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June 6, 2017
School Car Line Chronicles

What I’m listening to – I can’t seem to get enough of the new Justin Bieber music.  I love the songs Despacito and I’m the One.  I also am a big fan of Shakira and I like her song Me Enamore.  I’ve also been back on the podcast bandwagon.  It’s weird sometimes I can’t get enough of podcasts and then I go through phases of not listening to them.  Well, I’m back to the podcasts.  They are a wealth of free entertainment and knowledge!

Fabulous Indeed

What I’m watching – My DVR is nearly empty and I’m starting to develop a twitch!  All of my favorite shows have had their finales and so I’m catching up on all of the tiny house shows so I can build mine one day!  Of course I’m watching the Bachelorette and I’m enjoying this season very much so far! I also recently watched The Founder.  It was a really good movie.  It was also filmed in my town so that is fun.

What I’m excited for – I am so excited to go on our two-week summer road trip across the country and back!  I’ve traveled to 48 states, I’m missing New Mexico and Hawaii!  I’m finally going to New Mexico this summer so that will be marked off!  Who wants to plan a trip to  Hawaii with me?  We are hitting up some great cities and places including Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Texas and the four corners!  Kerry is meeting us in Colorado for the last part of the trip so that is going to be extra fun! We are finally going to see the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile in Oklahoma!

What's Happening

What’s making me happy – Lot’s of things really but our new dog Lilly is really high on the list!  We have not had a dog in forever, I had forgotten how great they are.  She is a constant source of entertainment and is loved so much.  She had lots of health issues when we first got her and Bulldogs are pretty high maintenance but I think we have her health issues worked out and she is doing great!

What's Happening

This is Lilly on her walk. Let’s just say I’m not burning a whole lot of calories walking her! She likes to lay down and check out the view very often!

What’s falling thru the cracks – Cleaning the house because I’m in summer mode!  Routine is out the door and I love it.  I get so sick of the school schedules and routines so I’m glad to be done with that for a while.  Also, exercise has fallen thru the cracks again.  Seems as though I managed to choose tacos over exercise all winter.

What I’m totally beyond excited for –  Kerry and I have been tossing around the idea of being travel agents for years.  We have partnered with my sister to open our own Travel Agency! My sister has been a travel agent for years. It has been tons of fun planning and creating it recently!  We will keep you posted with the latest updates.  We would love to help you with any travel plans!





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  • Reply BOB June 6, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Lilly’s ear in the first picture Ian A-dor-able!!!!!!

    • Reply fabulousindeed June 7, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      Well, thank you!

  • Reply Miranda June 6, 2017 at 11:47 am

    I cannot get enough of podcasts lately! Lilly is just the cutest. I’ve been a travel agent for about a year now and it’s the best day job I have ever had. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to go out on my own eventually, but just focusing on gaining experience for now.

    • Reply fabulousindeed June 7, 2017 at 5:53 pm

      Which podcasts are your favorites? I would love some new ones to listen to! – Crystal

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