The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale

August 3, 2016

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale

We are at the finale, now part of me feels like it has been forever, and part of me feels like this season just started. The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale and After the final Rose. I typically hate the after shows, but will cover that too.

Of course this is a live show and Chris has a studio audience including Ben and Lauren and some of the Bachelor in Paradise cast.

Now on to Thailand.

JoJo tells us when she is with Jordan she is thinking of Robby and when she is with Robby she is thinking of Jordan.  She goes to meet her family – her parents, her brothers and sister.  Did we meet the sister last year?  She tells her family that she loves both, and mom literally drops her jaw.  She tells them she has been concerned about Jordan, that he is always that she typically goes for, and he could really break her heart.


Jordan shows up at their amazing suite.  He comes in and hugs everyone, and tells us he can’t wait to ask his future wife’s family for her hand in marriage.  They tell everyone about their banter.  Jordan tells us that his family has a tradition of embarrassing each other, and he brought hats.  Her whole family tells Jordan about JoJo’s trust issues.  Momma make him give her his word to never break JoJo’s heart.  Mom tells JoJo that she is concerned that they are too much alike.  Jordan and dad are chatting now.  Here again, he talks about JoJo’s trust issues.  Jordan tells us, that he realizes there are still two guys, and he just didn’t feel like he knows where JoJo’s head is.  He doesn’t ask for her hand in marriage.  Hmm. JoJo is gonna be pissed when she finds out!


Robby comes now and meets everyone.  You can tell they love Robby.  He tells them about the first time that he told JoJo he loved her, and she says, he was the first of all of the guys to tell her he loved her.  JoJo tells us that she feels adored by Robby, and she has never felt so cherished.  The brothers tell JoJo that they really like him.  She asks them for red flags, they say there are none.  Mom and Robby have the same convo that mom and Jordan did.  Robby handles it better than Jordan did.  He tells her that he will propose and commit to her.  Mom tells Robby that JoJo is a princes and needs to be made the queen of his heart.

Mom brings Robby to Dad, and Robby says, I wanted to include JoJo’s mom in the requesting her hand for marriage.  He then asks them for JoJo’s hand in marriage, and all of her.  It was very sweet.  The give him their blessing.

I am just going to leave this here.  You’re welcome.

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Ok are you back to this recap?

JoJo comes in to decompress with the family.  They all like Robby and think he is the best choice.  Robby really won them over.  JoJo finds out that Jordan didn’t ask….Yep she is pissed!  They all start bickering because she couldn’t believe that he didn’t ask.  The brother says she is so quick to defend Jordan – he is the one that has her heart.  She cries and says she is so confused.  She says she has what ifs for both guys.

Robby and JoJo’s date

She hopes to get some clarity on this date.  They go to the beach.  She just wanted to see that hot body of his again!  You can tell Robby is on top of the world.  The beach is gorgeous.  They make out.  Her bathing suit is a little blah.  She asks Robby what will their life be like, and he starts with a big comfy couch, while dinner is cooking, a dog, and kids in the background and then the dinner burns the meatloaf, cause they were lost in the moment, so they order pizza.  JoJo gets teary telling him how much she trusts him.  They make out.

Robby is getting his suite ready for JoJo to come and hang out.  I wonder if there is a couch and meatloaf?  She looks so cute, love her outfit.  She tells his she has no doubts with him.   Now wait a minute?  Weren’t their doubts two weeks ago.  Robby has some pictures for her from Uraquay and some of their other dates.  She tells us that Robby has taught her what she deserves.  They make out.

Jordan and JoJo’s date

They compliment each other and make out.  They go on a boat.  I had no idea I wanted to go to Thailand, but some of these places they go to, make me want to go there.  You can tell that JoJo is a bit preoccupied.  They end up going on a canoe into some gorgeous caves.  JoJo brings up the fact that he didn’t ask her parents for her hand in marriage.  Look JoJo, he is protecting himself, he can easily ask them later.  She is disturbed, and he doesn’t really make her ease up.

Another awesome sweater.  I love hooded sweaters, and love sweaters with shorts!  She is stressed and knows she has hours left to make a decision.  She keeps stressing that he kept saying if….he says, he wants it to be right for you.  He tries to assure her, and says he is ok making that leap of faith, and that is how much he loves her.

He tells us, he regrets not asking her dad.

Neil Lane Promo

Robby’s choice

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Jordan’s choice

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com


Jordan calls mom and dad and asks for their blessing, which they give.

Jordan and Robby both write her letters that are delivered to JoJo’s room.  They make her read them.  Which both are really nice.

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Both Jordan and Robby are telling us how confident they are and how they each knows it is them.  They both have blue suits and gaze lovingly at the ring they didn’t pay for.  Who pays for them?  I mean really?  And when they split up – what happens?

Nemacolin had a nice ad.  Yep, I want to go there.

JoJo tells us she fell in love with two people, and she didn’t think that was going to happen to her.


Robby is first which we all know what that means!  Poor guy.


They tell each other how lovely they each look.  How can he not see the look on her face?  He tells her amazing things, thankfully she stops him and doesn’t let him propose.

JoJo says, she wanted it to be Robby, and everyday she wanted it to be him, she fell in love with him, but her heart is somewhere else.


He says, as long as you are happy.  That is gonna be rough for Jordan to watch, this goodbye is heart-wrenching.

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

OMG the silent audience after she sent Robby home!

Jordan comes down and says it took everything in him to not run down the stairs.

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

I wonder how many times they film the proposal to get the shots perfectly of the ring in the box?




I do have to laugh at the similarities between these two.


After The Final Rose

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – STOP giving Chad airtime, and security.


Robby comes out, looking rather gay. There is nothing wrong with gay, but it is confusing to me.  He says he is confused, not angry.  Did he get his imperfect teeth fixed?  Um is he prepping to be The Bachelor?

I might be the only person in the world who hated her ATFR dress.  Ick.

The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

He tries to get some closure, not sure if he did.  Robby says he was glad she told him she loved him, but he does want to know why one love was stronger than the other.  She tells him, that her heart was always with Jordan, no matter how she felt about other people and that they were missing a friendship.  She says she is so happy now, and wishes him the very best.  He says he is content, since she is so happy.

Chris and JoJo are chatting alone now.  She comments on how sparkly her ring is.  Chris asks her who she thinks the next Bachelor should be, and she says I think it is between Luke and Chase.  And FREAKING CHAD stands up.  He says a bunch of nothing, and Chris says, for the record I don’t like mimosas.

Chris mentions that things have not been peachy keen.  She talks a lot about the media and the rumors.  Oh how sweet, your ex-boyfriend and the girl he picked over you is here.  Chris points out Ben and Lauren to her.  Of course, he brings up Aaron Rogers too.


He comes out, and they are beaming at each other.  They seem to be sitting awfully unnatural.  They talk about not being able to be together, and how hard that has been.  Family support has been great for them both.  Jordan tells us that they have worked on their communication during this difficult time.

They discuss the tabloids and all of the covers.  They talk about being able to go to Chipotle!  Yay Chipotle.  They talk about moving to Dallas and buying a house.


Ben and Lauren get a moment. Jeez, they are really boring. The premise of their advice – stay strong through criticism, stay strong and support each other, and stand up to the 12 year olds on twitter who call you names. That’s helpful. Thanks.

ABC is sending JoJo and Jordan back to Nemacolin, yes please. Crystal and I are talking about going to check that place out. All for the sake of the blog! Nemacolin – give us a shout we want to come see you!


Bachelor in Paradise preview.  New takeaways from the last preview
Jubilee and Evan? in bed,  Vinny crying.  More Chad drama – and insaneness.
Ashley and Wells – discussing conceiving a child.   Nick with two different chicks, and Amanda is one of them.

Did anyone catch the commercial about a show called Ben & Lauren Happily Ever After? On Freeform? What is Freeform?  They are both so boring, but I am sure I will check it out, if freeform is something that I have.  It premiers in October.

Come back tomorrow for a recap of the train-wreck that will surely be Bachelor in Paradise Season 3.

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 The Bachelorette JoJo Season 12 Finale www.fabulousindeed.com

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