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How to Order a Sweet Tea

June 1, 2017
How to Order Sweet Tea

I’m going to give pointers on how to order a tea in the south because that’s where I’m from.  If you live somewhere else try some of these southern terms and see if it works for you!

This may sound like a lame topic but trust me sweet tea in the south is an art form.  Don’t doubt that.  Try to take a tea from a sweet southern lady and you might just see how fast she can flip a switch on you.  You might even get a “bless your heart” behind your back!

I’m usually on the phone with either Kerry or BOB when I’m driving to work and they know I usually stop for a tea.  When I say “a” tea that really means two.  One for the morning and one for the afternoon.  Sometimes I order two breakfast sandwiches also and I pretend that one sandwich and one tea is for a friend.  It’s not.  I’m hoarding them for myself.  Don’t judge.

This picture has nothing to do with sweet tea but some people think this is what the south is like. Laying around with our legs hanging out of car windows on a dirt road. FYI. The south is not like that.

I’m a regular at Wendy’s or Bojangles in the morning.  Not because I love their tea any more than others it’s just that those two places are on my route to work.  If you are a regular at restaurants they tend to learn your habits and know what you want.  I love the lady at Wendy’s so much that I gave her a Christmas present.  I loved the lady at Bojangles because she would say, “Welcome to Boooooojangles!” every single morning.  Kerry has heard the lady say it so much that now she says it!

Not all locations of each chain are the same so I’m just speaking about the ones around me in my experiences and a few of my friend’s experiences!

Wendy’s tea is good.  It’s very good.  If you order the large (giant) like I do they serve it in a plastic cup. I prefer Styrofoam.  Their ice is good.  Their tea is very sweet so at Wendy’s my order is this, “I would like two large unsweet teas with a splash of sweet in each please!”  Some restaurants know that a “splash” is really like 1/4 of sweet to 3/4 of unsweet.  I picked up the “splash” term from my friend BOB.  If we all ban together and use “splash” then the restaurants will catch on!  Changing the world one unsweet tea with a splash of sweet at a time!

Bojangles tea is near perfection.  Served in styrofoam with perfect ice.  I order half tea half unsweet at Bojangles.  Their ice ratio is good.  However when I’m getting wild I do order a Coke and I ask for light ice.  The sweet lady at Bojangles the other day used the term “easy on the ice” when she repeated it back.  I was on the phone with Kerry and Angela and we all started speaking in our sweet southern voices.  Easy on the ice….easy on the ice.  Doesn’t that sound better than light ice?  I’m going to use that phrase from now on because my “light ice” term as been a source of aggravation at Chick Fil A for a while now.

You might think that getting aggravated over sweet tea is lame.  It’s not…most restaurants charge over $2 for a tea now and if I want it a certain way then I would like it done that way.  Don’t sucker me because I’m in a drive-thru and you know I don’t taste my tea until I’m two stop lights away.  That irks me.  It more than irks me.  It down right pisses me off.

Let’s talk about Chick Fil A, their tea is the sweetest of sweet.  It’s almost chewable because there is so much sugar.  Some people love it.  I just can’t do it.  I order unsweet tea with a splash of sweet with LIGHT ICE please.  LIGHT ICE to the local Chick Fil A restuarants around me is translated into TWO CUPS of ice with four drops of SWEET TEA.  Why?  Why can’t they get this right?  I know I have spoken slower when I say it, I have repeated it and I have probably given them the side eye when I get to the window because darn it at this point I know it’s going to be wrong.  Maybe they have flagged my car and are just jacking with me at this point.  They seem to never forget to bless me at the window which I appreciate but with my blessing I would like LIGHT ICE.  I might add that the ice at Chick Fil A is the ridiculous square HUGE pieces of ice that take up the whole cup. Recently when I went into the restaurant one girl seriously had the cup overflowing with ice.  She looked at me and asked if that was good?  Wow.  My face must have said everything I was thinking.  (and they weren’t the blessing type of thoughts)  Her response was, “Well, it will melt.”  Bless her heart and I will leave it at that.

How to Order Sweet Tea

So thanks to the sweet lady at Bojangles for introducing me to the term “easy on the ice” because I’m going to test that with Chick Fil A this week and I’m going to say it in my sweet southern voice and see if they respond to that better.  I just need to be more southern.  Or wear a disguise and drive a different car.  I honestly think they are doing it on purpose as a standard.  Maybe their policy is tons of ice and tiny bit of tea to save money?!  I mean, tea isn’t that expensive to make.  Maybe they know the world doesn’t need that much sugar in their day.  I really don’t know.

This kinda turned into a rant on Chick Fil A, it’s not meant to be that way.  I obviously I love their food otherwise I wouldn’t continue with the tea struggles.

I hope you like the guide to sweet tea in the south.  We aim to tackle the tough issues in society here at Fabulous Indeed.  I feel like this could be an infographic or an APP!  If we had more time we would surely create that as our side hustle #27.  You see why I need so much sweet tea in my life…to keep up with all the hustles!







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  • Reply Miranda June 1, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Ha ha, this is great! I’m a big fan of sweet tea…but I like it really sweet with A LOT of ice ha ha. And, a Styrofoam cup is a must!

    • Reply fabulousindeed June 7, 2017 at 5:51 pm

      We are opposites when ordering our teas! I did try saying “easy on the ice” and it worked! I hardly had any! -Crystal

  • Reply BOB June 1, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Perfect blog post and why I follow you.

    • Reply fabulousindeed June 1, 2017 at 11:32 am

      Thank you! You are the master that coined the term “splash”!

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