The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episodes 8 & 9

August 31, 2016
The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episodes 8 & 9

The Nitty Gritty

Who Joins The cast


Lauren, Sushanna, Wells, and Jami

The Dates

Wells and Ashley

Jami and Wells

Lauren and Brett

Shushanna and Wells

Amanda and Josh

The Rose Ceremony

Carly to Evan

Ashley to Wells

Jen to Nick

Izzy to Brett

Caila to Jared

Lace to Grant

Amanda to Josh

Haley, asks Emily to come up, and they decide to go home and won’t be passing out roses this week.

Who Goes Home


Dan, Carl, Ryan, the twins, and Caila and Jared go home.

The Episode

Caila and Ashley open the episode with Caila asking Ashley about what she said to Jared.  She says to Ashley that Jared sees her as a sister, Ashley is pissed!

Jared goes and finds Ashley crying on the beach.  He says, I think we both care about each other and you don’t want to see me get hurt.  Ashley cries some more and doesn’t make much sense.  She does finally say that it is embarrassing to see Jared move on, when she can’t.  He finally says, this is something he has to figure out for himself.  He says she needs someone there that she likes.

Ashley then, tells us that her dog died.  She prays to Lucy (the dog) to bring someone for her to like.    The we see tons of dogs and Lucy in the sky, and in walks Wells.  Her dreams have come true!

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Wells has a date card.  The guys pull him aside, and Ashley tells the rest of the peeps that she really likes him!  Everyone wants him to ask Ashley, but he pulls Hayley aside.  People keep shoving Ashley I into his face!  If I were Wells, I would be like – um?  Caila tells him to tell Ashley, then Lace.  He finally says, everyone is telling me that!.  He finally asks to chat with her.  Then pulls everyone over and asks Ashley out.

Jared and Caila are now moving on with their making out sessions.  Now that pesky Ashley is out of their hair.  Caila says, they were both putting Ashley before them, and now they can focus on them!

Wells and Ashley have tacos on their date.  He immediately asks about Jared.  She awkwardly says that she was more upset that Jared didn’t acknowledge that they were more than friends.  He says he doesn’t just want to be the guy that is being used to make someone jealous, Ashley says no no no.  They end up feeding some stray dog.  It was quite funny, Wells acted like the dog was talking.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

They make out.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

They end up stumbling upon fire lanterns and they make a wish and send it floating.  It was cute, and they seem nice together.  As they are walking away talking about how wonderfully everything is – they show their fire lantern burst into flames and fall from the sky!

Lace starts flirting with other guys.  Which causes a fight with Grant, and she is nasty.  Why does he take the way she is??  No thank you.  I thought she learned a lot about herself.  She clearly has more to learn about herself.  Oh dear, those eye lashes.  What are they??

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Lace walks in on the guys and sits far from Grant, and stares at him the whole time.  Lace says she is going to go home.  Grant runs after her, and he says he loves her, she says stop using that word.  He says he knows, that she is just scared.  He totally seems to be taking the blame, um she was flirting with other guys…

Nick and Jen flirt and make out and decide to go up to bed, Amanda had told them they could sleep up there.  (apparently there is a sleeping together spot – do they all sleep together in the same bed??  OMG EWWWW).  Josh interrupts them and says, um Amanda and I are going to sleep up there.  Eww then Josh goes and wakes her up and says, you aren’t sleeping with me anymore?  Smacks her and says good talk.  Ewww

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Time for a rose ceremony.

Grant and Lace make out.  And say how great they are.

Carly and Evan sit and chat and tell each other they are falling in love with each other.  They are so cute.  She is so funny – how did I fall in love with the penis man!  (What on earth is she wearing?)

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Dan is feeling like he is on the chopping block.  He seems to be making a play for all of the girls.  One of the twins, he gives her a bunch of food, brings a lamp to Izzy.

Amanda and Josh and discuss the “Houdini act” from last night.  She says, I was just really tired.  He always sounds like a car salesman.  They make out and he grunts and groans.  The twins decide, they need to say something to Amanda about Josh, and approach Nick.  They discuss the red flags.  The biggest thing is his aggression.

The twins ask Amanda to go talk before they leave.  They tell him, they aren’t sure of Josh’s intentions.  The whole time they are talking Josh is watching them.  He forces her to go talk to him.  She keeps saying, she doesnt’ want to talk about it.  He says, he is confused, she says I am confused.  He, naturally loses his temper.  He shouts about his pure intentions.  He makes a big scene and asks everyone to come down.  He shouts at them all.  He says, he is here for the right reasons. And if anyone has a problem with him, say it to my face.    Nick says, I don’t know if you are genuine.  Nick and Josh have a shouting match – yep you are proving that you don’t lose your temper Josh.  Nick tells us, Josh wanted to murder him, he is quite funny!

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Josh, being the drama queen that he is, packs up his bags.  Tells Amanda, that he is ready to leave, she begs him to stay, and says she is tired of people telling her who to like.  He says he will stay for her.  She said she isn’t ready to leave.  She tells us, she can choose to date him or not if I want to – well yes yes that is true Amanda, keep making poor decisions.  Go right ahead.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Jami walks in with a date card.  Telling us she is hoping to meet Wells! Naturally, he is the only person there, where is everyone?  Wells is so funny, he suggests Chad has come and murdered everyone but him!

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

She of course, asks Wells.  Ashley was sleeping, and has no idea that Wells is on a date.  Nick and Jen tell Ashley that he went on a date.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Everyone is braced for an explosion, and Ashley is like NBD.

Wells and Jami have a great date.  I love Jami’s bathing suit!  They talk about their love of Batman and then make out.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Ashley goes and does her full face of make up.  Then asks to talk to Caila.  Caila asks if she still likes Jared, and Ashley says all of her jealous has been released.  Caila asks if Ashley wants her to go home.  Caila says, it is hard to get to know someone when their ex is there.  Eww this is the weirdest conversation.

Caila walks up to Jared and says, it is really hard to be here with Ashley here, so I am leaving.  She says, it is too hard for her to be here with Ashley.  Jared says, I am going to go with you.  Jared says, I need to talk to Ashley, and Caila says, I am leaving, and don’t need to talk to other people.

Ashley is telling us, and the people in the house, that her part is done and he hopes that Jared sees that she did this because she loves him.  She acts so shocked that Caila is leaving.  He says, it isn’t always about you!  Jared says I am going with Caila, Ashley is like WTF?

Jared chases the car that is taking Caila away.

They make out.

Nick doing impressions was hilarious!!!

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Ashley of course is feeling sorry for herself, an feels she lost her best friend.  She decides to make sure she looks amazing with Wells comes back from her date with Jami.  They are of course on cloud nine and tell everyone about their date.

They tell them that Caila and Jared left together.Wells is dreading it but knows he has to talk to Ashley.  She asks him, so you are wanting to mingle around this week?  CRICKETS. IN the meantime, Jami is telling Nick and Jen that they had a great time, and that for sure he will pick her.  Wells, can’t believe her reactions, and that she has completely matured.

Wells has an awkward morning with Ashley and Jami.  In walks Lauren H.  The guys and girls all think she looks hot.  Then Shushanna comes in.  They have a double date.  Shushanna asks Wells and Lauren asks Brett.

They go surfing.  Lauren and Brett make out, and say they want to get to know each other.

Nick tells Ashley – she needs to prepare herself to not get a rose.  Nick makes good points.

Wells an Shushanna chat and make out.  Wells is infatuated with her.  I am not sure they really have a connection or if he is just turned on by her.  Wells tells us he has feelings for all three women.

Evan and Carly make out, and he ends up needing a blanket to cover up!  Carly says she likes that she gives him a boner.  Yep that is important.

Everyone seems to be tiptoeing around Amanda and Josh.  Amanda gets a date card, and shocker asks Josh.  Amanda tells us that she will use this date to decide if she is ready for engagement.  I just can’t shake the used car salesmanness of Josh.

Wells makes out with Jami, then Ashley.

Um that seemed way un-necessary for Brett to smash Daniel’s lamp like that!

Well on After the Rose they announced the next Bachelor – NICK!! YAY I like Nick, but um spoiler alert I guess he and Jen don’t make it!  Guess we don’t need to watch next week! LOL Right!


If you missed last week’s recap, check it out here!



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