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Sir Crickets Cape Cod

October 11, 2016
Cape Cod ~

Nauset Fish has a few establishments on the Cape and today we ventured to Sir Crickets to pick up lunch.

I had to snag a few pictures from Sir Cricket’s Facebook page, as I didn’t get any of the actual restaurant.

Sir Crickets Cape Cod ~

It isn’t very big inside, so it might be best to plan to do take out.

Sir Crickets Cape Cod ~

Now let me explain something, unless you are near the ocean and you get fried clams, they are most likely strips (no bellies).  On the Cape when you order clams they come with the belly.  At first, years ago, I was grossed out by this, but honestly now, I love them that way!

My sisters each got a Scallop Roll and Russell and I split clams and he got the amazing clam chowder – again Sir Crickets mades the chowder we had from Young’s Fish Market.  Let me just tell you, the lady that took our order really helped us out.  I think Russell and I both picked a small clams, and she said – why don’t you just get 1 large – she saved us a couple of bucks 🙂

Sir Crickets Cape Cod ~

Sir Crickets Cape Cod ~

My sister shared a scallop with us – and let me tell you – DIVINE.

Sir Cricket's Fish & Chips ~

As you can imagine, everything was delicious!  I highly recommend Sir Crickets if you will be on Mid-Cape!

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Cape Cod ~ Cape Cod ~


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