IPSY Glam Bag April 2017

April 13, 2017
Ipsy Glam Bag April 2017

Are you ready for IPSY GLAM BAG for April 2017?  We are!!  The theme this month is “SideShow”.  I am only iffy on the bag, but I guess it is cute and innovative!

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Crystal’s Bag:

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Kerry’s Bag:

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Ciaté London
Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Palm Island

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • A bronzer is a bronzer is a bronzer, right? Wrong! This one is spiked with amaranth and sunflower extracts, which help soothe and smooth your complexion (we love makeup that doubles as skincare).

  • It also has oil-controlling ingredients. So aside from getting a faux sunkissed glow, you’ll stay shine-free all day.

  • Sweep on a teeny bit or pile it on. Either way, you’ll be a bronzed goddess (never an Oopma Loompa) thanks to its neutral undertones.

The Quickie Contour

No need to sculpt and bake all day. Shape up in seconds with this speedy routine:

1. Hold a brush handle against your cheek to help find the bottom of your cheekbones.

2. Apply contour shade or matte bronzer where the brush handle was.

3. Add a soft layer of contour along your temples, blending into the hairline.

4. Lightly sweep the contour or bronzer along your jawline, blending downward for natural-looking definition.

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 30% off with code: IPSTER.  Full size is $28, Sample is $8.00.  It is nice that IPSY sent out 2 different colors for different skin tones.

Vitamin C Serum

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~


Why You’ll Love It

  • This magical serum uses the power of vitamin C to combat signs of aging like wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines, and diminished moisture.

  • MintPear’s anti-aging formula is designed to lighten, brighten, and tighten! This potent blend will rejuvenate your skin and leave it glowing.

  • All-natural ingredients include vitamin C (which makes up 25% of this serum), thyme extract, chamomile extract, passion flower, soothing aloe vera, and antioxidant vitamin E.

  • Despite its concentrated blend, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Skincare Layering 101

The secret is to go from the lightest products to the heaviest:

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serum or Treatment

4. Moisturizer

5. Sunscreen

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 30% off with code: IPSY30.  Full size is $99!  Sample is $52.80.  AYKM?  Well this is a very generous sample.  I hope it is actually full!  I really like that the product is sealed up!  I am happy to try this, but I use other Vitamin C Serums that are much less expensive, so doubt I would ever spend $100 on this.  But hey, maybe if it is life changing, and I win the lottery, I would consider it!

Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • Marula oil has been popping up in beauty products like crazy, and for good reason. It’s incredibly moisturizing, healing, and nourishing.

  • Hair-wise, it adds shine, softens strands, and even protects from heat styling.

  • It’s sulfate-free and perf for color-treated hair (AKA your balayage is safe).
3 Ways to Use Hair Oil:

1. Extend your blowout. Add dry shampoo to your roots and hair oil to your ends for a boost of shine.

2. Tame your pony. Keep baby hairs and flyaways smooth by applying a few drops to your fingers and smoothing the hair down.

3. Make a DIY Sea Salt Spray. Mix the following in a spray bottle:

1 cup warm water (the base)

1 tablespoon sea salt (for texturizing)

1-2 teaspoons hair oil (for moisturizing)

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 30% off and free shipping with code: LOVEIPSY30.  Full size is $26, Sample is $2.60.

Naked Cosmetics
Heavy Metal #04

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • Naked Cosmetics uses only high grade 100% oxidized mica in their pigments. In real talk, this mean you’ll get crazy vibrant color.

  • We’re obsessed with metallic anything right now, but this rich rust shade is especially gorg (and especially wearable).

  • It’s not just an eyeshadow! You can use it as a liner, lipstick, nail polish…you name it. Just blend it with water, lip balm, or clear top coat to see all the possibilities.

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

3 YouTube Brush Terms, Defined:

1. Windshield Wipers: Moving your eyeshadow brush back and forth to blend and define your crease.

2. Pack: Using a flat brush to layer on a concentrated coat of product in one area.

3. Small Circles: Making small swirls on the outer edges of your crease to create a gradient effect.

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 30% off full-prize products with code: ipsy30.  Full size is $14.99, This is full-size.  I really like this color and it should look good with my greenish eyes!

EM Cosmetics
Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • Whether you’ve been acing a cat eye since freshman year or ready to give it a whirl for the first time, DO NOT WING IT WITHOUT THIS BABY IN HAND. Your flawless flick will thank you.

  • No need to fan at your just-lined lids or wait around for them to dry. This formula dries crazy fast.

  • The applicator was inspired by a calligraphy pen. Time to get artsy!

  • It was created by our OG muse and co-founder, the fairy godmother of beauty tutorials, Michelle Phan. Do we really need to say more?

My Thoughts and Value

This company officially launches 4/17.  It is actually a re-launch of EM Cosmetics.  This is a full size eyeliner.  I am not sure how much this eyeliner will cost.

They are offering 25% off 2 or more items with code: IPSY25.  I have used this eyeliner for a week now and I absolutely love it!

Glamour Dolls
Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • Hellooooo, throwback! Fourth grade us says that combining Lisa Frank with anything is a no-brainer.

  • The vegan-friendly, synthetic hairs are softer than a teddy bear.

  • Aside from being cuddly and colorful, it’s a solid makeup tool with the perfect slant (key for cheeky looks and contouring).

  • Did we mention the rainbows and unicorns?

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

My Thoughts and Value

Lisa Frank! I loved loved loved Lisa Frank stickers growing up and had them on EVERYTHING.  Seriously, all the things were covered in stickers!  This is another pre-launch, which is really cool.  I have no idea how much this item costs!

Elizabeth Mott
Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • This powder is ultra fine which means it’s totally layerable, so you can go for a subtle, daytime gleam or score a glow that can basically be seen from space.

  • Use it literally anywhere. To name just a few spots: along cheekbones, eyelids, down the bridge of your nose, along collar bones, and even down the front of your legs to add sheen and elongate.

  • It’s cruelty free!

How to Use

Three unexpected places to use highlighter:

1. Lips: Dab on the Cupid’s Bow and onto the center of your lips to fake a fuller pout.

2. Eyes: Pat onto the center of your lids to create a halo effect (over shadow or on its own) for a boost of brightness.

3. Collarbone: Think below the chin! Create a faux glow by dusting highlighter onto your clavicle.

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 50% off with code: GLOW50.  I like the color, it looks good on!

Full size is $25, Sample is $1.75

ColourPop Cosmetics
Crème Gel Pencil in Mr. Bing

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • The formula is super creamy, making application a total breeze without any tugging or pulling.

  • Our Creators use these babies for hundreds of crazy-cool eye looks (think: double winged, colored smoky, or negative space graphic).

  • Even if you’re not ready to go super advanced, you can pop this on your waterline or swipe it along your lashes to add instant dramz.

  • We wore this to our bestie’s wedding, sobbed like a baby, and didn’t need to touch up.

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

ipsters who receive this product in their Glam Bag will sample either Best O (deepened burgundy), DTLA (deep blackened blue), Mr. Bing (rich warm brown), Show Me (vivid true copper), or Swerve (true onyx black).

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

How to Use

  1. Sparsh Lashes?  Tightline your upper waterline to create a fuller-looking fringe.
  2. Have trouble drawing a straight line?  Draw little dots along your lash line, then connect them and magic – a smooth line.
  3. Eyeliner won’t stay in your waterline?  Start with a pencil liner, then top with a powder eyeshadow in a matching color for extra staying power.

My Thoughts and Value

We know I am usually too lazy for eye liner, but this is a great color.  Crystal will most likely end up with this in her collection!  Full Size is $5, this is full size.

Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • Two polishes in one little package! That means double the mani options or a built-in party nail combo.

  • The duo, a dusty-nude and blue-grey shade, are straight off the runway and totally on trend. Prepare for everyone to ask what color(s) you’re wearing.

  • To really nail it, you should always use a base coat, two layers of polish, and a topper. But if you’re impatient (like us) and end up swiping this on in a hurry, you’ll still score a super shiny finish.

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

5 Steps to a Perfect At-Home Polish Job:

1. Start with a light stroke of polish along the tip of your nail to seal in the color.

2. Apply a dot near the base of your nail and push the polish ever-so-slightly toward the cuticle.

3. Swipe the dot to the left of your nail, and then to the tip. Repeat on the right side.

4. Swipe that first dot straight up to the tip.

5. Repeat with a second coat of polish, then finish with top coat.

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 30% off with code:IPSY30.  This is  a limited edition product just for IPSY.  The full size is $10.00 and this is full size.  I love nail polish, I would possibly pick this out on my own, but it is nice to get out of your comfort zone!

Hey Honey
Bésame Mucho

IPSY Glam Bag April 2017 ~

Why You’ll Love It

  • When a product name translates to “kiss me a lot,” you know it’s going to work wonders for your lips.

  • Heard of propolis? We hadn’t either. It’s an extract from beehives that both hydrates and is antibacterial. This balm has loads of it, plus shea butter.

  • Lips feeling parched? Slather on a super thick coat to turn this into an overnight lip mask.

My Thoughts and Value

They are offering 20% off with code: KissMeHoney.  Full size is $14, Sample is $7.46  I have used this all week and it is very nice!

Kerry’s Bag Final Value: $82.79 + the Glamour Dolls brush

Crystal’s Bag Final Value: $19.81 + the EM eyeliner.

Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and we make a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  We very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!

Ipsy Glam Bag April 2017


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