The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Finale

September 8, 2016
Bachelor in Paradise Season 3

I can not believe it is the finale of The Bachelor in Paradise!

The Nitty Gritty

Who Joins The cast


The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Dates

Nick and Jen

The Rose Ceremony

Josh to Amanda

Nick to Jen

Grant to Lace

Evan to Carly

Brett decides to not give his rose out, because he doesn’t feel he has what the solid couples have.

Wells to Ashley

Who Goes Home

Jen, Jami, Lauren, Tiara, Brett, Wells, Ashley, Shushanna

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Who is Engaged

Josh and Amanda

Carly and Evan

Grant and Lace

The Episode

The episode opens with Grant and Lace – he seems serious, she seems angry that someone likes her.

Jen and our new Bachelor – um why are they even showing this?  Jen says she is really falling for Nick.

In walks the chicken girl – Tiara?  She of course has a date card.  The girls are all worried.  Nick strolls up to talk to her.  Everyone assumes, that Nick is gonna date Tiara, somehow he ended up with the date card and asks Jen.

Nick and Jen end up at a carnival – she is wearing some sort of gypsy pants.  Jen tells us, she wishes Nick would open up, she feels it – but he doesn’t seem to.  They go to a fortune-teller.  Jen asks the cards if they are good together.  She tells them the beginning is tough, and she gives more than he does…hmmmm.  He doesn’t seem too “closed off” to me. I mean these people have only known each other for a couple of weeks.  They both tell each other they are there for each other.  They make out.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Eww then we have grunting Josh and pizza.

Lauren pulls Brett to the beach to chat.  She tells him she likes him.  He tells her he is going to give her his rose.  They make out.  Brett starts worrying about telling Izzy.

Brett and Izzy are going for a chat.  He tells her basically what she told Vinny.  She has a good over face, but you know she is livid.  She says, I should go, and he says Ok.

Izzy walks away, and bawls, and feels sorry for herself, and bad for what she did to Vinny.  She brings Lace to tears.  So dramatic.  She says, to them, don’t have regrets.  She tells Amanda and Lace to give everything to the guys they are with, and don’t second guess anything.

She decides that she is gonna call Vinny and see if she can come to Florida.  They all yell go get Vinny.  She says “I’m in it to Vin it”.  #Vinnydeservesbetter.

She calls Vinny in the limo taking her away.  He says who is this! LOL. She told him that she made a mistake, and she completely regrets not thinking about his feelings.  She says that he was one of the best things in her life, and she tells him that she left on her own, and wants to come to Florida to talk to him.  He hesitates, and says he felt blindsided.  He said he can’t be with someone who is so quick to toss him out the window.  She is very dramatic and has to have the car pull over for a fake anxiety attack.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Tiara, the chicken girl sits by herself on the beach eating chicken wings.  OMG she should be with Chad!

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Cocktail party before the final rose ceremony.

Ashley tells us this party is really for Wells, since he is the only one who doesn’t know who is giving his rose to.

Wells chats with Jami, they do seem comfortable together.  They make out.

Ashley chats it up with Carly – and of course she thinks she is the best for Wells, and that she has had her eyes on him for a while.  Wait – what?  Didn’t you just LOVE Jared last week?  Yes Ashley – you have had your eyes on Wells for a LONG while.  Wells comes and walks away with her to talk.  She tells him, it isn’t about a rose, but about getting to know someone more.  They both say they are excited about each other, they make out.

Sushana is unraveling.  She storms up and asks to talk to Wells, she says she knows that she had a connection with him, but the other girls are hunting.  She says she can’t do that.  He tells her that he thought they had fun together, she basically wants to know she is gonna win, or she doesn’t want to play.  She decides to leave.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Chris tells us that this rose ceremony leads into couple’s week, and that it means more.  Thanks for that Chris.

Ashley says this was her first not friendship rose and actually eats part of it.  Um ok.

The next morning, they are all sitting around on cloud nine.  Chris Harrison comes in and says to the five couples.  He says it is time to put these relationships to the test.  He tells them all to go have a very serious discussion, as they will have a one on one date and a fantasy suite as well.

The funny thing is the next thing we see is the five guys chatting and the five girls chatting.

Naturally all are talking about Ashley and her virginity.  Wells is such a gentleman.  He says, no fantasy suite at all.

Ashley asks Wells to go for a walk.  He says, this is also new, we aren’t getting engaged tomorrow.  He says, he cares a lot about her, but he doesn’t know where it is going. He is too nice for Ashley.  He says, he knows he has to go.  They hug it out.  She says, well can we kiss one more time.  I am not sure why he gave her the rose?  I am guessing all of the V-card talk freaked him out.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Chris comes back and says, now there are eight.

They all spend the day together.

Grant and Lace are walking around the town, and they find “grace” bracelets.  That is their names combined…in fact, they get tattoos.  Cause doesn’t everyone want to get a tattoo in a foreign country.  Doesn’t she have tattoos…she acts so nervous.

Nick and Jen decide to go surfing.  They have a hard time, so make out.  Nick says he knows he loves Jen as a person, but doesn’t know if he is IN love with her.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Carly and Evan are doing body painting.  They joke that they are the weird couple, and do weird dates.  They get somewhat naked? The lady is naked, but they have on white bathing suits.  Carly is having major anxiety due to her experience with Kirk.  Nobody wants to get “kirked”.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Josh and Amanda go play soccer with some kids.  They end up chatting about her kids.  He says, he will teach them a few things.  Um that is weird.  He says he wants to be a coach for his kids sports teams.

Final dates.

Carly and Evan are so cute.  I am most excited about them.  They both tell each other they love each other.  They are both just beaming.

Nick and Jen – I just want to fast forward because I know they don’t make it.  I feel like I am wasting my time.  They live on opposite coasts, and they don’t think long distance is an ideal situation.  They make out.

Grant and Lace sit around and are talking, and she seems more into it. She tells him, that she is all in.  She says I love you!  Ok so they are cute.  I am not convinced they are FOREVER.  But I hope for the best.

Josh and Amanda talk about how fun their day was. They just never really show any substance with them.  They make out, Josh grunts.

Carly and Evan wake up in robes making out.  He makes up the corniest rap.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Grant and Lace wake up in robes too.  They aren’t making out yet.  He seems to be uneasy.  He says it is possible is will propose, but it is possible that he won’t.  She of course is very upset.

Nick and Jen are half in robes.  She feels good.  He said he could get used to her.  Um yeah, but you don’t.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Amanda and Josh – no robes – but fully clothed.  He grunts a bit, and she seems happy.

Evan walks up an meets with Neil and picks out a ring.  Grant rolls in and meets with him too, and picks out a ring.  Nick is now there, and picks out a ring.  He jokes about how many times they have met and picked out rings – well Neil there will be another time!  Finally, Josh picks out a ring, again his second time picking out a ring from Neil.

Carly shows up and Evan is there.  They are really cute.  I may have cried.  Ok, I did!  Will you freaking marry me!  They then give roses…really?

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Lace walks onto the beach and Grant is there.  She seems very uneasy. She tells him all of the things she loves about him, and that she loves him.  He says, he knows about the unsure way that they parted.  He said he didn’t know what to expect…and that sometimes time is what you need to get those answers.  I may have cried.  (Are you catching onto that I cry at everything!). He proposes.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Jen finds Nick on the beach.  She tells him a lot of awesome things.  He won’t look at her, they actually barely look at each other.  She tells him, she has fallen in love with him and hopes he will catch her.  He is crying – omg so am I.  He says, he can’t say he loves her.  Awkward.  He walks her out.  They stop and bawl on each other’s shoulders.  I wonder if he already knew he was the Bachelor?  I want to know how that all went down.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

Amanda finds Josh.  I really liked her dress.  And am so proud she didn’t wear cold shoulder or off the shoulder garments!  Ugh he is such a salesman, and everything he says, felt rehearsed. I hope he is real for her sake, and for her kids sakes.  He proposes.

They give some updates on the couples and also Vinney.  He looks like he is doing just fine!

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Finale



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