The Wine Kitchen

August 1, 2016
The Wine Kitchen ~

The Wine Kitchen:

My friend Teresa (Hi Teresa), and I went to The Wine Kitchen in Frederick for dinner last week.  The Wine Kitchen has three locations near me, Frederick, Leesburg, and Purcellville.  Teresa and I had planned to see a movie in the park after dinner, but due to the heat and the crazy amount of people who were also taking advantage of GOONIES being played on a big screen, we left!  I can’t believe it, as Goonies is my FAVE!

Back to The Wine Kitchen.  I have been here once before, and enjoyed it.  It is definitely a romantic restaurant, but both visits, I have been with girlfriends.

From their website:

The Wine Kitchen on the Creek is a modern, seasonal style chophouse that features local, high quality cuts of meat and a farm fresh menu that includes many seafood and vegetarian options along with a dynamic wine and spirits list.

The Wine Kitchen ~

The menu changes often, I suppose and they have items on the menu that are adventurous.  There was a special with wild boar the night that I was there.  One thing that I love, and wish more restaurants would do, the menu takes advantage of the variety of local and organic ingredients raised by this region’s farmers.  Being called The Wine Kitchen, one would assume, wine is good there.  They find outstanding wines that are true representations of their place and variety, then pour them for you.

The Wine Kitchen ~

They have a delightful brunch menu, I would love to give a try sometime.

The Food:

I ordered the WK Cobb Salad

The Wine Kitchen ~

Teresa ordered the Beet Salad

The Wine Kitchen ~

Both were small, but really yummy.

I also ordered Lager-Brined Chicken, which we shared.

The Wine Kitchen ~ www.fabulousindeed.comThis picture isn’t great, the waitress kept interrupting my picture taking, and I was flustered.

The Wine:

Teresa also tried some wine.  She was going to do a tasting, which the waitress was very kind to talk her through, ultimately she chose a glass of a local wine called Traminette.  She really liked it, and is planning to go to the Big Cork Vineyards where it is made.  I did try it, it was actually pretty good, though I am more of a tequila girl.

The Wine Kitchen ~

They bring you a card to use as a coaster, but they are really nice and tell you all about the wine.

The Wine Kitchen ~

The Wine Kitchen ~

I personally love their water.  They do something with it there, and purify it, but I can’t find the info on their website, that’s it, I will have to go back!

The Wine Kitchen ~

The Restaurant:

I wasn’t able to get any photos in the restaurant of the ambiance, but these were on their Facebook page. I love the napkins!

The Wine Kitchen ~

The Wine Kitchen ~

Have you tried The Wine Kitchen?  I can’t wait to go back, let me know if you want to be my brunch date!



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