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June 13, 2017
BachelorNation Gossip

So I was all ready for a Bachelorette Episode and low and behold, the NBA Finals are apparently more important, they clearly didn’t consult me about that decision!

But there is other Bachelor Nation information to be discussed! I love the Bachelor, I love Bachelorette but I ADORE Bachelor in Paradise. You work through other seasons to get to the prize that is Paradise!

BachelorNation Gossip

Filming started last week and the cast had been announced.  I hadn’t gotten around to posted about the cast – so here it is as announced so far.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

My reactions when I saw the cast was – exactly as I have said – drama seekers.  Amanda Stanton really?  Of course Taylor and Corinne (they would never have one without the other since they are drama together and have history).  DeMario?  Really, cause he proved to be such an upstanding guy!  I am excited about Vinny and Robby.  I like Kristina and Raven too!  Otherwise – still excited for the season!

Well filming has halted, and apparently everyone has been sent home pending an investigation. What I am gathering is DeMario and Corinne had an incident by the pool. Apparently something happened, while Corinne was blacked out and therefore couldn’t consent to it happening.

BachelorNation Gossip

Hold the phone, THERE ARE HOW MANY CREW MEMBERS AROUND AT ALL TIMES??? How could something have gotten that far?

My other reaction, is that is what ya’ll get ABC. You pick people who will BRING DRAMA. DeMario has proven that, and Corinne has proven that. They aren’t truly there to find love? Are they? Most people now come on this show to further their careers or to become Instagram Millionaires and force products down our throats that have made their teeth white, helped them cook, get skinny etc. And show us amazing travels and building their home! Some even get spinoff shows!

From various sources online it sounds like, Corinne ended up naked in a pool after drinking all day.  So, from our experiences with Corinne, this isn’t abnormal behavior for her when she is on TV.  In her season with Nick, she lead with her sexual foot EVERYDAY.  Corinne, you have other things to offer, I am sure!!

Sources say that cast members voiced concerns to the Producers, saying that she was in no condition to consent to sexual activity with DeMario.  Producers deny that any cast members informed them, it will be interesting to see who is lying!  But regardless, Producers and crew were obviously around and whether cast members said anything or not, they could/should have intervened.  It seems that is what Corinne is alleging.  They could have stopped it or intervened.  She also has admitted to having a boyfriend, and would have never consented to whatever took place since that would jeopardize that relationship!  What?  So go on a show where you are going to for sure be dating people…..Again to my point, they pick the drama seekers to be on this show.

I do want to stand and say, regardless of Corinne’s actions or non actions, nobody deserves to be assaulted.  If assault is indeed what happened.  But, ABC should have intervened long before it got to that point.

I wonder if this snafu will have an effect on this season of Bachelorette? I guess not, since it is already filmed and finished?

I hope Carly and Evan still get married!

BachelorNation Gossip

What do you think about all of the drama going on in the world of The Bachelor?

BachelorNation Gossip


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  • Reply Ashley June 13, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Great post! I have no watch BiP because it has already been ridiculously raunchy. It’s really terrible that something like this happened, but I can’t say I am surprised. If producers/camera people saw this, why the HELL didn’t they step in! Why did they keep filming?!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle // acutelifestyle.blogspot.com

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