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How to Name Your Business or Blog

June 8, 2017
How to Name a Business or Blog

I’ve named quite a few blogs and businesses.  Enough that you might think I would have built an empire by now.  I have not but it’s sure to happen at some point.  This is a fun guide with useful tips but I’m no expert by any means.  If I were I would be getting paid for this kind of advice.

How to Name a Business or Blog

  1. If you have a blog or business partner be sure you both have unlimited text messages!  I say this because Kerry and I pride ourselves on naming our blog in under 10,000 text messages back and forth!
  2. Start off the naming process by picking key words and putting them in columns.  We didn’t figure out this tip until four days into the process and text message number 5,478 and our 345th Google search.  When naming our Travel Agency recently we started with key travel words in the first column and “pizzazz” words in the second column.  Try matching the words up between the two columns until you find combinations that you like.  Side note – we spent days trying to name the travel agency and then circled back to a name that is very close to our blog name.  So you know…what a great use of time that was!  We had our third partner in the loop also so our text message number doubled.  Obviously, we like our blog name…it is pretty fabulous!
  3. Don’t get too attached to any name, that is dangerous and you will have your feelings hurt.  Just when you think you have the perfect name you will do a search online and find out it’s taken. Oh yes, it’s so possible that someone else out there loved that perfect name as much as you did.  You will need to check a domain site to see if the website is available.  We find that using GoDaddy is the easiest.  Type in the name of the business that you want to use and see if the domain name is available.  Hold your breath while it’s checking.  Don’t get too excited if it comes up available.  Be sure to make sure it’s not a premium site that would cost thousands of dollars.  Unless you are willing to pay thousands.  We are not, we don’t budge over the average $11.99 price!
  4. Let’s say that you got super-duper lucky and the website is available, you are off to a great start.  Don’t purchase it yet though because your feelings can still get hurt.  The next step is to check all social media outlets to see if the name is available.  Don’t leave a stone unturned.  I don’t even like sites that are remotely close but I’m picky.   Be sure to do a general Google search of the name also and see what comes up.  Also, if you are setting up an email make sure it’s not taken either!  If you are starting a business or even hope to turn your blog into a business one day be sure to check out the name on the Secretary of State Corporations website for you state.  You want to make sure that there isn’t a business name that is the same as yours.
  5. If you are in the all clear for the domain name, social media outlets, email and Google search then you are set to proceed.  I would highly suggest that you make sure you have a block of time to do this all at once.  From personal experience I would set up the social media accounts and email first and then proceed to get the domain name immediately afterwards.  Social media accounts are easier to cancel than changing a domain name.
  6. I don’t like to ask others for their opinions about the name after it’s been decided.  It’s kinda like if you tell someone your baby name and they scrunch their nose, it gives you doubt.  If you love it and feel confident with it tell others your business name after it’s a done deal.  Sell it with confidence and they will never doubt it.  If you do it beforehand you will have about 1,000 more text messages and often the person suggesting something new is going to give you a common name that is most likely taken on the internet.
  7. Go forth with confidence because in my opinion you have conquered the hardest part of starting a blog or business!  May your endeavors be fabulous indeed!



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