The Bachelor Nick Episode 1

January 3, 2017
The Bachelor Nick 2017

I am so excited for this season.  Nick is such a polarizing Bachelor, people love him or hate him, there is very little in between.  I didn’t watch Andi’s season so my first exposure to him was Kaitlyn’s season and then BIP.  I liked him on BIP but not really on Kaitlyn’s show. .

First off, I will cover the Countdown to Nick show which aired Sunday.  We basically get a recap of all of Nick’s past, talk to people on the street about their opinions on Nick as the Bachelor, and we met a few of the girls.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

My one observation: Nick is way hotter now than he was then.  Nick, keep the beard!

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

He really doesn’t look like the same guy to me. Is it just the beard??

Get used to 4th time’s the charm – because it will be said all season!

The Bachelor makes us live through 10 of the most memorable arrival moments in Bachelor history.  Some I remember/recognize, and some I don’t.

We get to see a couple of introductions for the contestants.

First up is Corinne.  24 from Miami.  Runs her daddy’s business.  She reminds me of Amanda Seyfried.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Corinne, 24 – Business Owner

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

She describes herself as a serious business woman, and she thinks she and Nick would have cute children.

Jasmine G., 29 from San Francisco.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Jasmine G., 29 – Pro Basketball Dancer

She is really pretty and has been a professional dancer for several sports teams.  She likes Nick.

We next meet Kristina from Kentucky.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Kristina, 24 – Dental Hygienist

She is from Russia and was adopted.  She is very excited that The Bachelor is Nick and excited to see if she falls in love.

Raven from Arkansas is next.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Raven, 25 – Fashion Boutique Owner

She tells us what they do for fun in Hoxie Arkansas: mudding, shotting guns, and reading the bible.  She has her own store called Grey Suede.  She also likes to walk on railroad tracks.

Rachel from Dallas is up next.  (She is one of my picks 🙂

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Rachel, 31 – Attorney

We see her at the Law Firm she works at and she tells us she doesn’t believe in love at first site, but she does believe in an instant connection.

Hailey from Vancouver is next.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Hailey, 23 – Photographer

She tells us some her dating horror stories, which honestly didn’t seem that horrific.  Then Daniel shows up.  You know since, all Canadians stick together.  He does tell her, if it doesn’t work out with Nick – he would take her any day.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Christen from Indiana is up next.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Christen, 25 – Wedding Videographer

She immediately tells us she is a virgin, and then proceeds to ride a horse.  Um no sexual innuendo there, ABC.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Liz from Vegas is up next.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Elizabeth S., 29 – Doula

Liz tells us that she was the maid of honor at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and met Nick there.  She insinuates that they hit it off, and dodges the question of whether they spent the night together.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Next we sit through updates from the successful couples for the franchise.

Sean and Catherine have a baby, Jason and Molly and their two kids, Trista and Ryan together now 13 years and their kids are growing quickly, Jade and Tanner have been married almost a year, JoJo and Jordan are madly in love and living together, Desiree and Chris have a new baby, Ashley and JP are living in Miami and have 2 kids, Carly and Evan (and his 3 kids) are so cute and seem very happy,  Kaitlyn and Shawn are engaged, and don’t seem to be rushing into wedding planning, Ben and Lauren might be getting a puppy.

Then we get some previews:

We see lots of snow, lots of kissing, and dancing.  Vanessa feels beautiful, Rachel tells Nick he is rare.  Jamie tells us she had a past relationship with a GIRLfriend, Corrine taking her top off and the girls annoyed by that.  Jasmine or Rachel talking about not expecting to see him with other women (have you never seen the show?), Taylor telling Nick that someone is too sexual with him (she is playing for the friends card apparently), Liz telling Christen that she had met Nick before, and they had SEX!, naturally, they then show Christen telling Nick about this, then lots of tears and drama, some blonde hitting Nick (I think? Josephine?), Corrine trying hard to get it on with Nick in a moon bounce, Taylor confronting Corrine and saying she seems immature (hey there is a therapist in the house!), then Corrine scantily clad telling us her vagine (I wonder if she knows the word is actually VAGINA?) is platinum and heading to have sex with Nick, they give us lots of sound effects to seem as if they do (she is clearly the villain this season), then a crying Nick telling the girls this might now work, and Raven telling us he might not have a wife at the end of this.

Now onto Episode 1!

We get some of the same previews that we have already seen.  And then a lot of shirtless Nick’s!

They show his journey over the last 2 years on this show.  Nick points out some of his mistakes: he mumbles, doesn’t make great eye contact, he is long winded, and doesn’t know how to sit on a couch sideways.

Then he is at home, and his little sister Bella gives him some tips:  pick up the girl in a cool car, look the girls in the eyes, no mumbling, let out his thoughts, and don’t forget that his family loves him.

Then Ben, Chris, and Sean come to give them all of their advice.  Again, didn’t Chris fail??

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Then he gets ready and hops in his limo to go find a wife!

We of course get some more intros from the girls.

We see Rachel again, the only thing that was different from the episode before, was she tells us that she is in civil litigation.  She works hard, but when she is done, she is done.  They show us her vacuuming.  They show her walking through the city in FLATS!

We meet a new girl – Danielle L.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Danielle, 27 – Small Business Owner

We see that she owns a Nail Salon in LA, and now has 3 of them.  She seems really smart.  She really wants a relationship.

We meet Vanessa.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Vanessa, 29 – Special Education Teacher

She lives in Quebec and also speaks Italian.  She seems very sweet and feels privileged to be a Special Ed Teacher.  She feels she was put on this earth to be a teacher and a mom (she didn’t mention wife!).  She says it would be amazing to come back engaged.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Next we meet Josephine.

She seems like a whacko.  Sorry, but she really, really does.  She talks to her cat (not so weird), but then talks to some seals, and then proceeds to stand behind one of the picture props and does voices for her and Nick.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

We meet Raven again.  I didn’t really seen anything that we didn’t see in the countdown episode.  She talks about sales goals with an employee and tells us she is lonely and ready for love.

We meet Corinne again, same as before.  Except we find out she has a NANNY.  UM?  I am speechless.

Alexis from New Jersey is a new intro.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Alexis, 23 – Aspiring Dolphin Trainer

She tells us that she is weird, and proves it.  She wore a Sumo Costume through a lot of the intro.  She has a cute Boston Terrier, and then proceeds to tell us that she loves dolphins, and her sisters tell her, if she talks about them or does any dolphin calling, they will disown her.

Danielle from Nashville is another new intro.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Danielle M., 31 – Neonatal Nurse

They show her doing her neonatal nursing work.  She seems a little quiet/off/stoned.  I will say, I WANT HER HAIR.

We also meet Taylor from Seattle.

The Bachelor Nick 2017

Taylor, 23 – Mental Health Counselor

She talks a lot about connections.  She mentions that she is biracial.  She rollerblades half naked.

We meet Liz from Vegas again.  I didn’t catch anything new in this intro.

Now the limos start arriving!

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Posted in order of limo exit:

Danielle L., who looks gorgeous.  Nick seems very smitten.

Elizabeth is next, they hug, she is southern for sure.

Rachel is out next.  He seems to like her red dress.  She says she wants to make a play for his heart.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Christen comes out with a fan and flair.  She says she feels like she is meeting a celebrity.

Taylor is out next.  She then tells him that all of her girlfriends said she shouldn’t come and that they told her he was a sh*t, crickets.  Then she finally says, but I don’t believe them.

Kristina – gets out next, and says she is excited to get to know him, and she knows that a lot of people have a lot of opinions about him.

Angela is out next, and says she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t him.

Lauren is out next and says that they were both blessed with terrible last names.  Viall and Hussy.  Together they are a disgusting slut.

Michelle – she says his past relationships have been lemons, so let’s make some lemonade.

Dominique is next and says 4th time’s a charm.

Ida Marie – she tells him that trust is very important and she wants to do a trust fall.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Olivia from Alaska is next and they eskimo kiss.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Sarah comes running in next.  Literally, she was making a play on being a “runner up”.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Jasmine G. is out of the limo next.  She brings Neil Lane with her and shows Nick what ring he likes.

Hailey comes out next.  She says do you know what a girl wearing underwear says?  He says, no.  She says neither do I.  Classy.

Astrid – gets out and talks about sex in German and then says her breasts are real.  Another classy move.

Liz comes out next.  She tells us that she has met him before and had sex with him.  He looks at her a bit strangely.  She doesn’t say anything, and nor does he.

Chris comes out and says, one of the girls, you gave an odd look to.  He says, yeah, I think I met her at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.  He is 99% sure it is that girl.

Corinne is the next girl.  She gives him a token that she says is for a hug.  He says that she is cute.

Vanessa is next.  She then speaks French to him.  She tells him that he has to come find her to get a translation.  He says that’s a keeper.

Danielle comes next.  They both say they make amazing French toast.  She brings him maple syrup.  She feeds it to him and then licks her finger too.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Raven is out next and does a pig call for him and then with him. He mentions that he likes her voice.The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Jaimi comes out next, tells him that her hands are sweaty.  She mentions she knows he has balls and so does she.  He is like?  Then she puts a weird nose ring in.

Briana comes out and asks to listen to his heart and uses her stethoscope.

Susannah gives him a beard massage.

Josephine is next out.  She has a book and says he’s a wiener in my book.  They then “lady and the tramp” it.  And the jokes keep coming, she says that goes down very hard!

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Lots of red dresses.

Brittany – puts on gloves and tells him she needs to make sure he is clean and tells him to bend over.  That is all we see.

Jasmine B. – no interaction really.

Whitney – another that didn’t really have much of an interaction.

Lacey comes in on a camel and says “I hear you like a good hump, and so do I”.  He helps her off the camel.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Then Alexis makes an entrance in a shark costume that she keeps calling a dolphin.

That’s everyone.

Refresher:  Crystal’s picks:  Michelle, Sarah, Danielle L. and Whitney.  (2 of which got zero airtime so far).

My picks:  Sarah, Michelle, Vanessa and Rachel.  (again Michelle has had zero airtime at this point).

Now for the cocktail party.  The interactions we see are:

He tells the ladies he has a ton of memories in this house and he believes in not running from your past.  He says he wants to find the one and his partner.  He wants the ladies to feel empowered (which he struggles to say – which was really cute), he tells them to try to make this experience as normal as possible.

Rachel and Nick are chatting.  She tells him she is from Dallas.  He stops her and says, are you a Cowboys fan, and she says yes, he says he is a Packers fan, she says, well I went to law school in Milwaukee.  Good save!  He tells us, he likes her and she seems really smart, beautiful and stands out to him.  They continue to chat and compare their very large families.   He has 10 siblings.  She mentions she has a ton of cousins and no favorite Aunt and Uncle.

Christen teaches him to dance a bit.

Danielle L and he are chatting.  He is clearly smitten and compliments her dress (which her sister picked out).  He says, remind me to thank her.

Raven asks him to tell her something that he wouldn’t tell most people.  He laughs it off and says all of the time he has been on tv that that is a hard request.

Chris brings in the first impression rose.

Corinne asks him how he is feeling.  She gives him a bag of tokens, that he can pick whatever he wants for each of them.  She tells us, that she really wants to kiss him.

Vanessa and Nick are now talking, she says, her friend submitted her, and he says, he had a friend submit him too.  The friend asked Vanessa who she wanted it to be, of course she said Nick.  (like she would ever say anyone else.)  She says she isn’t he type to kiss on the first date, but she really wants him to kiss her.  It seems like it is about to happen, then Corinne comes in and grabs him.

She tells him, she didn’t do something she wanted to do earlier, and she goes in for the kiss, and they really make out.  I would like to say it was sweet, but it felt a tad trashy.

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Nick tells us, that is a big move on the first night, and he really wasn’t that comfortable, and he hopes none of the girls saw.  Yeah Right.  They saw!

This season is gonna be catty!

Corinne comes in and we see her bragging about the kiss a few times.   Liz tells the camera – well that isn’t a big deal, I kissed him 9 months ago.

Astrid is now talking to him.  But that is all we see.

We see him with Olivia – and someone interrupts (I think it was Michelle) but that is all we see.

Then he is talking to Sarah.  He tells her to be herself.

Jasmine G. tries to take him from Ida Marie, and he says no.  Jasmine is unraveling.

The shark/dolphin gets some airtime.  Corinne tells us she may have a bad body under there.  Alexis then goes in the pool in costume and is calling (a la Dolphin).  Nick comes up, and says, explain this to me.  He says she is  shark that thinks she is a dolphin, which is concerning.  She asks if she can change, he says, no you will be in that all night, and if you take it off, I will send you home!

Liz and Nick, are talking.  He immediately says we have met before.  She says I didn’t think you would remember, and he seems insulted.  She says, I didn’t say anything, because she didn’t want him to think she only came because he is the bachelor.  Huh?  He says, I remember being very intrigued by you and we had a good night.  He asks why hasn’t he heard from her.  Liz tries to back peddle.  She says she saw him on BIP and was impressed by him.  This conversation is a train wreck.  Someone interrupts.

Taylor and Nick talk about which friend calls him a piece of shit.

Danielle M. and Nick are talking, she is from Wisconsin, and she tells him what she does.

Nick goes in and gets the first impression rose.  He goes in and gets Rachel.  She says, this is unexpected.  He says, he didn’t know how he was going to give it out, but from the beginning, she really stood out to him. She accepts the rose, and they kiss.

Rose Ceremony:

Rachel (First Impression), Vanessa, Danielle L., Christen, Astrid, Corinne, Elizabeth W, Jasmine G., Raven, Kristina, Danielle M., Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor, Alexis, Hailey, Whitney, Dominique, Jaimi, Brittany, and Liz

Who goes home:

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Lauren, Michelle, Olivia, and Susannah

The Bachelor Nick Episode 1 ~ www.fabulousindeed.com

Well Michelle is gone which was a pick from both Crystal and I, but all of our other picks are safe!

Kerry’s picks after Episode 1:  Vanessa, Danielle L., Rachel, and Corinne (though me no likey!)

Crystal’s picks after Episode 1: Rachel, Vanessa, Danielle L., Hailey

Here is the link for the Bachelor Nick 2017 Preview!



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