Accomplishing Goals: I watched 157 Episodes of Gilmore Girls in One Month

January 19, 2017
Fabulous Indeed

I had a hard time deciding how to categorize this post on the blog.  Should it be under entertainment, life lately, or pathetic?  Not sure. Let me give you a little back story of why and how I watched 157 episodes of Gilmore Girls in one month! First, I blame Netflix.  Netflix gives you approximately 17 seconds after an episode for you to decide to do something with your life or keep watching.  You know which one I did.

Fabulous Indeed

These pictures have zero to do with Gilmore Girls. I just didn’t see much of “the outside” during this month so it’s just a reminder of the great outdoors!

Let me start with my excuses first.  I was so sick over Thanksgiving break and it was just my daughter and I at home for four days by ourselves.  I was looking for a “new binge” that we both might enjoy.  Lately, I have heard a lot about the Gilmore Girls since the mini-series came out last year.  I seriously had never seen one minute of the show or really heard much about it before this year.  So, we decided to watch a few episodes to see what we thought.  Six episodes later and at 1 AM we decided that we liked the show!  Secretly, I loved the show.  One thing led to another and we kept watching over the four days.  I would like to say that we both did our artsy things while we watched tv.  I cut out six million baby blankets to sew.  I couldn’t actually sew them because…duh…I would have to turn off the tv.  No chance.  (If anyone needs a baby blanket…I have a few six million in stock)

After the Thanksgiving holiday and I was feeling better but I was still hooked and took every opportunity to watch.  I set my goal on finishing all seven seasons and the mini-series before the new year.  I’m aiming for the stars with my goals these days.

Let’s just break down the math:

154 episodes at approximately 40 minutes each.  That is 6,160 minutes.  102.66 hours.  Plus the 6 hours of the mini-series.  108 hours.  4.5 SOLID DAYS OF MY LIFE.

I have no regrets.  I have gained 5 pounds.  My Fitbit thinks that I’m dead.  I have gotten my monies worth from Netflix.  I suckered my husband into watching with me.  I accomplished my goal.

Please don’t tell me about any shows that I must watch!  For now…I don’t need a another binge.  Unless we are talking about an endless supply of Swiss Cake Rolls, then I’m up for a binge.

My thoughts on the show:

I love Paris!  She was intense but I loved watching her!

I liked Rory with Logan the best.  If I had to choose I would probably pick the bad boy Jess.

I love Stars Hollow and could totally live in a town like that.

How much money did they spend eating out all the time?  That’s all I could think about every time they went to the diner or ordered take out.

I really like Luke for Lorelai.  I never cared for Max.  At all.

Michel…oh Michel!  I loved him and was truly entertained with his irritation with people!

Sookie was fantastic!  Whenever they showed the kitchens at the Inns I would be an awe!  The food looked so good.

I liked Lorelai more at the beginning of the show than I did at the end.  She was indecisive and that worked my nerve a bit.  Also, she rambled a lot.  Maybe if I wasn’t watching 27 episodes in one sitting then it wouldn’t work a nerve as much.

I love Emily.  She was quick-witted and entertaining to watch.

I could go on forever about this show but I’ll spare you.  I will say that I hope they come out with another mini-series.  But…for now I have backed away from Netflix, I have put on real clothes and I have left the house.  Things are looking good for 2017.



Gilmore Girls

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  • Reply BOB January 26, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Hilarious post! So proud of you for attaining your goal and making me laugh!

    • Reply fabulousindeed January 26, 2017 at 9:43 am

      You know me…shooting for the stars with my accomplishments!

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