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October 5, 2016

Crystal and I decided to join forces for this post on our latest Fabulous Finds!  We love to share stuff with you that we have been loving!!

Kerry’s favorites

First up Plackers Twin Line Floss sticks.

Fabulous Finds ~

I have never been much of a flosser but, I have been loving these.  I have a few different types and happened to pick this twin line set up last time.  I love them!  They don’t hurt my gums and are easier to use than regular floss!  I figure anything that makes me actually floss is a fabulous find!

Fabulous Finds ~

Next thing is this Hint Fizz!  I haven’t been a fan of sparkling water before, but am loving this!  I have purchased the regular Hint before and love it too, but this is a bit different.  I love this brand because there are no artificial sweeteners!

Fabulous Finds ~

So anything with the name Kerry in it has to be good – right?  I picked this butter up on a whim recently, and lordy it is for sure fabulous indeed!  I now use it for baking and just about anything – I still buy standard butter as it is much cheaper but if there is anything that will have real butter flavor, I use this!  It is really good!  Plus, I want to go to Ireland someday, so um there is that!

Fabulous Finds ~

Do you have a Wegman’s?  If you do, go to the cheese counter, seriously go.  We had a get together at work recently and one of my coworkers brought both of these cheeses cubed up and OMG, soooo good.  Since buying this, I have been known to have cheese and crackers for dinner!

Drunken Goat Cheese and Gouda!

Fabulous Finds ~

Fabulous Finds ~

Next food favorite is Dave’s Killer Bread.  This is the 21 Whole Grains and Seeds bread. I get two loaves together at Costco!  It is so good.  From their website: With a hearty texture, subtle sweetness, and a seed-coated crust, “21” is great for toast, sandwiches, or even by itself.

You can see the texture in the bread!

Fabulous Finds

Kerry’s final fabulous find is Pureology Fulfyl.  The last time that I got my hair done, the stylist recommended this stuff.  Wow, I have very baby fine hair, and not a lot of it.  This stuff, really makes a densifying difference!

From their site: Pureology’s new Fullfyl creates full-bodied hair, with lived-in hair texture that actually looks and feels like more hair, while protecting hair colour radiance. With IntraCylane for a densifying effect and Pureology’s signature AntiFadeComplex with PhytoBlend™ for optimal colour vibrancy and thicker-feeling, textured body. Now you can get the density you’ve been missing and keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Treat every strand for a boost of lush thickness and fullness. New Fullfyl plumps up colour-treated hair to its full potential, for the look and feel of beautiful, fuller hair. 
Key Ingredients:
Pureology’s signature AntiFadeComplex helps keep colour wonderfully vibrant and shiny
  • PhytoBlend™, a plant-derived Amino Acid and Plant Protein, is known to wrap around hair fiber to create a further densifying effect
  • IntraCylane provides a thickening effect as it penetrates hair and crystallizes to thicken and reinforce each strand

I have the shampoo, conditioner and the spray.  If you have fine/thin hair give it a try, it isn’t cheap but I see a difference when I use it.

Fabulous Finds

Crystal’s Favorites

I try not to be a diva about most things.  Try.  But good grief I will own being a diva about my hair.  I need it smooth as silk.  My flat iron that I had for at least five years recently went out with a puff of smoke and a spark.  It was good to me and darn if I didn’t try to stay strong and be thrifty for over a month.  I really thought I could live without a flat iron.  For a month I looked like I had a nest on my head.  No exaggeration.  I tried curling irons, wavy irons, my daughter’s tiny little pink flat iron and I almost got desperate enough for the 80’s style crimper.  I do own one…and I love it.  I broke down though and purchased myself a fancy new flat iron.  I did an amazing amount of research.  Too much really.  All signs were pointing towards the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1″ flat iron.  It has amazing reviews but I still had a slight hesitation just because I had never heard of the brand and if I’m being honest it sounds cheap and cheesy.  I purchased it though and I love it.  Love, love it.  It heats up in a jiffy, I can set the temperature and it smooths my hair in one pass, although I can’t break the habit of going over it twice.  So, this diva is happy with smooth hair looking all fine.  That’s right, I said it.  The nest is gone and I look good.  Damn good.

Fabulous Finds BaByliss Pro

While on the shopping trip to buy the flat iron I picked up some chapstick near the register at Ulta.  I have mentioned previously my absolute dislike of shopping.  I just despise it.  I knew I needed chapstick, it was there, the fancy packaging caught my eye so I bought it.

Fabulous Finds Lip Freak

I never read the packaging because my hands were full, I was in a hurry and it was near my bewitching hour of 8:00 PM.  Fast forward to the next morning, I threw the chapstick in my purse and opened it at work.  Again, I never read the package but I admired the artwork.  I put the chapstick on with about four coats because I was trying to see if it was tinted.  It’s not by the way.  Then it happened, my freaking lips started buzzing.

Fabulous Finds Doctor Lip Bang's Lip Freak

NOT TINGLING, like some other chapsticks.  NOPE.  Buzzing, like what in the heck?  I immediately looked at the packaging where it says buzzing all over it.  I took pictures to see if my lips were moving, I look a video of myself.  I sent it to Kerry.  I laughed and laughed at this damn chapstick.  It’s actually very nice, soft, natural chapstick.  I’m not sure what the buzzing is for besides making life exciting.  I don’t know, it worked for me.  Obviously, I’m an easy one to entertain. If you are in need of good chapstick and a bit of fun…give this a whirl!Fabulous Finds Buzzing Lip Freak

The other thing that has made me a happy camper this week is the new show ‘This Is Us’.  I sat down on Saturday and watched both episodes and I do love it.  This show will possibly rise to the top of my favorite show list.  I love a good TV show!  If you have not seen it you might want to!  I think it’s getting great reviews!

Have you tried anything new lately?  Please let us know in the comments!  Check out some of our other favorite products here!


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