How To Make T-Shirt Wall Art

July 18, 2016
T-shirt Canvas

My kid’s are growing out of their favorite clothes like it’s their job.  My son loves these four t-shirts and didn’t really want to part with them.  I have made him a t-shirt quilt previously and I have one for Rose and Damon in the works.  These four shirts were cool enough for wall art versus a quilt though! My friend Kristen gave me this idea years ago and I’ve just been procrastinating in my usual way until I saw these shirts.  I thought this was going to be a monumental task for some reason but it really wasn’t at all!

T-shirt Canvas

You will need art canvases.  I used size 16″ x 20″ for an adult large size t-shirt.  I purchased them at Hobby Lobby for around $7 for a two pack and I used my coupons so this was an inexpensive project for sure!  Also, you will need a staple gun.

T-shirt Canvas

There really isn’t any measuring involved.  Just slide the canvas inside the t-shirt and center it.  Flip the canvas over and make sure everything is pulled tightly.  Start stapling around the edges and try to neatly tuck the corners down.

T-shirt Canvas

Next just cut away the remaining t-shirt.  I’m sure there is a neater way to do this but I just don’t care that much.  Cut it and be done is my motto.

T-shirt Canvas

That’s all folks!  It’s truly that easy.  If I had known I would have had my entire house covered in t-shirts by now!  As you can see I can’t hang a picture even to save my life.  Whatever.  They are on the wall and it’s off my list.

T-shirt Canvas

T-shirt Canvas

My son really likes them and I’m sure will be giving me plenty more t-shirts in the future!  Thanks Kristen for the idea!


How to Create T-shirt wall art


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    Great craft! Looks really fun and easy! They turned out great.

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