare ups of awesomeness.  Seriously, this is  good life advice.

“Growth ain’t for weenies”  Somebody please make me a sign that says that.

“We need kick ass people to be out of struggle and living large and on purpose so they can be an inspiration to others”  True statement.  I need to be out of struggle.

“It’s about having the cahoonas to show up as the brightest, happiest, badass-iest version of yourself”  Yes, please.

As you can see that book is all kinds of wonderful.  Side note…if you don’t like swear words then you may not like this.  Doesn’t bother me.  I loved the book!

Greenroom Notebooks

Just look at these notebooks!  I adore them!  It’s like having new school supplies without going to school!  Rose found these at Target and didn’t have to twist my arm very hard to convince me to buy them!  There are three to a pack!

The texture of the notebook is sturdy but not glossy.  The paper is lined.  Rose picked the pink one and I’m giving Kerry the green and blue one for our upcoming “blogging conference” in Tennessee.  That’s a technical term for girl’s weekend.  I think they were $5.99 for three so they won’t break the bank!

TV Binge

Our summer Hulu / Netflix binge has been Arrested Development.  There are four seasons.  The first three are on Hulu and season four is on Netflix.  The show is fantastic.  The Bluth family is a hot mess and I love them for it.  Anything that makes my family look more normal is a win for me.  I thought there were five seasons available so when the last episode of season four finished and there wasn’t anything else I felt a little empty and obligated to get up and do something with my life.  Come on with the come on season five!

Felt App

This app was featured on Shark Tank.  It such a clever idea.  The concept is to send good ol’ fashion cards in the mail without the torturous task of going to the store and picking out a card and then going to the Post Office.  Hello time suck.  You simply download the app which is free.  You can choose a card from their selection or design one of your own using pictures from your device.  Ok…when was the last time you were picking out a card in the card isle and there were your personal photos?  Ok, never.  I used my own photos and created a card that folded like an accordion with each picture perforated  so they could be separated.  The really cool part of the app is that you sign it and address it with your own handwriting. They simply print it, put a stamp on it and mail it.  Mine arrived very quickly and I was told that it looked very cool.  I never left my sofa but I was able to create a very personal card that was about the same price as buying one.  You can subscribe and send three cards a month.  I did that so now I need to get in the habit of sending cards again.  The real question is who will be the three lucky recipients this month?  If you hate running errands to the store and post office as much as I do then you might love this app.

Hexie Love Actually

I finished my hexie love actually wall hanging.  It’s not nearly as large as I had envisioned but I can only work so fast.  I wanted to complete it for an adoption day gift for my daughter.   It’s not perfect but it was a ton of fun to do!  It adds a bit more color and texture to her wall.  She likes it so that’s really all that matters.  Check out that quilt on her bed that she just made with my Mom.  I’ve been trying to sneak it out of her room and into mine but she is not having it.  I love all of the batik fabrics!


Check out this bit of awesomeness.  My friend just returned from Greece and bought this chapstick for me! Oh my word…it is awesome.  It smells so good and is so soft.  I love it.  Last year I got chapstick from Germany,  my friends know I have a thing for chapstick.  I feel like I will need some more of this chapstick from Greece.  Surely it’s worth planning a trip just to stock up…right? Thought so.

I hope you have enjoyed my current list of favorite things.  I do think they are Fabulous Indeed.




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